Thursday, February 26, 2009

John Bolton for President?

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Okay, nobody freak out. I am not…let me repeat…NOT jumping off the Palin bandwagon - not even close. Sarah is my candidate in 2012, period. That said, I think there is a serious problem with our overall field of potential primary candidates: they’re ALL governors

Don’t get me wrong, I like Governors, they make great nominees – but I’m starting to get unnerved by the potential of a primary contested solely by domestic policy experts. Palin, Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty, Jindal, Crist - ALL lack foreign policy credentials, and it’s going to be harder to give those issues their due if no-one in the field is really well-schooled in that department. In my humble opinion, there absolutely MUST be at least one candidate in the race who can make sure that all of the candidates – including my beloved Sarah – get their feet held to the fire regarding terrorism, defense, international relations, and national security. Some have suggested that David Patraeus could make a wild-card run, but I personally think that’s a pipe dream. Instead, we need to find somebody willing to become a second-tier, single-issue candidate who is in the race in order to channel the debate (much in the way that Tancredo and Hunter kept Immigration relevant in the 2008 primaries…love ‘em or hate ‘em, it worked).

I had previously thought about suggesting firebrand think-tank head Frank Gaffney for this role, but even I knew that was a bit of a stretch. However, after attending yesterday’s session of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), I realized that I had been neglecting one of the conservative movement’s most forceful and eloquent voices on foreign policy issues – Former U.N. Ambassador John “The ‘Stache” Bolton.

As far as I’m concerned, Ambassador Bolton is the complete package politically – he’s ridiculously smart, has a memorable personality, seems to have a lot of fire in his belly, and (most importantly) is one of the more dynamic speakers I’ve seen. He positively brought the house down at CPAC this morning, and I remember that he did the same last year. Anyone would be hard-pressed to handle him in a foreign policy debate, and his dynamism might even give him a chance of pulling off a Huckabee-esque breakout – especially considering that he would have a virtual lock on security-focused voters. The only real problem is that he can be a bit of a bomb-thrower, but that can be an asset in a primary campaign, and it’s definitely a good thing if he were to find himself in contention for the VP slot after the primaries (I would pay good money to see a Biden-Bolton smackdown).

The biggest question is what’s in it for Ambassador Bolton if he doesn’t win (which would be a pretty good bet). Well, he could put himself in the catbird seat for Secretary of State or National Security Advisor if the GOP nominee defeated Obama - or he could use his momentum to launch his own policy organization, dramatically raise his profile in the media, and cement his position as the right’s dominant voice on foreign policy. As I see it, he really can’t lose.

So, do you think that we are going to need a “security candidate” in the 2012 race, and if so, what to you think of the idea of drafting The ‘Stache?


  1. I think Bolton would make the perfect running mate for Palin. Fairly or unfairly, the impression is that she needs help on foreign affairs and he would be the perfect man to do that.

  2. I've always loved Bolton. I think Bush made a HUGE mistake in not fighting to keep Bolton as our UN representative, since he was such a superb (sadly, unique) voice of truth there.

    Bolton might run in the presidential primaries, but he'd no doubt make it clear that he'd NEVER accept a non-power position of VP; that would utterly waste his skills and talents.

    Sure wish he could manage the tutoring of Gov. Palin in the meantime (assuming the rumors that she refused tutoring in the last election are false).

    NO politician (certainly not Obambi) approaches the authenticity, honesty, and joy Gov. Palin easily expresses----and after four (please, God, NOT EIGHT) years of his "administration" (ie. completely selling out America for his cronies), we will DESPERATELY need those qualities in our president.

    How did the audience there respond to Huckabee's little jab at Gov. Palin's competency, Adam? (He's such a sneak.)

  3. Mountain Mama,
    I am starting to not like Huckabee. He has been trying to rip on Gov. Palin to much for my liking. That shouldn't happen until mid 2011.

  4. The Huckster brags about "beating the Clinton machine" so much he became his own version of it, I see right through him.

