Monday, February 16, 2009

Video: Bristol Palin "On the Record"

As promised, I am posting links to the videos from tonight's "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren". Click here to go to the "On the Record" video list, where the top video is currently Part 1 of the Bristol interview. Then, be sure to check out Part 2 (with special appearances by Sarah Palin and Baby Tripp) and Greta's interview with Gov. Palin at the finish line of the Iron Dog snowmachine race.


  1. Hi Adam:

    Thanks for posting these videos. I'd like to suggest separating out the video of Gov Palin asking Pres Obama to VETO the stimulus into a separate post with that as the headline.

    I did so on my much-less-trafficked blog, because the MSM is NOT reporting this at all, because they know Palin speaks for the more than half of the American people who don't want this bill.

    And they don't want her to get press for speaking for the people.

    So I think we should do what we can to get the message out on the Web that Gov Palin would have VETOED this bill if she were President. In the best interests of the American people.

    Thanks for considering.

  2. Good idea, hrh! (In which nation are you royalty, btw!?)

    It was too cool when Sarah launched right in about how the NON-"Fairness" Doctrine should never be permitted to pass. She is SO right: such legislation would be unAmerican.

  3. Only thing bad about that interview,


    For the love of GOD don't tell me that Trig was wearing a Steelers sweatshirt in one of those pics!

    I guess I shouldn't be one to talk, since there's a photo of me wearing full Raider gear (sorry Brian, no pics) from either my third or fourth Xmas.

    Still, maybe we can get the word to Sarah how little Old Man Rooney thought of her.

  4. Look forward to Part 2 of the interview tonight.

  5. enjoy!!!

  6. oops, I forgot to credit Hillbuzz for the Sarah video link.

  7. Oops! I posted this last night on the wrong thread:

    << OH, JOY! I had a feeling that good ole Greta van Susteren would run some more of her interview with Sarah and Bristol tonight----and she IS doing so! Little Tripp is sleeping soundly, which is evidently rare; he stays up a lot at night, screaming. He is a very beautiful baby, natch (he has two good-looking parents).

    There Greta goes again, steering the conversation with Bristol around toward how hard having babies is, etc. Greta never brought up whether abortion is okay or not, but I bet she was dying to do so.

    Oh, little Trig is getting BIG! What a gentle sweetheart! He wanted to see Tripp, who was sleeping, so Trig only touched Tripp's hand. Both are so cute.

    Okay, so I'm ready to be a grandmother! SO!?


    Once Sarah left the interview, Bristol didn't have much more to say, and Greta ran out of questions. On the one hand, I'm relieved she never brought up abortion and put young, exhausted Bristol on the spot----but on the other hand, Bristol would probably have given that topic a slam-dunk NO WAY reply, which would have presented herself as a terrific witness to living out our faith in God, and also as a good model for wise decision-making and character.

    Ah well.... Life is full of missed opportunities, but I think Bristol will grant other interviews and present her thoughts more cogently when she's finally getting some SLEEP. Bless their hearts!

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  9. I enjoyed the interview. However I hate that the "so-called" liberal media has been infringing Bristol's privacy and insulting the Palin home. The media has no right to make foolish assumptions that Sarah because of this is an aweful mother.