Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Worst Cabinet in History?

I keep starting blog posts, only to have news break and change my plans. I was going to write about the election in Israel, then Qadaffi got elected head of the African Union...so I was going to write on that, but I had a late night last night, so this morning I decided to to go back to Israel. Then I heard that Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services. So, now I feel compelled to comment on Barack Obama's amazing crumbling cabinet. (We'll do Israel tomorrow or later tonight).

If you haven't noticed, our new President is being repeatedly embarrassed by his cabinet choices. First, Commerce Secretary-designate Bill Richardson dropped out after becoming involved in a grand jury investigation. Then, we found out that Attorney General-designate Eric Holder was heavily involved in Bill Clinton's dubious, last minute pardon of fugitive Marc Rich. Then, we heard that there were tax problems surrounding, of all people, TREASURY Secretary-designate Tim Giethner. THEN, Obama created the new position Chief Performance Officer to monitor government spending, only to see nominee Nancy Killefer withdraw today over tax issues. And finally, Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination to lead the HHS Department, which happens to be one of the biggest departments in the federal government.

I haven't been been able to do too much research yet, but so far it looks like the Obama Administration is suffering more embarrassments than any incoming administration in recent memory. It's not uncommon for one Cabinet nominee to bite the dust in confirmation. For instance, George W. Bush lost his first choice for Labor Secretary, Linda Chavez, and George H.W. Bush lost his first choice for Defense Secretary, John Tower. However, losing two is pretty bad, especially when it is compounded by the withdrawal of a high profile non-cabinet officer (Killefer) and major ethical concerns holding up the confirmation of two other cabinet secretaries (Geithner and Holder).

In all frankness, I think that the incoming administration has displayed a rather appalling lack of vetting skills, and they are rightly being embarrassed. I also think that the Daschle situation may have been the last straw for the mainstream media...because if today's coverage on CNN is any indication , the honeymoon may have been officially cancelled.


  1. Obama has made some very questionable cabinet choices. The bloom is coming off the rose a little bit. Campbell Brown it seems has turned against Obama a little bit. A Gallup poll show that most Americans were against Obama's first 2 executive orders Shutting down Gitmo and the funding of overseas abortions.
    In Palin news. KTUU.com is reporting that Gov. Palin and Legislative leaders Senate President Gary Stevens and House Speaker Mike Chenault sent letter concerning stimulus package.They expressed concerns over the size and scope of the federal stimulus plan working its way through congress right now.

  2. did anyone else get this email?

    Yesterday, the Senate began debate on an economic stimulus package that is intended to get our economy back on track and help Americans who are suffering through these difficult times. Unfortunately, the proposal on the table is big on the giveaways for the special interests and corporate high rollers, yet short on help for ordinary working Americans. I cannot and do not support the package on the table from the Democrats and the Obama Administration. Our country does not need just another spending bill, particularly not one that will load future generations with the burden of massive debt. We need a short term stimulus bill that will directly help people, create jobs, and provide a jolt to our economy.

    I believe we need to evaluate every bit of spending in this stimulus proposal with one important criteria - does it really stimulate the economy and help create jobs - if the answer is no, it does not belong in a so-called stimulus package. Furthermore, the stimulus must include significant direct relief to American workers in the form of payroll tax cuts and programs to help homeowners keep their homes. Finally, we need an end game to this stimulus so that when our economy recovers, these spending programs do not remain permanent and saddle our children with a skyrocketing national debt.

    I appreciate the discussions President Obama is having with my Republican colleagues, but the time for talking has come to an end and we must now begin some serious negotiation. But as of yet, Republicans have not been given the opportunity to be involved. The House of Representatives passed a stimulus bill without a single Republican supporting it. In the Senate, the Democrat leadership is trying to jam the existing proposal through regardless of reservations from a number of members. With so much at stake, the last thing we need is partisanship driving our attempts to turn the economy around.

    I have long been a fighter against wasteful spending in Washington and long an advocate for a balanced budget -- that will never change. I realize we face extraordinary challenges with our economy today, but that is not an excuse for more irresponsibly from Washington. I hope you will join me in saying no to this stimulus package as it currently exists by signing this petition.

  3. Scott,
    Thanks I signed that petition. The country does not need that stimulus package that Dems want.

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  5. Very astute post Adam. With the recent polls that have shown the disaproval of many Americans to his executive orders and the embarrassing cabinet situation, I do think the publics and even the medias eyes are starting to open to President Obama and his agenda.
    Thanks for sharing the info. about Gov. Palin and AK legislators letter, and also McCain's email Tbone and Scott. It's good stuff.