    Mama, I told you a few weeks back that The Huckster would never support Sarah if he can benefit from it. Mark Levin said a week or so ago he's open to giving him a second chance, I don't know why. Plus I'm always wary of a "conservative" who wants to cozy up to the media (see McCain, John).

    Plus there is last year's primary debacle where he essentially ran interference for McCain. I'm no fan of the Myth, but I would have gladly taken him over either of them. Plus we wouldn't have had to sweat him possibly picking a pansy like Crist or Pawlenty (although he still might have taken Lieberman--the NE connection).

  5. Oh btw, Bolton would be great, moreso as VP. Him destroying Biden ("Let me tell you how things REALLY work") would be Reagan/Mondale-esque

    Plus given the way he was stampeded by the RINOvich bunch a few years back, we need to recommit to actual conservatives, instead of mods like David Frum want.

  6. Sarah can handle the Huckster. She is use to this. Sarah won Governor without support from the state Republican Party. Gov. Palin is still popular in Anchorage according to a Dittman Poll this week. 56% in Anchorage say she deserves to get re-elected. That is with the ADN and all the lies about her record. That means she would prob. get 60%.

  7. Did you see Obama's budget proposals yesterday. If he is President for 8 years he will add 7.6 trillion dollars to the deficit. He is going to make the economy worse by isttituing cap and trade. There were protests today against porkulus and bailouts. People are getting tired of this spending. One person held a sign Commander in Thief.

  8. Really interesting and well thought out post Adam.
    Huckabee certainly does not want to go away. the next several years are certainly going to be interesting.

  9. I remember reading about Huckabee and furniture issue. A wealthy friend of his gave Huckabee a ton of furniture (some of it antique), until someone pointed out that a state reg. existed that prohibited citizens' giving items to an elected Arkansas official----so then that wealthy friend said he MEANT to donate the furniture to the Arkansas Governor's MANSION (and not to the governor himself). Yeah, but.....
    then when his term ended, Huckabee TOOK that furniture with him (just as Hillary and Bill took furniture from the White House, remember?). A few months after that, supposedly the law there decided that the Huckabees could keep the furniture!

    So what happened to that regulation against gifts to gov't officials? I guess laws can be ignored when politicians need to do so...

    And did the Huckabees ever pay taxes on that donated furniture, which cost over $170,000!? My bet is: NO! What a lousy model of a pastor....

    On another note:
    Did you see the coverage (on Fox News, anyway; perhaps, as usual, the MSM skipped reporting on this "negativity?") about the demonstrations that are occurring across the nation against this Porkulus Bill? People have HAD it!

    I wonder if what it will take is for AVERAGE AMERICANS to REFUSE to pay their taxes, or to REFUSE to pay their penalties and interest on taxes owed----exactly as the new IRS Director, Tim Geitner, did. Is this what it will take for our politicians to wake up and GET HONEST!?

  10. He is an incredibly decent and intelligent man who has been consistently misunderstood. And he's been consistently maligned by the Libs.

  11. Good to hear from you, PasadenaCC. I truly pray you're right re. Geitner. Nevertheless, he didn't just "fail" to pay his taxes, penalties, and interest until AFTER he was going to be nominated; he literally REFUSED to do so! A good example of decency? Not so much....

    He should have done as the rest of America is expected to do: PAY UP!---without whining or "failing." Instead, he got off WITHOUT having to pay penalities in the end.

    The rich and well-connected play be a different set of [unjust] rules. And Americans are fed up with that crap.

    Geitner could still pay up; the IRS will still gladly accept funds from its Director. It won't happen, because it's deemed unimportant really to be decent.

    Oh, and the Beltway Word is that Geitner was positioned there to make sure the BANKS were protected and funded. While having banks is essential, it's unwise economically to fund poorly-administered banks which made ridiculously unwise loans to people who cannot pay them back.

    Who is primarily interested in being fair and decent to the middle class or poor?

