Friday, January 23, 2009

MSM Calls in Hit on Sen. Gillibrand

I am absolutely fascinated (and flabbergasted) by some of the media coverage of today's appointment of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Apparently, our friends at MSNBC are not longer sucking up to anyone with a Democratic Party affiliation. or a left-leaning record. Instead, they are demanding absolute ideological purity. In the video above, Chris Matthews goes a full 11 minutes without saying one nice word about New York's new Senator. Instead, he spent the whole time on the fact that Gillibrand happens to be staunchly pro-gun. He seemed genuinely angry that Gov. David Paterson had the gall to select someone who didn't to toe the left-wing line on every single issue.

I can understand why his first guest, Rep. McCarthy (D-NY), feels the way she does about Sen. Gillibrand - she has a personal stake in the gun issue. However, Matthews conduct is inexcusable for someone who fancies himself a journalist (not that this is anything new...he just doesn't usually do it to fellow liberals).

Obviously, I'm not a Gillibrand supporter, but I do think she will be interesting to watch in the Senate. First, I want to see if the media can stomach a genuine moderate, or if they decide to give her the Sarah Palin treatment. Second, I'm intrigued to see how much of a "Blue Dog" she is now that she's under a microscope.

Something tells me that Kirsten Gillibrand is either going to become our favorite Democrat in the Senate or the biggest flip-flopper in American politics. The question is whether she chooses the path of least resistance or sitcks to her principles.


  1. the Palin like attacks from the Old Media on Kristen will be interesting to watch.
    Remember PUMAs?
    I have a feeling that some ladies will watch one of their sisterhood under attack, and they will take notice. Also read hillbuzz for their updates.
    I would think that this is a good time for the GOP to be supportive of a well qualified senator.

    By the way, Rep Gillibrand has less experience than Sarah.
    But Kirsten is Magna cum Laude from an Ivy League School (Dartmouth).

  2. Chris Matthews often becomes hostile toward people who vary from his beliefs. What a brat he is, to suggest that Gillibrand has been WORKING for the NRA, just because she agrees with that group about our right to bear arms.

    Meanwhile, Fox News reported today that Gov. Palin has asked her state to reduce spending by at least 7%. The report noted that the state receives over 80% of its revenues from the oil industry, which has experienced an economic hit with the lower gas prices----but think how the high revenues percentage informs us about how courageous Gov. Palin was to take on that industry, and WIN!

  3. You know, I always wondered how AK ever survived with oil at $10-$20/barrel. How can there be any shortfall whatsoever (at least this year) if there was essentially a "1 1/2 times surplus" when oil peaked last summer? What, did Lisa Murkowski dispatch a couple of her dad's old operatives to Juneau to raid the coffers?

    I'm just amazed from reading the ADD (ADN) blogs that AK has so many libs, or so they claim.

    As for Matthews, only on MSNBC would this clown still be on the air. For all of FOX's so-called bias (Beck is HARDLY a GOP water carrier); between Matthews, Olbermann (Countdown To No Ratings), MEE-ka, Dan Abrams there's enough leftist slant there to give Harry Reid an 86 rating from the ACU!

  4. And it's not like she's all that conservative. She's in favour of same-sex "marriage", has a perfectly pro-abortion voting record and has a lifetime rating of EIGHT from the ACU.

  5. You gotta understand though, Scoop Jackson (who was essentially yesterday's Joe Lieberman) from my state would be considered a right-wing zealot to these losers. You know, Sarah's probably right when she implies that Olby, Matty, and everyone else at MSNBC and CNN get their "newsbits" from DU(mmies), Ko(ok)s, and Huff(com)Po, and so on. After all, sounds like it to me.

  6. Correction: take out the 'probably'

  7. 12thMan. I to was amazed at all the liberals on the ADN blogs. I think that alot of them are Obots from out of state. Speaking of MSDNC. Chris Mathews took a shot at Gov. Palin questioning her literacy.
    Mountain Mama. You are right I believe Gov. Palin is a courageous women.She took on the oil industry because she thought it was the right thing to do. That is why i both love and respect her. She is not afraid of anything.

  8. I am certainly not a one issue voter, but it is very telling that some Democrats don't want Gillibrand in the Senate because of her stance on gun control. This is despite her mostly liberal voting record on every other issue. More and more, I understand how serious they really are about taking away our 2nd Amendment rights.

