Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday Confession

I know this is a political blog...but sometimes you just have to embrace the spirit of the moment, and nobody is thinking about much other than football today. So, we can talk about the stimulus package and the elections in Israel tomorrow. Today, it's time to eat junk food, laugh at commercials and cheer on the team of your choice...which brings me to the subject of this post:

I was raised in Colorado, so the Denver Broncos are the team that I'm most consistently loyal to, but my extended family roots are in Altoona , Pennsylvania. So, when the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl, three generations of Coloradoans embrace their roots and cheer on their team. A lot of the time, I would side with them, but I'm also a guy who loves underdog stories. So, I would like to take this opportunity to express my solidarity with the team that I will be cheering for in today's game:

Here's hoping that Warner and company can bring home the Cardinal's first championship in six decades. LET'S GO CARDS!


  1. My outsides and roots are screaming "TRAITOR!"
    just don't let your grandfather hear me whisper "go cards..". Love the wikipedea artice on Altoona. Need to take a trip to Lakemont Park.

  2. I'm with you Adam. I actually lived in AZ for a while and used to drive by their new stadium when it was being built. I also love the underdog story.

  3. GAG, GAG, GAG!!!!!!!!

    Now this had probably the best ending I could hope for: I HATE the Steelers (you gotta see the Steeler BJing over FR right now, what a joke) but at the same not entirely comfortable with the Arizona Cardinals, who in the words of their former HC, are who we THOUGHT they were!!!!!!!!!!!

    As my new HC Jim Mora would say, the NFC West is MINE, so don't get too comfortable there, Cards. Sheemeny Christmas: 100-yard pick-six, three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, and the last drives (in which they failed to sack Roethlisberger TWICE). Oh they definitely LOST this game. Yep, terrible towel, be proud..............

  4. It's like another language.....

  5. OK mama you might get this, Steeler owner Dan Rooney was slobbering over "The One" in the postgame, it was pathetic.

    What's sad is some conservatives (esp those at FR) continue to buy into the 'Burgh, then again those are mostly the same conservatives (like our new "friend" StopHurtingAmerica) who bought into this BS about Sarah going to DC to "meet with Mitch McClueless to lobby for the bailout"--as reported by AP-Obama and shamefully repeated by Fox News-Obama.

  6. Oh gee wiz and gosh golly.
    I thought the world was going to love us now.
    And i believed it... :<(

  7. I looked at the huge crowd, and thought, "Wow, if all those devoted 'public servants' could get a CLUE that about a thousand times this many people are slowly coming to a BOIL about their taxes!"

    Remember what started the American Revolution? TAX disputes! "No taxation without representation!"

    What kind of representation do Americans have, when our politicians keep voting for Bail-Outs or "Stimulus Packages" with which WE do not agree?!----and which our children and grandchildren haven't a PRAYER of paying off in their lifetimes.......

  8. Hi, Everyone,

    As an Oakland Raiders fan from way back (Lamonica, Biletnikoff, Branch, Stabler, etc.), I am no friend of the Steelers!! Rooney's pro-Obama remarks after the game are just another mark against them in my book!

    Take care,


  9. Dan Rooney is a bigtime lib whose legacy will be the rule that bears his name. Even all the Steeler nitwits at FR are having to scurry and cover this one up:)

  10. Okay, several things:

    First, thanks, 12thMan, for the Heads-Up re. how the MSM is distorting whatever typically-positive statement Gov. Palin might have made about our economic future, making it seem instead that she supports this ghastly, ill-conceived "stimulus" package.

    Frankly, the fact is that nothing Gov. Palin or her staff has said subsequently has successfully countered this rumor! This is just one more reason why Gov. Palin needs her OWN forum: a TV show. How cool it would be, if Sarah for one-half hour per day just talked about what she wanted----countering rumors swiftly and cogently before moving onto something more interesting about her life or ideas----spending time with her supporters via camera as she plays with Trig and Tripp, or as she kicks back with her staff after a long day. Wouldn't that be riveting and fun!?

    Second, Gelston, I continue to be concerned about Obama's need for affirmation (cum Clinton), particularly from other nations, especially those in Europe. Good Lord, why doesn't he notice that they aren't doing well at all!? He is clearly in over his head.....