  12. I must ask however if you would support this man if Sarah was not going to run in 2012?

  13. Brother Brinton, it's "cologne." You have good taste, for enjoying Rutter, Bach, and Vaughn Williams.

    If you're wondering if people would support Bolton's running for president whether or NOT Gov. Palin runs, for me it's a definite YES. As Adam wrote, his candidacy would force the other candidates to answer foreign policy questions with more specificity and depth, in the debates of the primaries.

  14. I also support Sarah Palin for President in 2012. As for John Bolton, he would be a superb Secretary of State under Palin. I have been creating a list called 'the 2012 Conservative Dream Team' under a Palin administration. So, Bolton as Sec. of State, not VP.

  15. GREAT IDEA, Intellectual Redneck! You and Adam ought to get together and put together an entire (and entirely brilliant!) slate of nominees for her Cabinet, then with great respect offer it to Gov. Palin! What a blessing that would TRULY be for her!

    Here's what I just sent to Chairman Steele at the RNC, re. his remarks about Rush Limbaugh, which are totally misrepresented by the liberals (just listen to them, and you'll see):
    Dear Chairman Steele:

    Greetings. We have always given you our 100% support, since you are a bonafide conservative. Good!

    However, we listened to your remarks about Rush Limbaugh. We noticed that your tone of voice was INNOCENT when you said that Rush’s show CAN contain “incendiary” elements and CAN be “ugly.” That is, we believe that your tone of voice reflected NO slam against Rush, but instead that you were pointing out that the national news and partisanship are incendiary and ugly, and you MEANT that it’s not Rush’s fault----right?

    Sadly, we must always be extremely careful whenever we speak publicly (as we know YOU know), because as always, the liberals will turn whatever we say into something opposite of what we meant----and they KNOW this, but are happy to lie, anyway, to gain votes.

    Hang in there! Please consider issuing a face-saving apology to Rush for being unclear when you spoke, okay? THANK YOU for your service on behalf of REAL CONSERVATISM.

    Yours in support of the RNC (so long as they remain CONSERVATIVE),
    etc. etc.

    Hang in there, Palinistas!

  16. (12thMan, I did NOT miss your reference to the Raiders and the Steelers a few weeks ago (re a Steelers shirt apparently being worn by one of the Palin babies. However, when I tried several times to post the message that follows, I was not able to do so. I hope you will enjoy this from a fan of the Raiders and of the old American Football League!!)--

    LOL, 12thMan!!! I still miss the old days with the Oakland Raiders. What a receiver Fred Biletnikoff was--MVP of the January 9, 1977 Pasadena Super Bowl!! The second time I saw Fred in person was 24 December, 1967 at the Oakland Coliseum vs. Buffalo (Jack Kemp was the QB for the Bills). Fred caught a TD pass with one hand...because the Bills DB had a hold of the other hand. The official, in one fluid motion, tossed the penalty flag for pass interference...then raised his hands in the TD signal!--- I sure wish Rush was not a Steelers fan...still, he has done so much good for the country that I have to forgive him for this!!

    SARAH 2012!!

    Brianus (PS: added 3 March '09: yes, Rush was very eloquent at the CPAC; and, indeed, Sarah's convention speech was one of the great political speeches ever. I have watched it many, many times!!--BTW, today is the six-month "anniversary" of that speech!)

  17. Brian I know plenty about Raider fans. Half my extended family are Raider fans, being that Oakland was essentially our team before the Hawks came along. #80 (HOFer and fmr congressman the great Mr. Largent) is to me what FB was to you. BTW Fred's son (Fred Jr) is head coach of the Central Valley Coyotes of af2 and thus we see him up here in SPO once a year when they play the Shock.

    Oh and you gotta love Sarah with a killer jab at Kim Elton (trash) after he took a job in Lord Messiah's Interior, "he pledged his allegiance to Obama last summer", ROFL! All the DUmmies on the ADN are whining about it, as is that worthless troll Andrew Halcro. She's not going away.

