Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Enjoy Bottled Water!

I attended a blogger briefing today at The Heritage Foundation, and one of the presenters brought up something that I just HAD to share with all of you. Apparently, the bottled water industry has become the latest threat to humanity in the eyes of radical left wing green groups. It has a carbon footprint, creates solid waste, and (most importantly, in my opinion) threatens government control of our water supply.

Hence, green groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council are now ordering us to drink tap water...despite the fact that, not too long ago, these same groups were lecturing us on the extreme danger of drinking impure, contaminated tap water. But now, in the name of advancing socialism...I mean...uh..."saving the planet", their stance has changed to "by all means, drink the contaminated water, just be sure you have a filter to protect yourself." And to add insult to injury, cities are now banning bottled water from certain functions and placing "sin taxes" on its sale.

Luckily, our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute have set up EnjoyBottledWater.org in order to highlight this moronic crusade against clean water. Be sure to check out the site, watch the featured video, and sign their petition.


  1. these people obviously have never tasted florida tap water

  2. dr. mercola has a ton of articles on the dangers of tap water on his site... though he also doesn't like plastic bottles and advises home filtering.

  3. Yeah, there's probably pros and cons to drinking just about anything (personally, I'm lazy and drink mostly unfiltered tap water). I just find it rather laughable that we're talking about sin taxes on WATER!

  4. we usually fill the 5 gallon jugs at the store because we have a water machine.. that and the bottled spring water (we recycle bottles here).. florida tap water is in itself a sin. It'll smell like eggs if you let it sit for much length of time.

    i think the healthiest people who live the longest are the ones who don't spend so much time worrying about what they're doing.

  5. I try to drink lots of water every day. Keeps the toxins out.

  6. LOL, that's funny (in a sad kinda way). We actually have good tap water around here, and my brother always used to let his empty bottles pile up in our room, so I never much cared for them.
    BTW Adam, I was wondering what your opinion is of Gov. Jindal delivering the GOP response to Obama's SOTUA next week? Seems like a good selection to me.

  7. Adam,
    I had a message from Brianus and Jan (who uses another name, i believe) that they are having problems posting here. Apparently the varification wont load properly.
    Your comments disappeared on the Bristol site the way they did on the Cao site a day or two ago.

  8. Gelston,

    I'll watch the comments closely. I haven't personally seen the issue yet, so I'm kind of clueless.


    I think that Vice Pres...I mean...GOVERNOR Jindal is a FANTASTIC choice for the response.

  9. OH, JOY! I had a feeling that good ole Greta van Susteren would run some more of her interview with Sarah and Bristol tonight----and she IS doing so! Little Tripp is sleeping soundly, which is evidently rare; he stays up a lot at night, screaming. He is a very beautiful baby, natch (he has two good-looking parents).

    There Greta goes again, steering the conversation with Bristol around toward how hard having babies is, etc. Greta never brought up whether abortion is okay or not, but I bet she was dying to do so.

    Oh, little Trig is getting BIG! What a gentle sweetheart! He wanted to see Tripp, who was sleeping, so Trig only touched Tripp's hand. Both are so cute.

    Okay, so I'm ready to be a grandmother! SO!?