Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today I'm Watching...Sarracuda!

...along with everyone else on the internet. This has got to be the best Palin interview I've seen yet, and it's only excerpts. Can't wait to see the rest (not to mention the documentary film that it will be folded into).


  1. I agree. One of her best interviews. I also really appreciated Ziegler's write up of his experience there. The Governor is the real deal. I'm looking forward to the documentary.

  2. it's interesting to think how things would have gone if sarah was african american


  4. Gelston, that's because the beauty comes from inside. The governor has so much genuine compassion and love of life and neighbor, that it emanates from her regardless of what she is wearing or kind of hair day she has. Since its her authentic self, its a quality that can never be turned off.

  5. Hi those are all great points on Gov. Palin. Sarah is by far the most authentic person in politics ever.No politican ever had to go through the stuff that Sarah did running for President ever. The MSM is still going after even though the election is over. Sarah has always handled it well. Sarah fought back at the press yesterday though.

  6. yall may or may not appreciate this picture but i found it quite comical.

  7. Hey, I've checked out your Sarah Palin blog. It's awesome! I made a video about her and I'm trying to get it out there. Do you think that you could mail it to the members of your group/blog and/or send it to as many pro-Palin people as possible? Thanks!


  8. "Saracuda" she is not. When she gives an interview to a liberal reporter and is successful then you can give her that title.

    You guys keep blaming the media for her short comings. No matter what questions were asked of her she screwed up. Why can't you say I read the Washington Post etc....?

    If you don't know anything about foreign policy don't tout some incoherent statement about Putin sneaking into Alaska and you keeping an eye on him.

    Other conservatives have been interviewed and scrutinized by the so-called "gotcha" media and they hold their own without whining about why they did not succeed.

    Look at Ann Coulter she gets right in the face of the MSM and shut them down without blinking a eye and still is a best selling author.

    I like Sarah Palin as a person, I think she has a lot of guts running for the VP spot. Let's be honest though she was nowhere near ready to run for that position hence the criticism.

    What she needs to do is stop doing interviews like the one above, and go back to the MSM and show them what she's got. She did well on CNN not so long ago. Go on MSNBC and show them you are capable.

    Either she is tough and can hang with the big boys or will she keep running to the far right nipple media outlets for support.

  9. if msnbc ever becomes a credible news source i'm sure she will go there

  10. even more so if they can manage to interview her on actual issues that relate to her job

  11. If every other conservative can go on there and stand up for their issues, why can't she? Stop making excuses cause you like her. When you have a weakness it stands out, and I'm sorry to say her's sure does guys.

    If they don't stay on the issues that relate to her job she can walk away or change the subject. That is what a person who knows how to interview does. People who know the issues are not afraid of criticism because they can back up what they are saying.

    She needs to reach audiences like MSNBC and CNN, although their ratings are not thru the roof their ideals and thinking are what made over 60 million people vote democratic.

    STOP MAKING EXCUSES....Right now that is all she can give.

  12. Also Scott, if Sarah would have been Black, she would not have been a candidate at all. Let's not use the race card, like being Black is now somehow an advantage. Mccain learned that when his adopted Indian daughter was used in those racist attacks by the Bush campaign in 2000. The sad thing is that they actually worked.

    What you should have asked is what if Mccain would have been smart and picked someone like Mitt Romney who would have bolstered his edge with the economy.

    Take Care everyone

  13. Hi Flavor Country. What about Obama's weakness? The MSM and MSNDC did go over the top on their treatment of Gov. Palin in this election. Attacking her about if she really is Trig's mom or Bristol being pregnant has alot to do with running for Vice-President. Careful editing by CBS made her look bad. She made mistakes in the election. Obama did to though. Obama said there are 57 states in the U.S.
    The election was won because of Bush being unpopular. Romney would not have changed that at all.

  14. Sarah did do a post election interview with Wolf Blitzer. It is hard to be more liberal than Wolf Blitzer. Sarah also has a job to do as Governor of Alaska right now.

  15. It is such a double standard that people are giving her grief over this interview - saying she should "let it go", etc., when all she is doing is countering the tireless vile that is being thrown her way on daily basis. We all know that any other democratic politician would be doing the same thing.

    The Sarahcuda claws are out, and rightly so. I can't wait to see the rest of the documentary.

    Adam, I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your new blog very much! As a 27 year old, you are giving me great reading material and facts to bone up on; I appreciate it! I wanted to let you know that I plugged your site on my blog, Conservatism for a Millenial - because I think it's an important place on the web. So, thanks!

  16. I never said Obama did a great job during the campaign. He had his gaffes along with the King of Gaffes Biden.

    But I know and you know that Mccain, Obama & Biden know life outside of their own state. Palin knows the government but only in the state of Alaska. I am not saying she is dumb or incapable, but she was and is still no where near ready to tackle Washington, yet.

    Maybe in four years, the only problem with that is the damage might have already be done. We all see after watching the post election interviews and stories that Mccain knew her weaknesses also. He was just gambling on her appeal to get him into the White House.

    All of this is a mute point now. Whether you voted for him or not Obama is the president so we all need to work together and try to fix this mess Clinton and Bush had a part in. All this Bush and Obama bashing does is make us looking like fools because we as a nation put them in office.

    As you can see I am a very center political person.

