Thursday, January 1, 2009

3,2,1, Launch!

Welcome to The Brickyard! If you’re coming over from Draft Palin, I hope you enjoy the new site – if you’re not, welcome aboard. While there will definitely be a lot of Palin-centered content here, we are going to be talking about much more than Sarah Palin. In fact, we’re not even going to keep the discussion limited to U.S. politics. Anyone who has been to my pre-Palin blog, ConservaGlobe, will know that I am passionate about international affairs, and that I like to bring you stories that may not be making headlines here in America. So, I am hoping that we can develop this blog as a place where conservatives can talk about anything going on in the wide world of politics, regardless of whether it’s printed by USA Today, The BBC , or the Anchorage Daily News. If you’re here for the Palin updates, be prepared for some foreign affairs debates…and if you’re here for the foreign affairs, be ready for a heavy dose of our favorite Alaskan governor.

There are a few more features that I plan on debuting here soon, but I think I’ll keep those under my hat for now. In the meantime, be sure to “follow” me on Twitter, and I look forward to starting this new journey.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be kicking off with series of posts entitled “Ten Names You Will Learn in 2009”, where I will profile ten leaders who you may or may not have heard of…but who could blow onto the world scene in a big way this year. They are:

David Cameron – Great Britain – Leader of the Conservative Party
Benjamin Netanyahu – Israel - Former Prime Minister and current leader of the Likud Party
Jacob Zuma – South Africa – Presidential frontrunner
Timothy Geithner – USA - Incoming Secretary of the Treasury
Michael Ignatieff – Canada - Leader of the Liberal Party
David Miliband – Great Britain - Foreign Minister
Siv Jensen – Norway – Leader of the Progress Party
Susan Rice – USA – Incoming Ambassador to the United Nations
Helen Zille – South Africa – Mayor of Cape Town
Frank-Walter Steinmeier – Germany – Social Democratic Party candidate for Chancellor


  1. Happy New Year and Happy New Blog! Can't wait to see what you have to say concerning the rest of the world!

  2. Adam,
    congratulations on your new site. I am looking forward to reading your insights

  3. Congrats on the new blog. Blogged a post for you and included you in my "Palin Praetorian Guard" blogroll.


    - JP