Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations, Mr. President

Well, we have a new President. It was certainly quite a spectacle to watch, but for me the most poignant was watching George W. Bush leave on Marine One (Obama's just getting acquainted with the office, whereas Bush is saying goodbye to the last eight years of his life). I actually went outside my house and saluted the helicopter as it flew to Andrews Air Force Base.

I could probably say a lot about politics right now, but that's not terribly appropriate. So, I'll simply express my thanks to President Bush and offer my congratulations to President Obama.


    your salute was the correct gesture.
    He deserves a life that is full and rich and a chance to be unleased to comment on topics as a citizen.

  2. I wish Barry success for nothing else than the horrendous possibility of a Joe Biden presidency, which, as he correctly noted at the St. Louis massacre, would be a tragedy. He's already been president for five minutes, YIKES!!!!!!!!

    For that, Barry might wanna let up on trying to emulate Abe, FDR, and JFK for obvious reasons.

  3. the whole day just makes me sick... the world celebrates a victory. Not to sound self righteous but i hope today as Catholic Joe Biden made the sign of the cross blessing himself on national tv that it has some definite effect on his judgement and will enable him to stand up for what he should as a Catholic. Many lives depend on it.

    God has a plan but i'll be darned if i know what it is any more.. i just hope history isn't repeating itself and we're the ancient israelites.

  4. My, you've never seemed so "down" before, Scott! Oh, I worry about Biden's fibbing, too----and hope he'll never be President!
    Yes, God has a plan: to let us ruin ourselves, if we choose it (just as with the Israelites).
    But maybe Americans will actually serve others, as P.B.O. asked us for today; maybe our country can be saved.

    Suddenly I feel very nervous without President Bush in office. Obama speaks, writes, and organizes well, but is he SAVVY?
    Just as with Reagan, would the criminals of the world dare risk plotting attacks, if Sarah Palin were President?
    Seriously.... I doubt it.

    Four more years, four more years.....

  5. Good form Adam,

    I appreciate President Bush especially for keeping us safe.
    I am keeping him and President Obama in my prayers.

  6. Is it safe to come out now? Look both ways... OK. No shadow... OK. No airplanes falling out of the sky.... OK. Well, at least that's over.

    If you want to laugh until you cry, be sure to read Hillbuzz today. There is something about how the gay men analyze a lady's dress that can be so funny.
    Their long essay on GWB was one of the best I have read over the last week. It discussed their 8 year evolution from supporting Gore to respecting Ex-President Bush.

    I had the honor of telling one of my favorite patients that she has widely metastatic cancer yesterday. The good thing about being a physician is that it keeps life in perspective. Remember to enjoy every minute God gives you.

  7. i liked this part of their article today

    "The lackluster Inaugural Address yesterday was a huge letdown, and so is the sight of the National Mall trashed so thoroughly by Obama’s followers — who say things like “we want change” and “we’re going to heal the world”, but then leave the Capital looking like Thunderdome."

  8. sorry for my downer post above.. it was posted out of frustration right after i found out not even 3 hours into their administration they took off the pro life information from the white house website.

  9. News out tonight that Michelle Obama's gown was designed by Jason Wu. He is a 26 year old wonderchild designer who has done clothes for people such as transsexual, Amanda LePore.
    I guess the Obama slogan is now "a sex change you can believe in

  10. Thank you for alerting us to pro-life deletions from the White House website, Scott----and it's certainly warranted to feel "down" about things like that; no need to apologize.

    If you had loved ones who served as US Marshalls, CIA agents, or in the military, and you knew (declassified) information that bodes ill for our future safety under this administration, you'd definitely feel "down:" this administration is frighteningly naive about handling terrorists. Sarah Palin knows and understands this truth very well.

    Obama in his speech was rude toward President Bush----and MANY of his supporters followed his lead, booing President Bush AND LAURA BUSH during the Inauguration Ceremony! How rude and crass!

    They've blamed everything on Bush for years, so just HOW will they invent ways to blame Bush, if they are unwise enough to hold trials and release terrorists in the USA who then attack us again?

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