Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting Ready for CPAC

Hey everyone, the internet at my house has been blown out life's been a little crazy. That said, I'm going to be at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) until Saturday, and I'm going to try to put in as many updates as I can.


  1. It is a shame that Sarah Palin is not at CPAC.

  2. Yeah, but there's definitely a Sarah Presence here. Team Sarah has a boot, so does the Draft Sarah 2012 Committee, plus John Ziegler's film "Media Malpractice" (which was muchbetter than I expected). You might as well re-name the place "SarahPalooza".

  3. hay mr. adam!
    i never comment on your blogs altough im folowing you closely a couple of months and i gota tel you im very impressed with your clevar way of thinking is there a way i can email you some stuff directly?