    And here I thought the DUmmies had the ultimate nirvana: The White House, both houses of Congress, the media, all these marxist no-growth bureaucracies (EPA/NEA and so forth)
    in their pocket, the gubernatorial lead (and with all the RINO govs that might as well be a commanding lead) and yet, they still are dead scared of Rush, Palin, and Jindal. Zero The Hero's been campaigning for 2012 ever since inauguration. It's not that the Emperor has no clothes, he merely has no clue. The GOP better learn their lesson yesterday, just because the Democratic Socialists of America by all rights should be obliterated next year doesn't mean it'll happen. After all, why send in pantywaists to do real men's (or definitely in SP's case, women's) work?

  18. 12thMan, yes Steve L was a great receiver, in the days when the Hawks were still an AFC team. What a memory too seeing Joe Willie Namath firing laser shots to Don Maynard and others at the Oakland Coliseum. Those Raider-Jet games from the sixties were part of an unforgettable era (Heidi game, anyone...also the Lamonica to Charlie Smith "lateral" in the AFL Championship Game before the Jets took down the NFL and the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Memories, memories...

    My love of and admiration for Sarah just grow day by day. She is more of a "man" than most of the men in this country right now...and yet she is the quintessential woman too, so feminine and strong and gracious and beautiful, inwardly and outwardly. Pulchra pugnaxque we might call her in Latin: loosely, "beautiful and brave" (literally, "a fighter"). Those on the outside cannot comprehend the power and beauty that we see in her. They (RINOs especially) think we are foolish and puerile and sophomoric to feel the way we do. I think envy and pride and cowardice are at the root of it. It takes true humility to acknowledge the unique excellence of a human being like Sarah. When confronted with a light like hers, many people react by denying what is front of them, and by mocking those who do perceive it.

    Anyway, let us fight the "bonum certamen," the Pauline "good fight"!!! Long live America, long live Our Princess (I do not blush to say it!!) Sarah!!


  19. typo (oh those typos!!) circa five lines from the bottom of my post: I meant, of course, "what is IN front of them." I might as well repeat here what I noted on another thread: my outrage at people like George (pseudo-intellectual) Will and Kathleen Parker. The twain (and others too) stabbed Sarah in the back late in the '08 campaign. Behold their rewards. The "Messiah" came to Will's home one or two days before the "inauguration," for a banquet for "conservatives." Parker has been flown around on Air Force One by...the "One." She heaps flattery on His Obamaness. Both of these two individuals have had their reward. "Amen dico vobis, quia receperunt mercedem suam," "Amen I say to you, that they have received their reward." (Roman Catholic Latin liturgy for Ash Wednesday.) My friends (I hope that does not sound too "McCainish"!!), I would not, for ten million dollars, or for any sum of money or for any worldly advantage, be in the moral position of Will and Parker and their ilk. I would rather die than do or say anything against Sarah or my country. As Jose Ferrer says to Fred McMurray at the end of the movie "Caine Mutiny": "you can live with your conscience, if you have one!"


  20. Brianus, you treasure values and character traits that were still widely honored during the Great Depression, which helped Americans weather their trials UNITED, helping one another.

    However, a recent national poll revealed that a majority of "Americans" have utterly the opposite values: they believe the state should provide them with cradle-to-grave benefits----free child care, free meals before, during, and after school, free college tuition, etc.----all paid for by "the rich." Do you believe these USERS will share their own goods, if the economy continues to tank?

    And how many, pray tell, of those "rich" folk are STUPID enough to remain in a country who uses them so poorly!?

    Finally, remember the names, "The Great War," or "The World War,"----which were what WWI was called prior to WWII? Since we might be entering ANOTHER "Great Depression," maybe it'll be come "GDI" and GDII"---!? I hope this one doesn't last 12-13 years, too----and doesn't take a world war to end.

    O Domine, dona nobis pacem.

  21. Lots of comments today from the LIBERAL press, against Geitner, Treasury Dept. head, and his dodging taxes.

    Methinks the tide might be turning vs. SOME of Obambi's practices!

  22. John Bolton would make a great President. He is my hero.