Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Daze

QUICK NOTE: Gov. Palin did a fine job on Glenn Beck tonight, thoughts on that later (hopefully with video).
Well, the circus has come to town, and I'm only blocks from the action. I'm not stupid enough to post my address online, but suffice it to say that I live in downtown DC. A lot of the locals are getting out of town, but some (namely myself) are hunkering down in our living spaces until Wednesday.

That said, I hope everybody in town for the inauguration has a good time. I went through Union Station on my way home Saturday night, and the throngs were just starting to hit town. Everybody seemed happy and bubbly, and it was nice to see that...even if I'm not half as excited about Barack Obama. I want them to have fun, because I get the feeling that the next four years aren't going to be all that fun for either of us.

Maybe it was because I was playing the role of the angry local, trying not to get trampled as I lugged my groceries through the crowded train station, but I couldn't help but think about what all of these happy people would be doing four years from now. What would the Obama presidency really represent when we are looking back on it, not forward to it? What happens when Barack Obama ceases to be the first black president and we remember that he is a fallible human bieng? When that harsh reality sets in, it could trigger the greatest crisis in race relations since the 1960s.

Like most presidents, Obama will start losing popularity once he starts making tough decisions. If his leadership is less than stellar, he will be vulnerable in 2012 - and if he does poorly, the man who set himself up as America's messiah could could be voted out in a landslide. That is how things work in a democracy, and the same formula would hold true for any leader. However, if Barack Obama is in danger of being bounced after one term, no one in the media - let alone the Democratic Party - will blame Obama's own performance. Instead, any consequences suffered by the President will be blamed on racism, and certain powerful people will be more than happy to encourage a race crisis in order to maintain power. Hence, while I think that Obama's election showed the defeat of racism in America, his time in power could fan the flames of racial tension hotter than they have been in decades.

To be honest, I feel sorry for the President-elect - nobody should be saddled with such high expectations. Unfortunately, this is the situation he has placed himself in, and thereby doomed himself to at least some level of failure. So, while I would love to see Sarah Palin run over him on her way to the White House in four years, I fear the consequences of an Obama failure just enough to hope that he doesn't fall completely on his face.


  1. it's like the kid who promised the class ice cream if he was elected... well now half of the country is in line to collect.

    I'm not sure if the race card can be used any more considering he won the majority and got in at all.

    It'll be interesting to see how many promises he made to get in aren't fulfilled. Like the immediate withdrawal of our troops, which i can't see happening.

  2. Right, Adam and Scott: Obama says he can't fulfill several campaign promises until the LAST year of his "first" term (assuming he gets a second term). This pull-back has ticked off the far-leftwingers.

    Obama is already in full campaign mode NOW, folks.

    Nevertheless, he's SO overdoing the Lincoln link. It's silly, because, as M. Minnesota noted on a previous thread, Obama doesn't openly state he spends time in prayer, as Lincoln did----and obviously Obama rejects Lincoln's Republican conservatism. But Obama will NEVER stop playing the race card! He'll use it whenever he feels assailed and wants a sure success.

    Sarah looked tired and windblown tonight on Beck; her beautiful eyes looked bloodshot. It's no wonder: the MSM has NOT let up with their vicious attacks on her and her family yet. But it was heartwarming to hear her positive attitude about the future. I'm glad she'll continue to stand up to Obama about energy and other matters, too.

    So what are you planning to do tomorrow, everyone? We'll force ourselves to watch the Immaculation Ceremony, trying not to toss our cookies, hoping for some authenticity----and supporting Rick Warren; his remarks I'm certain will be very moving.

  3. Adam,
    Thanks for letting us in on your insight being there in D.C.
    I'm really tired of the party and just want to see how the new president governs.
    My plans for tomorrow will include working all day and then in the evening going to a Church youth group activity.
    I do wish the president the best.



    May I please give you this link to a supurb review of the last election by Jay Cost et al of Realclearpolitics.
    They are reviewing each state's results from the Obama/McCain race.
    There is more to be optimistic for Sarah in 2012 than the Old media wants us to know. But I will let you read it and draw your own conclusions.