  17. Obama is a fraud. Obama did not know that Russia had veto power on the U.N. Security Council. He also did not know that Hezbollah was located in Lebanaon. Obama never did anything for the people of Illinois. Palin would make a great President.

  18. Just to stir the pot a bit, I'm going to agree with Flavor Country on most counts. While I didn't vote for Obama, it does not change the fact that in less than two weeks he will be POTUS and CIC of the Armed Forces. Whether I like his politics or not, he is due the honor and respect that this position warrants. Our soldiers in uniform will stand and salute in his presence, and uphold his laws and orders...we, as citizens, should do no less.

    As for the person/man of Obama, I can agree or disagree with his politics/policies, but as an ethical, moral person, I will not speak ill of a person...especially one I've never been aquainted with. We all get to vote again in four years and I think it would be a much better use of our time and talents to build up a canditate that we believe in, instead of tearing down the one we don't.

    Julie my $.02 worth.

  19. Oh, and as much as I love Sarah Palin, she does need to learn to interview better and know how to turn the conversation back to her talking points when faced by the opposition. I don't think too much damage was done this round, but she'll definately be better prepared in two years.

  20. The point I was trying to make is that Obama does not know everything about the world or government either. I accept that he is going to be President.I made that point because they always say that about Gov. Palin. How did the Liberals treat Bush the last 8 years though? They never treated Bush fairly and tore him apart.

  21. I appreciate your new website and enlightening posts, Adam. May G-d continue to direct your journey!

    Greetings, Palinistas----and others.

    Flavor Country:
    It was our economy's amazingly-sudden (therefore suspect) downturn that accounts for why McCain lost the election; before then, he'd overtaken Obama in every poll.

    Gov. Palin helped him retain the Republican conservative base. She admits that in the Couric and Gibson "interviews," she withheld information that would demonstrate the breadth of her knowledge because she felt frustrated with the rude questions of the "interviewers." (Imo, those "interviewers" acted like operatives for Obama-Biden....)

    Contrasted with MANY politicians, BOTH Obama and Palin weren't very experienced----which, frankly, accounts for most of their appeal to voters.

    Surely Obama is bright enough to realize that his often-criminal "friends" in power care only about retaining that power for themselves----and in their estimation, he's expendable. You know this, too, Flavor: you live in Machine City, which elevated Obama to power.

    I pray that Obama will find the courage to accomplish what's best (such as promoting interdependence instead of dependence), despite inevitably offending leftists.

  22. {{{{Just to stir the pot a bit, I'm going to agree with Flavor Country on most counts. While I didn't vote for Obama, it does not change the fact that in less than two weeks he will be POTUS and CIC of the Armed Forces. Whether I like his politics or not, he is due the honor and respect that this position warrants. Our soldiers in uniform will stand and salute in his presence, and uphold his laws and orders...we, as citizens, should do no less.

    As for the person/man of Obama, I can agree or disagree with his politics/policies, but as an ethical, moral person, I will not speak ill of a person...especially one I've never been aquainted with. We all get to vote again in four years and I think it would be a much better use of our time and talents to build up a canditate that we believe in, instead of tearing down the one we don't.}}}}}

    this isn't really the right way to look at it.. no power should be left unchecked regardless of the side. You're going to follow every single thing the man does regardless of how immoral and wrong it is? God's law is first and we are not bound to follow anything contrary.

  23. MOUNTAIN MOMMA....Yes she helped retain the republican base but lost him the independents and leaning democrats from the Hilary primary.

    The main problem I have with her is that she continues to pander to conservatives she already has. She needs to win the rest over. Hell go on Meet the Press, Do Bill O'Reilly, Face the Nation etc... Talking to someone like Ziegler does nothing to win over a lot of moderate conservatives and independents. He is a pure partisan Palin cheerleader.

    I notice when she says that she did not want to go back on Couric after the first part of the interview because it did not go well. That interview was not bias at all, name one question that was gotcha or bias.

    If she can't handle an interview to the point she does not want to return and finish, how would she handle serious issues in the White House or deal with a world leader?

    If you can't handle the MSM you can't begin to attempt to run and lead the country. If Katie Couric was asking some out of the line questions it's one thing but those were basic questions. What magazines, Supreme court decisions, foreign policy credentials, I don't see any tough ones. She drop the ball on all three questions.

    Once again I am not saying she is dumb or can never be in the White House, but 08' she was nowhere near ready. Take Care.


  24. I don't remember....
    Was President-Elect Obama on Bill O'Reilly anytime in the last year?

    Newsbusters was discussing thie weekend that we should stop using "MSM".
    Adam Brickley is now MSM.
    The title for Katie Couric may be "Old Media".

    What's the difference between the journalists at the Seattle PI and Governor Sarah Palin?
    Sarah has a job.
    I tell you, I get no respect...

  25. Hi Flavor Country. Sarah did not lose McCain independents or leaning Democrats. The election was lost because of the economy and Bush. Almost 1 out of 5 voters who voted for Bush in 2004 voted for Obama in 2008. It is very hard for a political party to remain in power for long periods of time.
    Couric kept badgering Sarah on the abortion issue because she does not like her stand on abortion. CBS carefully edited that interview to make Sarah look bad.

  26. Flavor Country, two components exist in every reporter's question:
    1) The content of the question
    2) The motivation for asking said question (ie. the context).

