Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Gov. Sarah Palin took a big step today by launching SarahPAC, her own official Political Action Committee. For those not familiar with the term, a PAC will allow Sarah to raise a lot of money, which can then be distributed to Republican candidates around the country. This serves two primary purposes: First, it gets Sarah into the monetary side of politics, which will help her to network with other Republicans running for office - and it's a lot easier to get people to work with (or endorse) when you personally donated a big chunk of change to their campaign. Secondly, PAC formation can be the first baby step toward a future presidential campaign. It provides a fundraising operation, a rudimentary organization, and (most importantly) a war chest which can be used as seed money when someone does decide to enter a national race. Most of the candidates who entered the 2008 race had personal PACs long before they had exploratory committees. If Sarah does decide to enter the 2012 race, a fully-functional SarahPAC would be able to morph into the Committee to Elect Sarah Palin in 2012.

So, please stop by the shiny new SarahPAC website (and donate some cash if you feel so inclined.) Something tells me that, given the type of following that Gov. Palin has built, SarahPAC could become a VERY sucessful fundraising operation.


  1. That is fantastic news! I am heading over to the new site right now.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Way to go Sarah. I fully support this awesome lady. Sarah is going to show everyone that she is the real deal.


    Will donate!

  4. Go get em SP, all the whining on the ADD(N) and The Alaska Standard has started, good times:)

    I doubt she'll run for re-election next year at this point, since campaigning and governing simultaneously will be impossible from AK (then again if she's even eyeing '12, it is "future" after all). I know she's going to get the dreaded Hillary comparisons but two things: 20 years of Bush/Clinton fatigue was bound to go against her, and she never really did a lot because she was "inevitable". Besides, Barry's run for pres began effectively the day he was sworn into the Senate, so starting now evidently is the way to go. One good thing he did, if anything else, was take all the history books and shred 'em (or just stuff them down Sandy Berger's pants).

    If anyone can do the impossible, it's our gal

  5. Great job Sarah. This does not mean that Sarah is running for President in 2012. This just means she is thinking about it. Sarah needs to verse herself more on national issues if she is really thinking of running. If she does that.Then she will become a superstar. It also still depends on Obama's popularity also.

  6. Do any of you Palinistas belong to HuckPac? I didn't join; I was put on their mailing list, probably because BEFORE Palin, I supported Huck financially (make that, "and after Fred Thompson quit caring to run well...").

    But I digress.....

    Anyway, you should READ Huck's weekly messages! He is ready to MOVE on this next election, and plus he has a terrific weekly show on Fox News. He gets along with everyone; even the very-unfair people like him.

    I bet Sarah Palin also sends out weekly messages to her PAC people; hope they start up soon. I also hope she cranks out that book PDQ, and that it's BRILLIANT.

    I know a brilliant young man who could help review it, as her friends and coworkers will----don't you?!
    (HINT: he did an excellent job on "The Colbert Report!")

  7. Huckster? Um, no thanks. Someone hasn't noticed how he's been towards SP lately. He's another global warming nut.

    Also congrats to SP on the Pt Thomson deal, despite all the petulant whining at the ADD(N) and AK Standard.

  8. No, 12thMan: I was WARNING everyone about Huck. I think he might be a Huckster, too: I mean, why did he have to go and act like the Clintons, by taking with him when he moved out of the governor's mansion some expensive furniture? EEWWWW!

    But I think, if pressed, he'd still help Gov. Palin out by debunking on his show some totally-erroneous Palin rumors..... (I hope Huck would, anyway; he won't be doing himself any favors if he does NOT help her: that would tick off conservatives, whom he needs!)

  9. You may know this already, but there is a link to this from HuffPo! I love that Sarah gets on their nerves!

  10. Mama I knew you weren't ignoring him, just making sure.

    He's not interested in helping Sarah one bit, even IF pressed. I posted for a while (it was all I could do) on some loser fake Christian site that was mostly Huckabee/Brownback supporters. Not being religious myself, I have nothing against Christianity, in fact I applaud those who live it (including Tony Dungy, who did an excellent interview with Rush today). But these people were morons, all they did was make racist and sexist jokes, and yes take potshots at Sarah that sounded like they came straight out of HuffPo. Something tells me Huckster won't dare enrage these kooks, and if he can use these attacks to tear Sarah down in a primary run, he'll do it. After all, Jack Ryan's primary opponents weren't out to protect his reputation or his son and were just as bad as Obama was. So don't hold your breath waiting for him to help her out.

    Plus Mitch McSellout, er McConnell's remarks today at the RNC reminded me EXACTLY of Huckster's "progressive" comments when he was running for governor. Center shifts and lame attempts to go progressive will not bring liberals to the center. It might work in a flawed primary, but in general election, it will make you roadkill. I've seen it up here in WA WELL before the McCain debacle (Gary Locke over Ellen Braswell in 1996).