    Adam, thank you for your thoughts about The District. More of those are welcome.
    I was a medical student at George Washington Univ. during the anti war riots of the 1970's. I have memories like you have of being an outsider as the scene goes on before you.

  5. Now to comment on your comment...
    I sincerely worry about PEBO.
    The best article I read in the last 6 months was an article on sports. It was written by a black writer about why black athletes fail emotionally... drugs, crime, babies with multiple mothers, being kicked off teams. But mostly not handling failure.
    You are correct, Adam. At least 30% of Americans already think he has failed. What would he do if his numbers were a mere 30% favorable a la GWB?

    yet, he will fail. And like the black athletes, he will face his own personal crisis. When you are in the White House, it's too late for self discovery. (you may read that line again).

    The article that I read this year was about a black athelete who had a nervous breakdown. As he grew up, he was always told he was OK. We live in an era when whites can not criticize blacks. Finally he was an NFL quarterback throwing interceptions as the crowd boo-ed. He could not handle this rejection and broke mentally. He had never had to handle failure.

    Maybe Obama is tougher than I think. I don't really know THE ONE.
    I don't think he is very tough at all.

    I fear for him when the boo-ing starts.

    Since we are telling our plans for tomorrow, I am helping my wife by not mentioning anything about the day. She is in Orygun (aka Oregon)walking on the beach.
    I spent 15 minutes today talking to a 70 year old man whose 45 year old son died of a heart attack. Life goes on. American rolls on. The sun goes up and will go down again.
    And 2012 awaits us all with optimism.
    God Bless you, Sarah Palin.

  6. Hey Gelston would that have been by any chance Rush's favorite NFL QB Donovan McNabb? Sounds like it (born in Chicago, always told he was great, benched by the Eagles this year, might not be back in '09--despite what Andy Reid says publicly).

    I don't know what to think of Barry. Personally, I'm struggling not to hold anything against him. I say struggling because of the aforementioned episode last year where he stayed away from us in the primaries and now he's going to have Maryline Blackburn (who beat you-know-who for the Miss AK crown in '84) at the inauguration. Doesn't sound so bad, until you wonder why someone who hasn't really been on anyone's radar is now performing at the inauguration--and just happens to have a prior victory (which she makes sure to remind us of on her website) over the losing VP candidate to boot. I guess it's OK for us to "cross the aisle" and start propping up Congressman Bobby Rush, who beat Barry silly in the primaries in 2000--more on him below.

    But this can not go, or end, well. How is the financial crisis going to end when one of Hank Paulsen's underlings is going to be involved? How is the Justice Department going to be "rehabilitated" (since the media had such a problem with Ashcroft, Gonzales, and so on) with Eric Holder as an admitted political pawn? How are we going to have a serious energy policy with an admitted global scam, er, warming hack? All this and I haven't even gotten to defense and homeland security, I've never been a big fan of Gates and Janet Napolitano will make Michael Chertoff look like Tom Tancredo.

    Nor have I even gotten to these two losers Reid and Pelosi, hopefully Reid will be gone in 2010 but I won't hold my breath with Pelosi, after all even if she loses she'll just be replaced by another firebreather SF liberal. I'll be watching big-time to see who wins RNC chair, that'll tell me a lot about whether they're serious about winning in 2010--Blackwell or Steele, yes; another doofus Mehlman/Duncan-type, no.

    Oh, and from above (use this whenever some lib brings up The Education Of Barry Soetero--as if it has anything to do with the price of gas--as a Sarah-bashing talking point):

    "Barack Obama went to Harvard and became an educated fool. Barack is a person who read about the civil-rights protests and thinks he knows all about it."

    --U.S. Rep Bobby Rush, 2000 U.S. House primary

  7. Good Comments Adam,
    When Glenn Beck introduced Sarah Palin on his new Fox slot, I thought he was about to burst into tears on national live television!! I think much of that emotiom comes from him having a special needs child as well.
    I think his emotions mirror many Americans, whether they have a special needs child or not.

    Because Barack will be the next Presisent, it has been said that America has "gotten over race" as an issue for a presidential canidate. I think that is true for many Americans but will the MSM, Acorn get over race? Going forward, conservatives and Republicans can show and educate the American Public on the LEGIONS of African-American Republicans for years, fromthe break of slavery up to the 60's . Examples can be found at

  8. great comments from both of you.