    Couric asked Palin questions whose content might have seemed innocent, but in fact she was being passive-aggressive. Couric's questions were RUDE, designed to demonstrate that Palin was NOT well read, and did NOT know anything substantive about the Supreme Court or foreign policy.

    Palin immediately saw past the fake-innocence of the content of Couric's (and Gibson's) questions, to the underlying RUDENESS of the motivation for asking such elementary questions----and so Palin admits she became somewhat flippant in her responses.

    Had Palin been a more seasoned politician accustomed to dealing with rude "Old Media" liberal reporters, Palin would have ignored the snotty motivation for the questions, and turned the questions back onto COURIC OR GIBSON, making it crystal clear that they were being arrogant----and Palin would have answered their questions to prove Palin's knowledge.

    Being a seasoned granter of interviews does NOT qualify anyone for being president, btw. If that were all that was necessary, a certain governor of Illinois would definitely qualify. (smile)

    Instead, what is of supreme importance is electing candidates who have a core set of values that will NOT CHANGE according to this or that poll! Obama and the Clintons do not qualify here at all....

    Anyway, those reporters and networks obviously aren't paid "operatives," but they are nevertheless just as devoted to helping liberal/progressive candidates succeed. Only Chris Matthews openly admits having this motivation.

    The situation with liberal reporters and conservative candidates is identical to dealing with passive-aggressive people: the content of their words might seem innocent, but the delivery and motivation conveys the Inner Snobbery toward conservative candidates.

    Passive-Aggressive Demonstration:
    Say this to yourself sweetly, as when you mean it truthfully: "I love that car!"
    Now say this to yourself when you HATE the car: "I LO-OVE that car!" That not-so-hidden message in your tone is: "What was he THINKING, to buy that ugly/gas-guzzling thing!?"
    Same words, completely different context/motivation. OBVIOUS in interviews, too....

    Oh, c'mon----this is silly. If reporters had DARED to use the snotty tone or haughty attitude with The One (ie. Obambi) that they used with Palin, they'd have been FIRED. REALLY! (Oh, really? REALLY!)

    Dearest Gelston: yes, we respect you. And yes, Obama was on O'Reilly. He did okay, but came off as equivocating, as usual.

    What the MSM and Flavor try hard to forget is how poorly Obama did on THE BEST and most fair interview of all: with "The Purpose-Driven Life" author, Pastor Rick Warren. There, Obama came off as BO-RING and overly-nuanced----and his staff knew it and was very concerned afterward.

    Flavor Country: Palin, as the VP candidate, DID agree to be "managed" by McCain's staffers, as is expected of and appropriate for all VP candidates. Those staffers did not allow her to appear on interviews where she would have been treated with respect---so quit blaming Palin.

    Btw, NBC deleted from the televised Couric interview the excellent responses which Palin gave. Such editing reflects their bias and motivation: to get rid of Palin.

    They're still at it, too....

    Mountain Mama
    (non-celebrity by choice)

  27. All great points Mountain Mama. The media in this country as always been very liberal but this year went to another extreme because of Obama. The media trashed Sarah because after the convention they saw her as a threat to the media's chosen one. Obama. The media loves Obama and will trash anyone who threatens Obama. They are still going after Sarah now.


    Mountain Momma--"Had Palin been a more seasoned politician accustomed to dealing with rude "Old Media" liberal reporters" --

    That is the only point I was trying to make. Whether the interviewer is bias or not you must maintain composure especially if you want to be Vice President. Her short time in the spotlight was a audition. Obama had his early on. You have to admit he was scrutinized left and right. Clinton loving media were on him along with the right and their smears. He had been in the nation's eye for over a year running for office.

    She was only at it for two months, and once again my only point is she was not ready for it. Bias media or not, she did not handle it well.

    If the media has so much power and influence over what Americans do or think Bush would not have won two terms in office. The democrats would have had control of the house for longer than the past two years.

    I know you are not swayed by the media and neither am I. People morals and beliefs are a lot stronger than what Olbermann, Matthews or any other liberal media can say.

    If the republican party would have had the right people in place as their candidate, it would have been a different story.

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  30. The media has made it very clear that the only interview we are supposed to reference is the Couric interview. That one, even the Governor states did not go well. The media will sometimes throw in the Gibson interview as well.
    What the media is hoping we all forget is that by the end of the 2 months she was the most available to the media of any of the candidates. She was also an incredibly effective campaigner, even media members admitted that. I wish people would look at some of the other interviews she did particularly towards the end. You will hear liberals say again and again "she can't name what she reads." Well, she answered that and other Couric questions in an interview with Carl Cameron not long after. Another piece that the media really does not talk about and hopes we all forget is the debate.
    Also the more that she was able to be herself the better she performed.

  31. Excellent points, Manajordan! NO candidate was as scripted as Obama....

  32. it's almost funny hearing someone from the left say that, now that we have a new president we should stand by him and build him up rather than tear him down... don't they realize the hypocrisy in that statement? where was that sentiment the last 8 years?

  33. anyone remember who our incoming vice president is? just a thought

  34. It was said by the British writer who compared her to Dame Thatcher that Sarah had 4 major tests, the introduction in Dayton, the convention acceptance speech, the Biden debate and the Saturday Night Live show. In each of those she exceded expectations by a wide margin.
    Did she do well considering that she is in her early 40's and new on the national scene? You betcha! No one else in a generation has brust on the scene as brilliantly.