  6. I'm glad to see republicans fighting back. They started out looking like push overs. Jim Demint is fighting and putting up a new plan because he said this one needs to be completely scrapped. You can support him from his website. In reference to Adam's always wise words - Obama's change is just a return to the same old politicians from Clinton and he should definately be embarrassed over the choices he is making. I think it is the arrogance that he can do anything rather than poor vetting. They know the people had problems, they just think press is on their side and would be silent. Glad to see that is not the case. I've been joking lately that with a few more of Obamas nominations paying their taxes like they should have before nomination, we could pay for bailout. Anyone know if the news is looking into other politicians tax status?

  7. In more Palin news. Governor Palin reduces current year spending by 268.6 million in budget reductions. It is over at Alaska Governor's website. Way to go Sarah.

  8. You are all terribly uninformed and obviously Republican. The Bush administration was disgusting and corrupt. Only time will tell how "embarrassing" the Obama cabinet is.

  9. Lisa, not every conservative is a Republican. And YOU are "terribly uninformed" if you are unaware that EVERY administration has included a few people who were found to be corrupt----and that's why the vetting process is so rigorous nowadays.

    Adam is merely pointing out the truth, even if you can't face it yet, that Obama's team has behaved pretty naively about vetting re. corruption. That is, his team is learning the hard way that the American public is VERY unwilling to allow any "special perks" for the wealthy or powerful anymore! We have HAD IT!

    Not to mention: where have you BEEN, Lisa!? Obama is a PRODUCT of the totally-corrupt Chicago machine! He was SELECTED, primed, and promoted. Start protecting your heart NOW, because it's in for far more shock and awe in the next 4 years, when you'll learn about the depth of his own involvement.
    Good Lord, every kid in Chicago has known this already for years....

  10. personally i'm a conservative independent

  11. Here Lisa, let me help you out, seems you had some trouble with that post:

    "I am a terribly uninformed and obviously a liberal Democrat. The Bush administration was disgusting and corrupt. I know cause the New York Times, CNN, and the Chris Matthews/Keith Olbermann lovefest told me so. There's no way the Obama cabinet can be "embarrassing""

    You see, we go back to when Nancy Pelosi (a.k.a Herr Pelosi, Madame Botoxe, Bela Pelosi, Nancy Pelousy, etc) promised "the most ethical Congress in history", which gave us the aptly named sleazeball William Jefferson and Charlie Rangel. The morons RAN on ethics in 2006 and they couldn't even fake it for six months.

    Then we have a backbencher senator from Illinois, who used nefarious means to get elected in the first place, got destroyed in his run for the House in 2000 (primaries), then saw another opportunity four years later. He might have come out against it at the time (cause after all, what politician will actively out himself as a scumbag while he's campaigning?), but I didn't exactly see him coming out against what happened to Jack Ryan in the Senate race.

    So, after barely any time doing anything worthwhile in the Senate, he decides to run for President. Couldn't blame him, after all he had two things (three?) going in his favor. He had:

    *An unpopular president (unfairly as it was)
    *20 years of Bush/Clinton fatigue
    *Oh and did I mention the b-word?

    There's this little problem though, he still hasn't really DONE anything, well other than vote present a bunch of times, and you might have also noticed all those spending bills and "Bridges To Nowhere" that were so unpopular, he was on the 'yea' side of.

    Then he had the good fortune of having one of the worst presidential candidates in history going against him, he also was the media's clear choice. But you see something happened Nov. 4, he WON. Great thing right? Not really, cause now Barry, who hasn't been in charge of anything since his time at the ultra-meaningful Harvard Law Review (no comment at this point as to whether Barry plans to replace the Constitution--that racist document--with it), will now be IN charge.

    And off to a rousing start it is, what with all sorts of tax cheats and other ethics problems. But Barry figured that because the American electorate wants "change", they'll overlook these "oversights". Not so fast, and even his friendly media (I don't know if you've checked their performance on the market lately) is beginning to backtrack. And all this on top of a pork-laden bill--you know, the kind that got George W. Bush in such poor standing.