  11. Kaching...$250 to SarahPAC, done!

  12. Governor Palin is feeding off a narrow demographic whose entire ideological base has just been resoundingly repudiated by a sweeping majority. They're furious and they're frightened and they're looking for a savior. She's taking advantage of that need.

    Alas, no way will she get a reality check from Alaska. Too many right wing nuts here. And when she appears in venues Outside, the audiences are specifically tailored to her, so no reality check there, either. Her advisors are kidding themselves if they think they can reinvent this woman. There is just too much out there now about her, and in the Internet culture of today, there will be no way of getting away from it. She also has two huge liabilities: She is incapable of admitting error, and she loses it over bad publicity. She does that last one on camera one time and she's done.

    Lastly, the right wingers who look to her for salvation are matched in hysteria every bit as strong by left wingers who see her as the devil incarnate. Even if the Republicans did trip over their own feet and wind up nominating her in 2012, the left wing would pour money into defeating her. I will never forget the $10 million raised overnight by Obama after her speech at the convention.

    One could wish she embraced more realistic goals of a local nature; that kind of energy and determination could be put to real use here at home.

  13. Andrew Halcro, is that you?

    You're right in that people are furious and frightened and looking for a savior, which they still are, cause "The Magic One" ain't it so far. Why shouldn't she try to see if she can fill the void, after all isn't this, um, America? (Well for now anyway)

    "And when she appears in venues Outside, the audiences are specifically tailored to her"

    Well, most of her bashers have nothing better to do that hang out on Alaska Standard or ADDN or spring phony lawsuits/"gate" scandals on her. Is she supposed to go track them down or something and explain to her why the FY 2010 budget is based on an AVERAGE oil/bbl price of $74 (which IS totally accurate btw)?

    "I will never forget the $10 million raised overnight by Obama after her speech at the convention."

    So? If the GOP had had a candidate with a pulse and any conviction that would have been for naught. Six to one outspending (we're supposed to be in a recession, remember?) and barely a larger margin of victory than Bush over Kerry in '04. Hot damn I'm convinced!

    "One could wish she embraced more realistic goals of a local nature; that kind of energy and determination could be put to real use here at home."

    Is this going to be followed by the same whine about Barbie leaving the state in ruin that I usually laugh at, er, read on the above-mentioned two sites?

    But maybe you'd like to add to what she supposedly isn't doing at home, regardless of the fact she's been out of state once on partisan business since the election.

  14. "Governor Palin is feeding off a narrow demographic whose entire ideological base has just been resoundingly repudiated by a sweeping majority."

    Oh and btw, the only thing that was "repudiated" (actually I thought only McCain used that word) was weak, spineless "centrism". The independent voter, if given the choice between the snake and the jellyfish, will go for the snake every time regardless of how bad he is (know your enemy, at least) and the conservative vote sat out.

  15. As I noted in Super Sunday, Sarah was in DC this weekend to "test the waters" so to speak at the Alfalfa Dinner (were they serving Wagyu steak?). It was shamefully reported by AP-Obama that she was there to lobby Mitch McClueless to vote for the porkulus--and just-as-shamefully repeated by Fox News-Obama. Odds are she didn't meet with anybody else other than AK's congressional delegation.

    Most likely she was holding Barry's feet to the fire vis a vis infrastructure funds, which the slicksters are trying to hide inside the porkulus for political cover. Plus there's also some kind of furor that she didn't go to a House retreat, so since when do libs love GOP congressmen (who voted against their little porkulus) all the sudden?

  16. It's really great Sarah has a PAC. Now her issues can be taken seriously and addressed and even implemented where the power lay. I think it's important for Sarah not to play the party politics game and allow candidates who stand behind Sarah's issues to be able to be a receipient of the PAC regardless of party affiliation. I'm an Independent myself and also one of Sarah's prayer warriors in NY (now to be called prayer angel as I don't like the tone of the word warrior). So I will continue to pray for you Sarah. And I hope to drive again for your campaign in NY one day :-) All the best to you and your family. Love, Dawn

  17. Anyone ever killed precious man-minutes, er, went to Alaska Standard? What a joke!

    What "conservative" (quotation marks well-deserved) website would in their right mind ever link to HuffPo or nod to a progressive site? Sure, FR links to DU when there's a DUmmie FUnnieS post but I'm talking for real here.

    And yes, Andrew, if that is in fact you lurking on this site, I'm sure Sarah had you in mind when she talked about anonymous, pathetic bloggers (I'd add cowardly and trollish but that's enough)