  35. Oh, Scott----Old Joe is just bidin' his time....
    (yuck yuck)

    Wasn't it wonderful today to see Bush finally share his outrage and frustration with those liberal reporters!? Someday, after the terrorism reports are declassified and the MSM learns how Bush's security measures saved us from more horrific attacks, I hope they apologize to President Bush for their relentless hostility and bias.

    (Okay, I know:
    fat chance.

  36. Well said gelston. Those are the things that the media does not talk about. I'm all for the Governor taking the media to task these days. I was pleased to see the president today. I do believe history will see Bush in a more favorable light. Mountainmama it would be lovely to see the MSM apologize :)

  37. Scott--"it's almost funny hearing someone from the left say that, now that we have a new president we should stand by him and build him up rather than tear him down... don't they realize the hypocrisy in that statement? where was that sentiment the last 8 years?"

    I am assuming you were meaning me. I am not a liberal nor conservative but a free thinker. I voted for George Bush twice. I voted majority republican in my state minus a few. I have given Bush credit where it is due and criticized him when he has deserved it.

    I am anti-abortion although, I don't I have the right to tell someone what they can do with their bodies. I think homosexuality is immoral, but I am not a judge of man God is and I leave it at that. I think torture is necessary in some circumstances, but Gitmo existence goes against what we stand for. I can go on and on with my views. I am neither conservative or liberal, I am American.

    For some insane reason we use the term American less than the terms liberal or conservative and that's scary.

    We battle each other on issues like we are at Civil War.

    When I criticized Palin, I was not criticizing the republican party, but her readiness for the position she was running for.

    (Gelston) The same things you praise her for, you belittle Obama on. Her speeches and campaigning and some other interviews other than the Couric one. Both her and Obama are in their forties and have been on the scene a short time. Both were effective in their roles during the campaign (minus the interviews for Palin, and Obama with Rick Warren thing). With Palin being on the stage and so new (only a couple of months) she was under a larger microscope than the other candidates because they had already been on the scene.

    I have no problems with conservatives, once again as you all can read in my previous comments, I only was saying Palin was not ready for the big stage fully, but did make a splash for the future.

  38. My comment before this was my last on this subject. I look forward to debating with everyone in the future.

    Again I appreciate the respectful debating that we had.

    Take Care,

    Flavor Country

  39. Thank YOU, too, Flavor Country, for staying polite. We Palinistas obviously disagree with your view that Gov. Palin's being new at dealing with the (vicious) national media disqualified her from serving as VP. We also believe that Obama's supposed brilliance does NOT override serious concerns about his character and associations. Thanks for being open to conservatism.

    One quick comment, though: pro-lifers aren't "telling women what to do with their bodies." Instead, we're advocating for the rights of the innocent, voiceless bodies growing WITHIN pregnant women. We believe the unborn are full human beings and thus citizens, so it is fair that the government protect those innocent citizen's lives, while taking into account the mothers' situation.

    Most pro-lifers, btw, believe abortion is allowable in cases of rape and incest, even if pro-lifers would choose not to have abortions in those circumstances (which is Palin's position).

    Wow, Hillary looks TIRED in today's confirmation hearings. And it's creepy how supportive Condi Rice is of Hillary and Bill----that she sees NO conflict between Hillary's future work as S.O.S. and his receiving enormous contributions from hostile nations. Is Condi angling for work in the coming administration, or what's the deal?

  40. well i'll just put my neck out there on this one.. i'm in the pro life pool of people who believe that life begins at conception. That by the cooperating act of 2 people, it is then that God steps in creating the soul.. that didn't come out right but basically it's that life begins at conception and only God is the author of life.. it is no one's place to take it away once He has willed for it to be there, regardless of the sin involved. To do so is murder of God's creation. A child may be conceived in "sin", but it is not the child's fault, and God loves the child, has given it a soul and life. This is why abortion is such a terrible evil in this county and the world.. it's 'infanticide'. Unborn children who have been created by the unfortunate circumstance of a rape etc.. are no less alive and created by God than any other child of a good marriage. I know this belief differs by faith.

  41. Scott,

    Does your faith allow any exceptions at all?

    I have a great deal of difficulty with a position that prohibits abortion even in a case where it is necessary to save the life of the mother. I also wonder about your position on ectopic pregnancy. Based on your belief, a fertilized egg that is implanted outside of the uterus is a "child." Would your faith allow doctors to terminate such a pregnancy?

    I think abortion is a tremendously complicated issue.

  42. I agree with you, Scott----as, evidently, does Sarah Palin----that a human being's life begins at conception. However, many believers, including some well-known preachers, hold that the mother's claim to life takes precedence over the unborn child's claim, in cases of extreme trauma (incest/rape) or risk of death to the mother (ectopic pregnancies, and also another condition, eclampsia: toxemia with seizures).

    Most Americans believe that, unless there is a legitimate health problem (toxemia, eclampsia, etc.), mothers should get an abortion in the first trimester OR let the child live and give it up for adoption.