    See, we've been saying it for over a year, having a track record is kind of important. Even the generally accepted worst president of the modern era, Jimmy Carter, was at least a governor. Otherwise, this is what you get when you elect somebody who's pretty much nothing more than an extreme idealogue but totally has no clue. Forget Sarah Palin's supposed inexperience in foreign policy: Ahmajackass (and other miscreants) is standing by to play Barry like a yo-yo, and he won't have Greg Craig to help him.

    The point being: it's his show now, and for someone who wanted to officially become president on November 5 well he's had two weeks to get on the ball. Still waiting for him to enact this wowing change that he ran on, and the longer he takes to do so, you'll see him being called on it.

    Lesson over. You get this one for free.

  12. BTW Lisa you think the media/Democrats are about ethics in getting rid of Blago? Nonsense, they don't want him spilling any goods on Barry or Emanuel. See it's much easier for them to dismiss Blago now if he does as a disgraced ex-governor with "mental problems" rather than if he were still governor.

  13. bravo 12th man.
    and i could actually understand it. awesome!

  14. I agree, Gelston ole buddy!
    Whew! I feel dizzy!
    GREAT job, 12th Man!
    (I won't ever get the football stuff, though....)

  15. I know, I was thinking of Mark Levin lecturing some liberal dweeb (his first three-hour show was last night he had like 15 of them) when I was putting it together:)

  16. you know, 12th man, i have really gotten to like you.
    you have lots of energy. And you are a smart guy.

  17. Today was a great day for Gov. Palin. She put to rest how she feels about the Obama Porkulus bill. She released a statement at her Governor's site. Saying she agreed with Young voting NO on the bill. As I said she had to do that last night. I e-mailed A.P.,Fox News,MSNBC,Glenn Beck and cato-at-liberty.org. yesterday telling them that Sarah was against the Porkulus Bill. They all said she was for it. I had to defend Sarah Palin when the media was saying about her.

  18. GREAT JOB, TBone! Thanks for the information about her day.

    Also, Glenn Beck admitted on his TV show today that he had erred by saying on yesterday's show that Palin supported this dumb "stimulus package."
    Btw, Glenn's show is even better than his CNN one, because he seems just more at ease.

    Also, it wouldn't harm Gov. Palin to speak her mind freely to subscribers of a webcam feature a few times per week. Instead, it would help her present accurate information and sustain interest. Again, it need not require a lot of preparation or planning that would take her from doing a superb job in Alaska. After all, she's fully capable of just cogently ad libbing about her day or week. I really believe this feature would very much help her, not to mention pull in LOTS of funds for future campaigns.

  19. Hi, Everyone,

    Thanks for the astute comments, especially about the affair Blago. I am very glad that Glenn Beck pronounced his mea maxima culpa, and retracted the misinformation about Sarah's position on the "stimulus" package. After all, Glenn is very much in Sarah's debt, since she granted him an interview with which to initiate and inaugurate his new show, back on 19 January. Well, anyone can make a mistake; not everyone has the humility to admit to one.

    Let me say how much I appreciate you all (and the "Palin for VP" blogspot also)! I am already proudly displaying my "Sarah 2012" button and bumper sticker in the "People's Republic of Berkeley." It gets pretty lonely here. I have yet to see a single other sign of support for Sarah in this town. Well, miracles are possible, but Berkeley itself will never go "red" (though, in an older signification of the term, many would say it went "red" long ago!!) However, maybe, just maybe, Sarah might have a chance in California as a whole in '12. If she were to win my State, this would obviously indicate a Sarah landslide nation-wide!!

    God bless you all,


  20. PS: Mountain Mama, I like your webcam idea!! I know I cannot get enough of her. I will admit to having watched the speech of 3 September a zillion times. On the human level, we will give our advice to her and express our opinions about the course she should take; on the supernatural level, let us all pray and pray and pray some more that the good Lord will guide and protect this very special leader and person!!


  21. Regarding former Senator Daschle,
    It wasn't up until last friday that he didn't know that he had to pay Medicare Taxes on the driver he was getting "for free". And you want somone like him in charge of a proposed National Health Care? Jason Lewis of KTLK in Minnesota made a good point when he sat in for Rush the other day. He said "How is it different that Obama is getting the Republican Senator he wants in the Commerce department with the deal that the New Hamphshire Democrat Gov. has to name a Repuplican, How is that different than what Blago Did?" o.k. it's not personal enrichment so it's legal, put its like pay for play.