  9. a good article from politico on Kristen:

  10. Good news Obama Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Obama book has ********finally******* been released and is available from "the history company" with a minimum purchase of (ONLY) ten copies.

    It is described as ""It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times.""

    Didn't Chairman Mao have a little red book during the Cultural revolution?

  11. I second Damian. The gun issue is about the only issue she is conservative on, and in fact, she's quite liberal even for Democrats on hot-button issues equalled only by Obama himself. But given the really outrageous things that have been going on in the media, chances are that they are just trying to push her in line on this issue, not that they really don't like her. Sounds like all the outrage is pretty fishy to me, perhaps to distract from her liberalism as well?

    Chris Matthews is another subject altogether. He's got a mouth that doesn't quit, and I guess someone somewhere thinks that's a good thing.

    I saw the Mao-like book, but even more interesting and aggravating is the Michelle Obama snapout on CNN over the Malia and Sasha dolls. Oh, please stop the drama. Teddy Roosevelt had a toy bear named after him, and it has become an endearing and beloved symbol of our nation and toy that has impacted children for decades. Is it really that bad?

  12. This is way off the track, i know, but I found a very interesting story. Israel found enough natural gas to keep itself supplies for 15 years:

  13. Gelston, you're a treasure. Now, if Israel can just figure out a way to survive in the next 15 years....
    Isn't that ole terrorist Khaddafi odd, to suggest that the Jews would possibly survive if they relocated to a large Pacific island. Ri-ight.... as though radical Islamists would leave the Jews alone.
    Just another Final Solution that won't work, because it inhibits G-d - given FREEDOM! Jews are FREE to live wherever they choose, interacting commercially and socially, just as other human beings can.

  14. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I forgot to give you the link to the Obama Book (just in case you doubted the existance of such a great book):

    Please don't forget "It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times."

    I wonder if they mean a citizen of Kenya?

    "Read... at all times"??? Please don't use your cell phone and drive, too

  15. Mountain Mama, I read your long and heartfelt enter on abortion. So here is an Obama quote for you:

    SENATOR OBAMA: ""I've got two daughters, 9 years old and 6 years old. I'm going to teach them first of all about values and morals but if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby.""

    Don't forget a baby is really a punishment.

  16. "Tbone said...

    12thMan. I to was amazed at all the liberals on the ADN blogs. I think that alot of them are Obots from out of state"

    Bad as as ADN is, at least we know the enemy. The pro-Murkowski Alaska Standard is almost worse, it's essentially David Frum's new equally lousy 'New Majority' site. It's telling how amazing Sarah's rise was considering how much she had to deal with from BOTH sides.

    I feel like registering just so I can ask them if they'd like to swap for Christine Gregoire. Then again, I'd also have to waste precious man-hours responding to charges that I'm just some dumb outsider who doesn't really know anything about AK, which is like saying you have to be from Chicago to know about the Chicago Machine.

    I'd say it's really disappointing how wretched of trolls Dan Fagan, Rick Ridell, etc are but that's about as surprising as Steve Schmidt, Rick Davis, and Nicole Wallace.

  17. Dan Fagan and the Alaska Standard are upset at Palin for taking out Frank Murkowski. She basically took out the Republican establishment in Alaska. They probaly don't like her for taking on the oil companies either. Gov. Palin's strength to me is identifying with people anyway. Sarah is one tough women. She pulled through the most brutal attcks I have ever seen on a candidate and she is determined to be President anyway and show them wrong.

  18. Oh, Gelston----thanks for reminding us; I'd forgotten that horrific quote by Obama, that babies are a "punishment."
    I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and try believing that he simply misspoke, if he had voted to save babies who somehow survived being aborted----but no-ooo...... he voted to let them die, because (he says), "That's what the mothers chose." Yeah, the babies' death, through abortion or through neglect. Whatever.
    At least he's a consistent jerk.

    I do not know how decent people take this crap ON day after day. I hate to watch the news now.....

    ~ rummages in cupboard for chocolate ~

  19. OKAY... now I am taking on Adam.....
    There is true new, young, female talent...

    Eat your heart out Adam. Eat your heart out, Sarah Palin.
    I true "must view" for every one.
    But she is only 6 years old.