    After seeing what a second-trimester fetus goes through to survive outside the womb (as our son did), I definitely know it would be far more humane to deliver a preemie and withhold oxygen from it, rather than to scald it to death with a saline solution abortion, or perform a gruesome partial-birth abortion. But any of these measures are still murder: killing an innocent. People simply feel more comfortable about UNSEEN murder in the womb. Mothers, however, reportedly feel their fetuses writhing in pain during saline abortions. How awful....

    Statistically up to 75% of women feel pressured by their spouses or boyfriends to get abortions. It's unfair to ignore this factor about the abortion issue: it isn't just women and the unborn who are involved in the abortion process.

  43. Abortion is a very complicated issue. I'm definitely pro-life myself, though I believe that in cases where the life of the mother is in jeopardy it should be considered. In cases of rape/incest where there has been such trauma, I would counsel the mother to consider if it would be more traumatic to carry the baby to term or to have an abortion. I think that the answer is very individual and should be left up to the person to decide. I am a mental health counselor by profession and have worked with individuals who have grappled with these difficult decisions. It can be heartbreaking.
    However, cases of the mother's life being threatened and rape/incest are in the significant minority when it comes to abortions performed in the U.S.
    In a time when responsibility is becoming less and less the norm abortion I think is the worst example of this trend.
    On a different note. I've realized that the media has become the new big oil. There might someday be a book titled "Sarah Palin takes on the Media." I hope she is as successful. The media are certainly all whining about her calling them out.

  44. You know, Obama wouldn't go on On The Record or Hannity and Colmes. He said it wouldn't be in his best interest or something to that effect. Biden had an interview in Fl. where he got upset when asked a question and refused to do more or allow his wife to do her scheduled interview. They have both been on the national scene longer than Sarah, but nobody says they should do interviews with people who have strongly opposing views or are out to make them look bad (Couric and Gibson). People aren't saying they're not ready for the national scene because they don't do those interviews. We have no idea how they would have done in a negative interview because they won't do them (well, Biden just didn't answer before quitting). They might not have done any better in that environment than Sarah did with Couric or Gibson. Yet nobody is calling for them to do these interviews.

  45. Early on many pundits predicted a Clinton-Giuliani match-up. We all know how that worked out.

    Obama was not an early favorite but he earned every single vote that he received. You mentioned two programs that Obama did not appear on but he did make himself readily available to the media and he was thoroughly vetted by time the November election rolled around. His message was consistent and he steadily gained the support of enough voters to win the election..

    Governor Palin faced a very different challenge, She was a new face for the Republicans and she dazzled the base with her convention speech but I think she failed to win over many others. No matter the number, the Republicans lost and Governor Palin's approval ratings steadily declined.

    Palin and her supporters can blame 'the media," Katie Couric, "patheitic bloggers" or whomever for her national image. The bottom line is Governor Palin herself must step up and earn our votes if she wants to win a national election.

  46. And she can do that the same way Obama did--use favorable (or at least not unfavorable) media. Obama felt no need to do interviews he felt would not be favorable (and if he had, he might not have done as well as he did when interviewed only by those who support him). There's no need for Sarah to do unfavorable interviews, either. Nobody was whining about Obama not doing On The Record or Hannity and Colmes--no reason for Sarah to do CNN or MSNBC, either (and if she chooses to, she should require that the entire interview be aired, not their edited version). Or is this yet another double standard of liberals?

  47. was Senator Obama ever on Rush Limbaugh, in front of his 20 million listeners?

  48. But Sarah did do two CNN interviews when she was at the Republican Governor's Association meeting 10 days after the election: a remote with Larry King and a sit-down with Wolf Blitzer.

    Still haven't seen Obama and Fox. And apparently some in the press pool don't even bother to raise their hands anymore because they know he won't call on them.

    So why is the media covering for him? Could it be because they're covering for him?? And will do so no matter what he does?

  49. President-Elect Obama appeared with both O'Reilly and Chris Wallace on Fox. I guess you missed them.

    I think it's great that Governor Palin did two CNN interviews but I think she'll have to do a lot more if she hopes to attract more supporters. I think the ball is in her court.

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  51. (I guess the only way one can delete one phrase out of a post is to delete the whole thing, then re-post, so that's what I'm doing)

    Gelston said...(1/12/09 @ 7:30 AM) Adam Brickley is now MSM.

    He's not a blogger any more? I thought this was his new blog.

    What's the difference between the journalists at the Seattle PI and Governor Sarah Palin? Sarah has a job.

    And reports are, she's not been doing it.

    In mid-December in the middle of the workday Friday, she was in Nordstroms in Anchorage requesting her new clothes be altered. She won't revise the 2010 AK budget request to reflect the severe drop in AK oil prices.

    And for that interview with John Ziegler, she was in her Wasilla home instead of in her Anchorage gubernatorial office on Monday morning January 5 (why couldn't they have done the interview during the previous weekend, when her time is her own and not the state's?).

    Alaska natives and rural villagers including small children in the far north of Alaska are starving, running out of fuel, and have no money because the salmon season was too short, the fuel barges couldn't get through the ice because of the "cold snap", and fuel costs 4x what it costs in the Big City.

    What is Sarah Palin doing about it? Nothing. Her administration told the people who asked her specifically for help that their situation was not an "emergency" and didn't qualify for state assistance. However, she DID assign her state AG to "evaluate" the situation.