  11. I think what the problem is Mama is even that won't help because we have such a media-worship in this country (as proven in 2008, and even "conservatives" are starting to get in line--which is why I'm becoming less of a fan of FR). Proof in the pudding is that she already made this statement three or four weeks ago and has to reiterate it because of one little name-drop by AP-Obama.

    She's truly in a no-win situation here, and her supposed "allies" aren't helping her because quite frankly they're part OF it. This is why I say that Huckabee will NEVER aid her as long as he can gain from it--see his comments on Katie-knows-everything/Uncle Charlie

  12. I sent an e-mail to the website for their misstating of Gov. Palin's position on the stimulus. They say she is for the stimulus without a source. I told them to research before you write. Even go to Gov. Palins governor website for the reason she went to D.C. this weekend. Go to KTUU where it is reported that Gov. Palin and Alaksa Legislators are writing joint statements of their concerns of the stimulus package.
    The A.P. and fox news are wrong also with what they are saying about Gov. Palin to just not as bad. Gov. Palin has been outspoken from Day 1 that they are spending to much on the stimulus. She is for a better fair stimulus with infrastructure while spending alot less money. Sarah believes there are way to many social programs.She also voiced concerns about the national debt.I also sent Greta an e-mail about what the cato website said. I am going all out for Sarah to make sure she is not unfairly treated by the MSM. I like her way to much.

  13. Oh there is a typo there should be a y after the t it is liberty for that website.

  14. You oughta see half these noobs on FR this past weekend over this. Just swallowed it up without any investigation, them and all the Ron Paul trolls made (make) FR look halfway like DU

  15. I'd start posting on FR, but all I really have to say at this point is Steeler fans=RINOS. Not worth it:)

  16. Hi Palinista's,
    Do you think that Sarah has to come out and say she is defintely against the stimulus? Even the she released a statement on Feb 1 saying she has concerns about the stimulus. There are still the A.P. and other pubs saying different things about it. There is not one named source in any publication though. That is what bothers me.

  17. YIPES! Even Glenn Beck said today on his TV show that Sarah supported the stimulus package.

    (Btw, that name has to have Freud laughing from his grave: money sure DOES excite people!).

    I don't THINK G. Beck is anti-Sarah, is he? So perhaps you're on-target, Tbone: the news has been SO twisted about her "take" on the economy and the stimulus package, that she needs to come out with a clear, consise public statement about her actual, specific position on the situation. Let's hope she'll do so soon!


    From Hillbuzz.
    I can't even think of a comment to add to this one. No wonder people call it Hollyweird.

  19. Mountain Mama,
    I sent an e-mail to Glenn also. Sarah has been outspoken about adding to much to the national debt from day 1. She even said that in her press release. Sarah's problem is P.R. The reason I say that is because she was in D.C. talking to Senators this weekend. So they say she is for the stimulus. The A.P. starts it without a named source. Than does it to without a source. I told Glenn to check Sarah's website on Feb 1 statement. Sarah was in Washington voicing concerns about the stimulus package. She voiced them concerns to Senators of both parties. So Sarah is guilty without a source just because she went to Washington.

  20. Glenn really should have known better (I use that tense since he retracted it, as he should have), since it's been just 15 days since you-know-who was christening his debut. This is why I refuse to believe reports of Bobby Jindal becoming soft--although with the way LA's been pounded in the last five years I'd certainly give him somewhat of a pass.

    No amount of PR would have helped, since this stance wasn't exactly new. It's about 2012. As much of a threat she is now, destroy her before she becomes a bigger one. Basically adopting the Alinsky tactics. And Perry and Sanford aren't out of the woods either, but Sanford will be next I guarantee it.

  21. Hi 12thMan,
    Sarah will not get destroyed. I think Glenn actually does like Sarah. He made a mistake. Atleast he corrected himself. Beth Fourhay and the A.P. need to apologize also. So does fox news and MSNBC. So does The latter said that Sarah pushed for Obama's bill. Sarah is growing stronger. She has an army protecting her from unfair media attacks. I e-mailed Glenn,the A.P. and cato yesterday for misstating Sarah's position on the Porkulus.