Thursday, April 30, 2009

Selflessly Volunteering My Body To Test Joe Biden's Paranoia

After hearing the Vice President’s remarks this morning - I realized that my coming trip to Colorado was more than just an opportunity to watch my little sister receive her high school diploma (you rock, Katie Bug!), it was a potential opportunity to sacrifice my life for public health research.

Tomorrow morning, I will be boarding a plane to Colorado at Reagan National Airport. Coincidentally, the easiest way to access said airport is via the DC subway system. Hence, I will be testing not one, but two of Joe Biden’s “closed spaces to avoid”.

I may not be blogging much during my trip, but I will be checking in occasionally to inform you as to whether or not I have died of swine flu.

Wish me luck, and we’ll see if pigs (or at least pig flu) really can fly. I only wish I had a T-shirt that said “Official Swine Flu Test Subject - Please Cough”


  1. adam
    I have normal flu and i'm surviving. the only differences between the two is whether you have difficulties breathing. Sorry to inform everyone, but the normal flu kills more than pig flu

  2. Well we all know that, but this the Obama "hope and change" (he hopes that all you have left is change) admin. How dare George W. Bush ever exist yet this is the ultimate shock-and-awe administration. Nothing's EVER happened before, and besides, who are us lowlifes to question the mighty Joe Biden? I mean if he says the analogy to a broken water main in regards to why we don't finally do something about the border in light of this doesn't hold any, um, water, then it DOESN'T by god!

    (Seriously, I'm always on board with Levin whenever he refers to Biden as the dumbest VP ever, and Sarah was going to be the airhead?!)

  3. Hey, you didn't post today. Are you still with us? Or did Biden's swine flu get you?

  4. Worry not, PCC: no doubt Adam is simply enjoying his visit with the Fam. in CO.
    (GOOD JOB, KATI! HUGS, JULIE, et al.!)

    Say, I just read at about skepticism re. this flu bug. I don't agree with all that Dr. Mercola "discovers," but he's often spot on. In this case, he can't decide if this flu is real, or was developed to sell pharmaceuticals or as bio-terrorism. (ACK!)

    One thing he states as fact (which I'd never heard) was that a few years ago, Bayer was caught trying to sell AIDS-infiltrated meds. overseas. Somehow the company wasn't negatively impacted.

    That reminded me of how, 2 decades ago, the US mandated new airholes in pacifiers, to prevent a certain percentage of infants' choking. Nevertheless, manufacturers were still allowed to sell overseas their old stocks of pacifiers, WITHOUT creating airholes in them! (It was cost-prohibitive to unwrap, punch holes, and re-wrap them.)

    Get this: when Malasia refused to allow the importation of those dangerous, hole-less pacifiers, the US threatened trade sanctions!
    Sure shows how money is valued more than lives, especially children (THE POOR DARLINGS!).

  5. Adam,
    I sure hope you make it back healthy and stuff.
    People use to say that we would only have a socialist type president of the United States when pigs fly. Well, within the first 100 days of Obama's presidency. . . swine flu.
    (I got that in an email from a friend)