    But the "anonymous bloggers" Palin castigated in that Ziegler interview decided there was no time to "evaluate", so they took it upon themselves to raise money and send it to one village in most severe need -- the story is now in the MSM.

    Sarah Palin's MO is to take credit for positive things others have done, and by this time tomorrow (Friday) she will do exactly that -- the subcabinet she appointed to review rural Alaska problems which hasn't met since last October will FINALLY meet tomorrow to discuss the problems the "anonymous bloggers" have already taken action on.

  52. Kajo,
    Thank you for your comments.
    The north coast of oregon is so pretty. My wife is in Tillamook today. I guess the temperatures have been in the 50s and the winds have been light. She found two floats on 1/13/2009, after the storms.
    I hope things are OK were you are, also.
    All my best,

  53. Kajo,
    One more thing, one of our friends has a cam of the Pacific Ocean which I adore. There's the link for you. Enjoy!!!

  54. We'll never know the real story of the whole Sarah/Katie debacle. I'm looking back on it now and thinking that maybe Sarah was just "onioning" her way thru the whole interview. Maybe out of annoyance for the dumb questions, maybe out of annoyance with McCain and his team of losers, maybe just out of disrespect for Katie in general. In which case, I don't blame her for any of the three.

    Speaking of which, the next time CBS has the Super Bowl (next year?), let Nantz and Simms roam the sidelines and put Katie and Letterman in the booth. They know everything!

    Who honestly cares about who we were talking about for the presidential run four years ago? For one, Hillary was a Senator (most times a dead end) and really only had one thing going for her; while Rudy was really only known as the mayor of you-know-what, rather than the mayor who cleaned up NYC

    As a former resident of the second-most liberal city on the West Coast (behind SF), I'm THRILLED the P-U is going the way of the Sonics--now if only Starbucks would do the same so that lousy O-bot Howard Schultz who sold four decades of history down the dustbin, can go with them.

    Don't worry about Sarah not being in office, because O-bot sens Kim Elton (he of Troopergate fame) and Beth Kerttula and their new pal, the Keith Olbermann-lookalike Bob Poe are going to come save the day and give Alaskans the government (and more and more of it) they deserve!

    Really, I've been to AK twice and never been to Juneau, didn't think I could get there. Notice the libs, er, progressives complaining about losing the capitol that THEY control. Anchorage is no bastion of conservatism, but it's a heckuva lot more balanced. Besides, it just makes better sense. Class, name how many of our capitols are in small towns that require three sherpas and a mountain goat to get to. That'd be like Pullman being the capital of WA.

    And Sarah's numbers have gone up with indys since the election, don't worry (49-41 last I checked). You win independents by fighting back (Reagan), not by being wishy-washy (McCain).

  55. Speaking of which, if the villagers are having such problems surviving and no supplies can get through then what is Sarah seriously supposed to do? What, just wave a magic wand? Become the Messiah like Barry? What is this, Total Recall and Vilos Kohagen's starving the people out of air just so he can get Ah-nie?

    See, a few months back we had a fire burn half the Spokane Valley, which btw was an arson but the local media wanted to run it as a "Firestorm '08" (cause one of the stations--KHQ--is owned by the same company that owns the Spokane Communist, er, Spokesman Review--famously described by HST as the second worst newspaper in the country). Conveniently, ChrisCo flew right over here, she was at a firefighting seminar in Moses Lake, and "saved the day" (for some reason I can't remember her actually DOING anything). In a real shocker (sarc), the S-R endorsed her over Rossi and we ended up taking a sledgehammer to our conservative reputation once and for all by being the only county in E WA to vote for her.

    As I mentioned, this doofus Bob Poe's gonna be the one to save the day. I wish him all the success in running against Sarah that the past three losers who have run against CMR have had (of course once we go full-tilt blue that's coming to end I'm sad to report) .

  56. Actually, if the native children are starving, it is a federal and not a state issue.
    I guess our friend from the exclusive, upper class, well to do, prestigious Cannon Beach, Orygun, meant to complain about President Bush and not Gov. Palin.

  57. Kajo,
    I talked to my wife last night. It was 60 degrees again yesterday on the Orygun Coast, where you live. You are having great weather while they freeze in the North East.

    Josh Painter printed a list today on what Sarah has done since the election ended. I though you would enjoy it:

    ""Since returning to Alaska from the campaign trail, she has met with her legislature's leaders, presented a budget, signed a pipeline agreement, appointed commissioners and board members, announced her health care priorities, met with the president-elect to discuss her energy concerns, helped restore a major airline's service to one of her state's airports, created a rural subcabinet, announced the intention of her administration to support an oil company's petition to a federal appeals court to allow exploration in the Beaufort Sea, taken steps to keep a key Alaska refinery open, welcomed international diplomats to her state, helped celebrate 50 years of Alaska statehood, warned against loading the president-elect's stimulus package with earmarks, issued a challenge to adding the beluga whale to the list of endangered species to keep the federal government from restricting economic development in the Cook inlet area, and supported her congressional delegation in its opposition to proposed federal legislation which would close off ANWR to drilling. Gov. Palin has been preparing for the start of Alaska's legislative session and working on the State of the State address she will deliver in less than two weeks.""

    And she became a grandmother.
    I hope you appreciated Josh's work.

