Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things I've Learned Since Launching This Blog

I thought I knew a lot of things about blogging from the "Draft Palin" Experience, but I guess there are some things you only learn by experience - consider the following:

1. If you are in the process of house hunting and/or moving, that is not a good time to launch a new blog

2. It might also be a bad idea to start a blog while changing jobs.

3. If you are going to announce a series of ten columns, make sure you've already written at least a few of them.

Oh well, I guess we all learn something every day, and I'm now in a good position to get back to regular blogging. Also, now that this thing had been up for a little while, I would definitely appreciate some honest feedback on the content. I realize that I can get a little obscure in my subject matter at times, but I'm trying to keep a good mix going. I will guarantee that, come hell or high water, The "10 Names" Series will be finished (namely because I already have the all the graphics made - and there are a few U.S. People on the list that I definitely want to talk about and think you will be interested in). That said, it might not be an everyday thing, becasue cranking out full columns every night can be hard (especially since my real job entails a good bit of writing).


    don't forget to vette the people you write about.
    It's not good to see that Mr. Geithner at the Treasury has failed to complete his IRS returns.

  2. Right, as always, Gelston! And the woman who will head the Justice Department has also pulled some financial fast ones.
    Enjoy this article about dear Hillary:


    She is still scary....

  3. I learned to have a good virus protection when starting a blog. I guess we all are learning.

  4. Adam,
    Have you thought about following Rush Limbaugh's example and having an "open thread Friday"?
    It is just a way for you to let your readers discuss anything they want while you are moving the furniture.
    It might also give you some ideas on topics to write about that you had not considered.

  5. Oooh..I like the idea of Open Thread Friday. I'll second that idea. Then Adam will always have an idea of what reader want to discuss.

  6. I like the open thread idea. Glenn Beck announced on his show this morning that Governor Palin will be his first guest on his new TV program on fox. That will be on Monday 7:00 EST.

  7. We all better doublecheck the listings before that Beck program. I heard it was to air at 5 pm eastern time. Glenn and Sarah...we DON'T want to miss it!

  8. Thanks for correcting that LT, it is 5:00.