Friday, January 16, 2009

Today I'm Listening To....Mira Awad and Noa

I was really having trouble getting riled up about anything today....and then I saw this. A group of radical Israeli intellectuals (both Jewish and Arab) are calling Israeli Arab singer Mira Awad to pull out of the Eurovision Song Contest. Aparently, they think Awad and her duet partner (Jewish singer Achinoam "Noa" Nini) are participating in some sort of "Propoganda machine" to convince us that Israelis do not, in fact, drink the blood of Palestinian babies on a regular basis. Here's a quick excerpt from their open letter to Miss Awad:

"What allows the international community to provide support is Israel's image as a 'democratic,' 'enlightened,' 'peace-seeking' country. Your participation in Eurovision is taking part in the activity of the Israeli propaganda machine"

Personally, I think this is ridiculous and bigoted. Both Awad and Nini seem be strong voices for peace and cooperation, and frankly I think it speaks volumes that they have been selected to represent their country in one of Europe's biggest pop-culture phonomenons (think "American Idol" mixed with the Olympics...that might give you an idea of how big Eurovision is)

ACTION ALERT: Now, if you haven't noticed, I like grassroots internet movements...and this issue has me a little hot under the collar. I know a lot of old Palin people are reading, and I'd be interested to see if y'all had any ideas on how we might be able to show our support for Mira and Noa. I'm thinking we could start by encouraging people to download their music...and maybe we could scare up some votes for them when Eurovision rolls around in March. In the meantime, here's some music to enjoy.


  1. Adam you weren't a-woofin in your intro when you said that Israel suffers from a lot of the same internal problems that we do (why we support them, I know Sarah does). I don't know if these "intellects", probably of the same ilk of the mods who ruin, er, run the GOP, are necessarily the Pat Buchanan-types but seems they favor appeasement.

    Which would make them Israel's "progressives". That "propaganda machine" sounds kinda familiar...................

  2. I pray the Middle East doesn't destroy itself. These women are correct that there ARE solutions, but they are also correct that people don't want to give a little and share, believing it will be to their own loss.

  3. They are also correct when they dismiss the Christian approach in this conflict between Arabs and Jews.

    I thought a lot about the situation you presented, Adam.
    This is a challenge which they can not win. They should forget about this contest and move on to another step in their career.
    The victory for them will come in 5 years. If they are truly gifted, they will develop a following in the US or in Europe and their success will be their answer to the people who do not want them in this contest.

  4. This comment isn't about the wonderful duo who sing so beautifully, but it does concern an upcoming political event:

    Is any other Palinista out there rather dreading the upcoming inaugur-coronation?

    I mean, yes, it's wonderful that a person of color has been duly elected to become President. (Of course, I would much rather he had been a DIFFERENT person of color----a conservative with actual executive experience, for example----but I digress....) Certainly this event is historic and in many aspects will be moving.

    But I just don't want to hear any more "this was the day when the seas began to lower" silly rhetoric! This would definitely ruin the loftiness of the moment for me.

    So I'm planning to stop listening whenever necessary----just get through that minute somehow, and try not to ralph.

    Truly, it's not that I'm upset that Senator McCain and Gov. Palin lost the election. Instead, it's that Obama-Biden are SO LIBERAL and both say and do such outrageous things. Actually, I dread the next four years.

    * taking a deep breath......
    letting it out ve-er-y slo-o-ow-ly.....

  5. boy, you are not kidding, Mountain Mama.
    I could not find good news anywhere on the internet today.

    At least my lovely wife is enjoying some time on the Orygun Coast today where it is 63 degrees. That's good news. Her lady friends are so nice to take her away for a few days.

    Back to this...
    Everything is so nauseating. The media is so in the tank for THE ONE that it becomes so unbearable.
    I am planning on hiding out for the next few days, drawing all my nourishment from the brickyard and the follow inhabitants... even my new best friend Kajo.

  6. Nice Duo Mira Awad and Noah.

    Regarding this week. Need to pray for Obama.
    Would love to ask President Obama what Lincoln meant when he called the nation to fast and pray and repent because ofthier rebellion against a Holy God and his will. Watch Palin on Beck Monday....

  7. Right as always, Gelston: the MSM is ridiculously in the tank for Obambi. NAU-seating.....

    Thanks for the reminders, M. Minnesota. We'll pray HARD for Obama, and for Her Angriness, Michelle (my contacts who know her well say she's a real snob; she stated she doesn't "want to live near those people anymore" --- ie. the middle class).

    Thanks also for the reminder re. Glenn Beck's show and Gov. Palin. We sure need to hear her voice today!

  8. hillbuzz had an excellent review (in the last 3 days) of the Pay to Play of Michelle Obama's 300,000.00 dollar a year job that she never worked at the hospital in Chicago.
    She and THE ONE were in on it.
    But... who cares?
    You don't pay your taxes... who cares?

  9. Michelle does work at U of C Hospitals; that's actually where she made the comment I posted above. She just doesn't work enough to warrant that outrageous "salary," which was tripled when her hubbie became a Senator.

  10. I'll just say this: as much I can't understand how people like KaJo and flavorcountry are oblvious to the leftist slant in the media, it will border on hilarious watching the O-Bots over the next four years. I'll give Chris Matthews this, at least he's outed himself (in more ways than one)

    And please don't tell me that Israel's going into the business of appeasement again (I hate Olmert, good riddance). They KNOW that Hamas isn't going to stop bombing, and they can't really so naive to think that Barry and co are going to start pulling their support (I can't begin to contemplate how stupid this would be, since we have essentially the same enemies). I have seen nothing from Barry so far that makes me think "The Great Change" wasn't somewhat a vote for appeasement, and "a less threatening" Israel will be a disaster.