  58. Here's a great article on the Bush administration from Australia:


  59. Could Kajo actually be Mark Begich, who was last heard bemoaning Sarah for lack of government cheese? To his credit, he's with Sarah on ANWR legislation, sponsored by that dummy Lieberman (I remind everyone who still likes McCain that THIS is who he originally wanted for VP).

    And just yesterday, she announced energy goals for her state. Now compare and contrast this with my* lousy gov ChrisCo. Admittedly WA is a different beast than AK but that doesn't mean I wouldn't rather have SP running my state, especially in light of the "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" (thank you Ronnie) example I posted last night.

    *-make that "our", seeing that I'm definitely not alone in suffering from Evergreen State BLUES

  60. 12th man,
    You mentioned Pullman as the state capitol. Please don't forget that the original plan was for Yakima to be the WA capitol, but the westsiders won at the last minute and changed the plan to Olympia. There is an area in Yakima still called capitol hill, where the building was to have been erected.

  61. Oh I didn't, I just mentioned Pullman becuase it's similar to Juneau location-wise, you can get to Yakima.

  62. (Not) unbelievable the outcry from the leftist dummies, especially on the McClatchy-owned ADN blogs.

    The EPA, who's been in bed with the left for YEARS, is the reason why heating oil costs are so high. Where's the anger towards them?

    Was it a coincidence that Sarah renewed the call for ANWR the same week this happened? So don't tell me she's not being proactive here. That even might be why she's going on with Glenn Beck!

    Liberals have mastered the guilt trip, so that, if there's a leftist media storm (and you know there will be, I incorrectly guessed that Katrina would be politicized in three days, it was two), Sarah's in a no-win situation here. Either she caves in and pours money into what from all accounts is a bottomless hole or she's seen as Marie Antoinette. Interestingly enough, they would have LOVED ChrisCo flying over here for her photo-op after the Valleyview fire (whatever happened to that arson investigation anyway?) as their allies at the S-R/P-U and their HuffPo blogs did.

    So who's playing politics here again?

  63. In response to you, Gelston (@ 8:28 PM 1/16/09) re: starving children being a state vs. federal issue:

    If the Native children are starving NOW, it's a state issue. You know, dire emergency?

    Who's in place with the equipment, the tools, the personnel, the supplies and the short distance, the Feds? Or the state -- Ms. Sarah Palin and her National Guard, or whoever else she has "evaluating" this ? Did Rick Perry fiddle and "evaluate" when Hurricane Gustav cut a swath through Texas? No, he had plans in place before the hurricane hit east Texas, and he cancelled plans to attend the RNC.

    Or maybe she should call Pres-on-his-way-out-the-door-but-still-Pres. Bush to mobilize the Air Force at Elmendorf -- the Alaskan Command has a mandate to "Integrate military activities within Alaska to maximize the readiness of theater forces. Expedite deployment of forces from and through Alaska in support of worldwide contingencies. Serve as the joint task force (JTF) headquarters for protection of critical infrastructure AND COORDINATION OF MILITARY ASSISTANCE TO CIVIL AUTHORITIES (MACA)."

    See? All she had to do yesterday before she went home to Wasilla was ask Bush for a little help.

    Of course, along with the requests for state emergency help in October 2008, there's also a letter from July 2008 from her outgoing (fired) state commissioner Walt Monegan warning her of just this "perfect storm" of weather, natural resources, and fuel to endanger western Alaskans. She evidently ignored the letter because her replacement Rural Advisor was never hired, and her state AG never called meetings of her subcabinet.
    (P.S. I don't actually live in Cannon Beach. You surely don't think I'd tell you where I really lived, do you? Trust me, I ain't one of those 2 home rich weekenders from Portland)

    (P.P.S. I should send you a copy of a picture I took Christmas Eve here on the north Oregon coast, when the snow was 6" deep)

    (P.P.P.S.) Have YOU seen a picture of Palin's "grandchild"? Trig is all over the AK state official website, but NO ONE has seen a picture of Tripp. No one. You'd think a proud grandma who has her own kid on the state website would put her grandkid there too.

  64. Gelston,
    I got a kick out of your inclusion of Josh Painter's description of what Sarah Palin has done since the election (he left out the turkey slaughter interview):

    Can you say "figurehead"? Signings, appointments, handshaking, sweettalking the DofHLS (of all agencies!) to enhance AK tourism, announcing "intentions", and removing all infrastructure requests except those related to the not-yet-started gas line from the Fed. stimulus package ("fiscal conservatism"). Ever Google-Earth roads in Alaska? They need more than just the ones that serve pipelines and large cities. Bridges, too.

    I got a look at that 15-year-plan energy program Palin just announced - someone else's name is all over the 245 page document.

    She didn't "create a rural subcabinet" -- it'd BEEN IN PLACE, the Advisor quit in October (while Palin was on the campaign trail, running things from her Blackberry), and she hasn't filled the position after 3 months (in fact, she's used the salary money to get some extra help in her PR department).


    12th man, I understand Chris Gregoire was in Iraq (or was it Iran) when the floods were hampering travel up and down I-5 in Chehalis and up in Sno. County. Did she delegate her Lt. Gov. to take action? (I'm seriously asking, I don't keep up with WA news as much as I used to).