  20. If the liberal frustrastion with Gillibrand is real, then Chris Matthew's first comment of her says it all...NRA.."ISH"!!!

    Gelston, Mountain Mama RE: abortion. I keep watching that auurgh!!! infamous Couric (abortion section) interview with our Heroine Gov. Palin. I know she was in a tough spot and the pressure was on. NEXT TIME!!!! Sarah or any other Conservative Pro- life Canidate should to a "Couric" interview should say "Before I answer that question, and I will answer the question, wouldn't you agree that Abortion is a issue that divides this country? (wait for answer)(it should be yes) Katie, wouln't you agree with me that we can gain more knowlege on this subject if each state was not SUPRESSED to find thier own answers?
    Katie, the Founders wanted each state to be a labratory. Katie, you do believe in Science (labratory) don't you Katie? Katie?.....Katie?.......................Silence

  21. Okay, if I don't have Adam on the ropes, try this....
    It fits today's prolife message.
    You will never forget this.

  22. sadly we're all being punished now with the baby his mother was punished with........

  23. gelston i don't know if you've seen this original version


  24. "Tbone said... "

    Tbone, there's an awesome interview floating around Youtube from Sept 07 where Sarah calls that little wuss out for talking crap about Todd, and FAGan backasses on it. What a spineless little weasel, NOT what I want from a supposed conservative.

    Truth be told I could care less if Sarah isn't the ultimate conservative (their reason for hating her, or at least what Fagan and Ridell are on record as), cause she's right where she needs to be plus true conservatism is tied with character and it'll show up anyway.

    For me, politics is really down the line on my depth chart anyway (character, leadership, courage, and so on). That's why as a young Democrat I admired Reagan and as an uncommitted independent I was drawn to Bush in the months after 9/11. To this day I also like Truman and my homestate senator Scoop Jackson, who were anything but staunch conservatives but in comparison to these marxists running around today they would be. It's also why I keep giving Barry umpteen chances (though I probably should know better), the early returns on Roland Burris have been good, and if Gillibrand can stay independent from Schumer and all the other kooks I'm with her as well.

    They played a clip of Ridell's show on a Best of Talk Radio special back on New Year's Day. It was from right after Sarah was announced as the pick. If it wasn't over four months after the fact, I seriously would have found some way to punch through my radio and make it stick. Seriously, this "New Majority" led by Frum (and I would assume Parker, Noonan, and Krauthammer as well) is a joke. It's basically the same as McCain's 'America First' PAC. I could care less about the politics of it, nothing of what I'm interested in is apparent in it. It's all about gutless pandering, ANYBODY can do that. If I thought Ron Paul or Bob Barr had any guts whatsoever (especially Barr, who attacked Sarah on numerous occasions) instead of being ACLU sellouts, I'd be with them.

    End rant:)

  25. about 300 million dollars in the stimulous package will go to family planning.
    Here is grandma Pelosi discussing this on ABC:
    ""STEPHANOPOULOS: Hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services. How is that stimulus?

    PELOSI: Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children's health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those - one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: So no apologies for that?

    PELOSI: No apologies. No. we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy.""

    Having a baby is punishment. It is an unnecessary burden on our society.

  26. The stimulus package should be renamed the Democratic programs package. Stimulus packages never work. The Democrats are prepared to spend alot now they have power.Obama/Pelosi and Reid have all said that.

  27. Good Lord, who knew the economic downturn would prompt people to ...... create children more? And thus, people need more birth control----and abortions! HUNH?!
    Sounds like SOME industry we know and detest sure has aggressive lobbyists....

    Anyway, God cannot honor debt, so the stimulus packages are doomed. They don't teach people to spend and save wisely, so they allow people to sustain their indulgent lifestyles. Meanwhile, the packages must be paid for eventually....

    A close friend who was born in China recently returned from teaching English there for a year. He says we should all learn to speak Chinese, because they are determined to conquer us----soon. I thought he was just imagining the danger, until I learned about how much of our capital the Chinese own.

    There's more than one way to take over our nation.

  28. Uh oh, then again, as the Great One would say, "What a surprise! a liberal senator from New York!",0,4316313.story

    Not much to go on here, but this is how it starts (see Soetero, Barry). Well, I guess she ISN'T going to be more conservative (not a glowing endorsement) than Lindsey Graham or John McCain. Apparently Chucky had his nice talk with her after all.