Friday, February 13, 2009

NY Gov. States the Obvious

Headline on MSN this morning: "Governor: 'SNL' is insensitive" Really?! I would never have guessed. It's not like Saturday Night Live has a history of harsh humor or anything...

That was the first Paterson skit from a few months ago, and there was a second one a few weeks ago (you should watch that one too). Now, I realize that Gov. Paterson is different from most political officials in that he is legally blind, and hence SNL made a number of blind jokes. But seriously, it's not news that SNL employs sophomoric and offensive humor. I also find it ironic that Paterson seems more offended by the blind gags than by the portrayal of him as an incompetent cocaine addict.

However, what REALLY sticks in my craw is that, according to the New York Post, "Paterson said the show's continued parodies hurt disabled people not in a position to fight back". Give me a break. This man is the Governor of New York, and it is more than within his power to fight back on behalf of blind people everywhere! In fact, considering that he is from NYC, it wouldn't bee all that hard for him to make an appearance on SNL and confront his impersonator in a skit (like every other politician who's ever been smeared on that show). That would be much better than his current "I'm a disabled victim" shtick...which will do nothing more than encourage SNL to continue ripping him.

I'd probably be offended too, but seriously, Governor, grow up and confront this thing like a man. I'm sure SNL would be more than happy to have you on (they've already figured out that you're the comedic gift that keeps on giving), and you could show a national audience just how competent a blind man can be. It's easy, it's right in your home town, and best of all, it's not in NEW JERSEY!


  1. insults hurt anyone but it's all too easy to play the handicap card

  2. my watch broke. Does any one have the time? is it 2012 yet?

  3. Scott,

    Agreed. I'd probably be offended too (though I will admit to laughing my head off when I saw that skit). I just think he could be handling it much better - especially since his current actions are probably fanning the flames

    Let's face it, if I were were writing for SNL, "Gov. Paterson" would open the next show with an "address to the state" about how his blindness didn't impact his performance...during which he would bump into several walls and break everything valuable in the Governor's office before screaming "LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!".

    That's just the way SNL have to play their game if you want them to give you any credit...otherwise you're just egging them on.

    I'm also a little ticked that Paterson channeled his anger by suggesting that SNL "go back to Sarah Palin jokes" he's okay with sexist jokes...just not blind jokes.

  4. YOU WISH, Gelston!
    I know: you can't wait to See Sarah Run again!

    Hey, whatever happened to the idea of getting the old gang together in Alaska this summer? Are other Palinista blogspots planning this?

    I could SCREAM about this "stimulus package!!!"

    Americans need to find an altogether NEW way of showing outrage. We don't want to demonstrate in the streets anymore, we do NOT want to do anything violent, and we don't even want to yell around in meetings.

    What to do, what to do.... We need some activity that is extremely effective at making our point, something that's legal and so innovative that even the MSM will report on it.

    Okay----I don't like the idea of just not buying anything, as one woman said on the news yesterday. She thinks it will hurt only the rich and corrupt businesses, but in fact that would screw ALL of us by damaging the economy.

    WHAT TO DO!? (Yes, I am already praying. Lord, help!)

  5. Adam, Paterson wasn't offended at Charlie "Who cares about tax cuts? I don't pay them anyway" Rangel calling Sarah retarded, I'm pretty sure he was only upset cause HE was the target. I'm sure liberal Lorne (who fired Norm MacDonald years back for making O.J. jokes) gave the cast a pretty good talking-to for that one.