  22. Out of all the reportes that were wrong only Glenn admitted it. Glenn really does like Sarah though. What bothers me is that reporting has become so BAD in this country. They report stuff without named sources like Beth Fourhay of A.P. does consistently.The guy at cato semi retracted but not enough. The cato guy went with the A.P. story who never really named a source. So Fox News,MSNBC and cato went with A.P.

  23. Mountain Mama,
    Sarah is in a very tough position though. Some Legislators in Alaska have already accused Sarah of talking to a national audience at the State of the State Address. Sarah has come underfire from some Alaska Democrats for being Governor to become President. Especially when she campaigned for Saxby Chambliss in December. Sarah should only talk to her followers at CPAC at the end of February and just prove that she is a better Governor than Obama is a President.

  24. Brianus,
    I was there in the 1960's when the theme was about going against the establishment.
    I need not tell you that Berkeley was one of the centers of that movement.
    A generation later, you are leading the counter culture. What a privilege you have been given.
    Although you may feel alone, you are never alone. In a certain odd way, I envy you.

  25. I hope it is not true.There are rumors that the Obama/Pelosi Porkulus Bill might be getting worse in the Senate. The House,Senate and Obama need to do their jobs. A majority of Americans are against the stimulus as is. They want a fair and good stimulus package. They don't want the Obama/Pelosi Porkulus Bill.

  26. in case you want a list of the items in this well conceived and patriotic package to help you with any discussion you have with liberal friends, here's a link from hillbuzz.


  27. Sarah's birthday is next week.
    Here a link about it.


  28. Our Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that you have to move fast to enact the Obama Stimulus Package because 500 million Americans will lose their jobs every month.
    Rasmussen Obama Daily Tracking Poll
    62% Approve
    36% Disapprove
    To many Americans still buy into Obama's smooth talking.
    On the Porkulus Bill
    37% favor Porkulus Bill
    43% oppose Porkulus Bill
    20% not sure on Porkulus
    How is OBama still so popular?
    His 2 executive decisons were closing Gitmo and Paying for overseas abortions are unpopular. His stimulus package is heading towards being a disaster.

  29. Tbone: say it isn't SO! How can the Senate Republicans screw America by ADDING to the pork!?

    Brianus, a MIRACLE WILL happen to help Sarah in the future! Hosts of angels and heavenly witnesses are HELPING us, and Sarah, too. (Please send them to work on the Senate, too, Lord!)

    Also, Sarah Palin could use a webcam to discuss whatever issue IMPACTS ALASKA. Subscribers to "Sarah-Cam" would be able to support her financially, discern her principles and character, and (for devoted Palinistas) just get to see her! ;->

    Gelston, the Lord prompted me to pray for your dear wife last night; I hope all is well? I bet she's VERY upset about Obama. Thanks for the link to the "stimulus package" pork list (OINK!), and for noting Sarah Palin's upcoming birthday (45, isn't it?).

    Let's all send her a nice birthday card----maybe one that's also a St. Valentine's Day card----at:

    Alaska State Capitol Building
    Third Floor
    P.O. Box 110001
    Juneau, AK 99811-0001

    In addition, Palinistas, to honor her birthday, let's ALL join and send a donation to:

    P.O. Box 7711
    Arlington, VA 22207
    (202) 747-1812

    Donate online at http://sarahpac.com

    Btw, Christianity Today has gorgeous e-cards:

  30. Mountain Mama,
    Thanks for the address. I will send Sarah a birthday card. I will also donate to SarahPac. I love following Sarah and defending her.

  31. {{{{Btw, Glenn's show is even better than his CNN one, because he seems just more at ease.}}}}}}

    i remember once on his radio show talking about being uncomfortable at cnn because i felt he always had to go over his facts in triple

  32. anyone hear the story of the conversion of brian "head" welch from the band Korn? believe me, God can do anything. He isn't done with Sarah yet..

    also it should be interesting seeing 500 million americans out of work.. maybe it was one of the subconscious slips and she was taking into account how many americans we would have had abortion never been allowed... who knows.

  33. And here I thought that Pelosi and the MSM (CNN) were in sync! Doesn't she remember CNN's requirement to check her facts thrice?!
    (hee hee)

    Well, folks, I need to head on out to my third job today (having lost 2 jobs this morning), so I can lose it in time to get another job to lose tomorrow! Hang in there!

  34. Thanks, Gelston, Mountain Mama, and All! It is good to have intellectual and spiritual brothers-in-arms and sisters-in-arms, and to know that one is not alone.

    God bless you all!!