    Race is a multimillion if not billion dollar a year industry in the USA. It's not going to stop. They are extorting coporate America to make their living.

    Please remember, Martin Luther King was a republican. I keep reminding the left of that because it sure isn't taught.

  9. 12th man
    the QB in question as Vince Young from Tennessee. I think he played under grad for a texas college.
    After one of the games he disappeared and was found driving around by himself.
    Unfortunately, our losses are our best learning experiences. Harry Truman's failure made him a better man in many ways.

  10. Rick Warren's invocation was perfect! He brought genuine humility to the inauguration event.

    Obama did stand, as he said, HUMBLED, because in his first act as President----taking the oath of office----he made not one, but several mistakes. He rushed; he interrupted the Chief Justice several times; he couldn't remember the words given him to repeat; he garbled their order.

    I do not mean to offend, but truly, I believe this was all for the good. These recorded mistakes delivered before the entire world will forever remind Obama that he is a human being; he is NOT "The One," our divine Messiah.

    Sadly, Obama already needs this reminder: throughout his speech, he repeatedly referred to himself in the Royal Plural! Why can't he take personal responsibility by saying, "I want you to sacrifice," or "I believe we must try this other way"--?

    It was a good speech, with a poignantly appropriate quote from President Washington. But Lord, Obama delivered it with an ominous tone, without joy, without one smile I recall. What sort of intelligence report did he and now-former President Bush hear this morning?

    I'm glad that Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery, who gave the benediction, brought the crowd at last to laughter. A little JOY can help us face the dangerous future with REAL hope, as the always-positive President Reagan knew.

    May God bless and protect Obama and his family and administration! I hope our new President remembers that JOY cannot be orchestrated or organized: it must be modeled and LIVED!

  11. Sarah was great on Glenn Beck. Thanks to former-President Bush for keeping this country safe for 7+ years. Hopefully history will judge Bush alot better than the MSM and liberals treated him. Wait until Obama get's those intelligence reports and he has to make tough choices.

  12. "The Oaf" (tm Dianne Feinstein) realized right then and there that yes, he isn't just talking or voting present anymore. Does anybody realize that (thanks to the late start) Jo(k)e Biden has actually already been our president for more than five minutes? THE HORROR!!!!!!!

    Even Katie-who-knows-everything was pleading to get things moving, she was probably thinking "At least Sarah wasn't trying to convince anybody that FDR took the oath in 1929!". Also, well-wishes to former VP Cheney, no word on if Biden asked him to stand up.

  13. Thank God that in America, people get second chances. I apologize to President Obama! In his oath of office, HE didn't err first: the Chief Justice did!

    Roberts delivered the oath from memory, making some mistakes. He forgot the word, "faithfully," and added it later, which caused Obama to fumble.

    The point still holds: Obama is human, not divine. If Americans remember that, we're safe----even if some politicians believe otherwise. (grin)

    Rick Warren reminded us that G-d calls us to continue being committed to freedom, and to pray for this President and country. So Adam is right (on another thread): politics are for another day.

    God bless President Bush for keeping us safe for 7+ years and doing his best.

    Meanwhile, I pray Obama is stronger than he appears, Gelston----or Lord help us. I've called him, "Obambi," because he does wimp out sometimes....

    12th Man, you slay me! Now that you've survived the Biden presidency, rejoice: you can take on ANYTHING!

  14. Doesn't really sound to me like Roberts made that big a goof, he messed up the order, big deal. The Matthews/Brokaw drones were too busy having climactic ecstasy to notice. As was discussed on FR, there is the slight possibility of the mention of the middle name Hussein. Think of the marriage scene in Men In Tights where Dick Van Patten realizes Rottingham's middle name is Mervin, "Your name is Mervin?"

    Whatever the case, it's good to know considering the last three decades of our history we've elected a president whose first name rhymes with Iraq, middle name is Hussein, and last name rhymes with Osama (that in addition to a VP whose last name starts with BI(N) and ends with (LA)DEN). I guess it could only be this way.