    Actually Pullman isn't a good comparison to Juneau, technically speaking.

    I'd compare Bremerton to Juneau. If you want to get to The Big City from Bremerton without taking 8 hours to do it, you take a ferry. Same with getting from Here to There out of Juneau; your options are ferries, or planes.

  65. Reading over some of the other entries here in the past few days, I have a question for gooddogs:

    If Sarah Palin -- say she's declared her candidacy for 2012 national office -- is interviewed solely by FoxNEWS (GVS or Hannity-w/o-Colmes), how do her conservative "base" supporters think she's going to get her message out to the moderate Republicans and Independents whom she'd need to vote for her, if they don't watch FoxNEWS?

    Shouldn't she actually BE interviewed by CNN and MSNBC so that she's reaching a broader audience?

    Otherwise, the popular vote for her is going to more closely resemble that of Ralph Nader than John McCain, to name 2 candidates who appeared on progressive or mainstream media outlets.

    I'd laugh a lot if she expects conservative "base" bloggers to get her message out. I guess they're not "lazy, anonymous, pathetic bloggers" if they're on her side.

  66. Hi KaJo. Gov. Palin did go on CNN after thelection with both Larry King and Wolf Blitzer. She also went on the Today show with Matt Lauer on NBC after the election. Sarah was treated unfairly by the media. I saw a fox news poll that even 40% of DEmocrats thought the media was unfair towards her. Sarah is not just talking about bloggers but some of the MSM>

  67. You know, here's something to consider about our good ol' friends in the media, I was thinking about it for a few hours Sat night.

    Remember Bush's line about the elites being his base from the Alfred Smith dinner back in 2000? (If the whole election this time around was based on it we'd be inaugurating McCain on Tuesday)

    I talk to Obots all the time that "remember" that quip, but weren't aware that it was from the Smith dinner! I actually had someone tell me he thought it was a speech he made at one of his country club banquets in 2002. Of course he probably didn't know that Obama was a state senator when he spoke out against Iraq (and obviously his opposition wouldn't have carried any real weight), I know plenty others who didn't know that. Hmmmmm, and I wonder who's not informing them here, have any clue?

    It'll be harder for Sarah to inform the masses when CNN, MSNBC, Charlie, and Katie are doing their best to fill the Chris Matthews' vacuum of nightly Obasm that's for sure. But it can be done.

    BTW KaJo, looks like you've got all the talking points from HuffPo and the left-wing AD(D)N bloggers down, I'll go you one better on ChrisCo. A couple weeks back she was in DC on "official business" right around the time that B-Rich had a little matter to attend to (them ethics), we were secretly hoping that Barry would pick her for that post instead, but alas, it wasn't to be.

    Bremerton would be more of a comparison to Juneau as far as the ferry goes, but it's still right across from Seattle. I picked Pullman cause A)I live in Eastern WA (proximity), B)like Juneau it's tucked away in the SE part of the state--although I guess I could have used the not-nearly-as-populous Asotin, and C)has its issues getting there as well, only really dependable road getting there is US 195 (which actually bypasses it).

  68. BTW something left out in the Pullman/Juneau comparison, would actually apply to the natives here too. SR 27 is essentially the only road that connects Tekoa, Oakesdale, Fairfield, Rockford, Palouse, Latah and all the other small towns between Pullman and Spokane. It's also frequently closed during the winter for accumulating snow over the road, as are a lot of the side boonie roads. It's called, wait for it, wait for it, WINTER. Do we need a freaking handout (or bailout I guess I could call it) every time this happens?

  69. 12th man,

    I learned some interesting things last night. I emailed a free lance writer I know who is writing on the right to die. He confirmed what I read.
    The money for the right to die initiative (#1000) here in Washington State came from George Soros
    Mr. Soros also funded the legalized marijuana bill in the Old Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
    Is that wrong? Was I informed that this was an out-of-state funded initiative? The answer to both is “No”.
    Ann Coulter taught me that Soros worked for the Nazis in WW II. Did you know that one of the main people in the Dem party was formerly a Nazi? And that they sent monies to WA to pass bills they favored?
    One Dem leader was in the KKK. One was a Nazi. Say what?

    I love you already!!!!
    Please stay with us!
    We really are a loveable bunch of fuzz balls.

    Now that I know you are not from Cannon Beach, I can picture you at Happy Camp in Netarts. But I know that the nicest place to stay on the Oregon coast is the Oceanside Inn after a meal at Rosanna’s, the last hippie place from the 60s.

    Didn’t you love it when President Clinton spoke at the Tillamook Ice Cream Factory? That was probably his dream campaign stop for Hillary.

    Seriously, I wish Mr. Obama all the best.

  70. josh painter had one of his best entries ever:


  71. I just hope that now that Barry's going to the big house, er, White House, he'll actually take the time to learn where Hanford is if he hasn't already--it's pretty important. Between that and him not bothering to show up here during the Dem primary (Michelle, who was probably discovering her pride in her country for the first time somewhere along I-90, came instead, and to the Fox to boot), I'm disgusted at how many O-bots we have.

    Then again all the Seattle libbies are being stabbed in the back by all those
    "progressives" they love so much and bringing their liBS over here, so I shouldn't really be surprised. I am really considering a new residence in AK (not just cause of Sarah, but it doesn't hurt).