Thursday, April 2, 2009

AK Dems Cave on Senate Nomination

A little more detail is emerging in the wake of yesterday's decision to reject Gov. Palin's nomination of Tim Grussendorf to the State Senate - and it looks like this thing is moving in a positive direction after all.

After the vote, it looks like the Juneau Democrats have had enough of the game and will finally submit a list of three names to Gov. Palin for consideration. Here's the quote from the ADN:

"We're going to try to get three names together tomorrow," Rich Listowski, a state Democratic Party central committee member from Juneau, said on Wednesday evening.

It also looks as if the Dems in the Senate were so obsessed with their petty vendetta that they were willing to to alienate one of their most senior members. Grussendorf was chief of staff to Sen. Lyman Hoffman (D-Bethel), co-chair of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, and it looks like Sen. Hoffman was not at all impressed with the rejection of his top aide. Here's another ADN quote:

Hoffman left the closed door meeting on Grussendorf early. He did not appear happy.

So, the Juneau Dems caved and Lyman Hoffman is on the outs with his caucus.

Palin 2, Senate Dems 0


  1. While it may look that way from an Olympian perch in Washington, D.C., an objective reading of the article shows neither a vendetta nor pettiness. Governor Palin attempted to replace a political enemy with a political ally:

    "Grussendorf, who describes himself as a conservative Democrat, is more politically aligned with the governor's views."

    Moreover, he's only been a Democrat for a couple of weeks:

    "Ellis said there were concerns about Grussendorf's party affiliation. Grussendorf was a registered Republican until just weeks ago. He changed his registration to Democrat to qualify for appointment to the seat that opened when Juneau Democrat Kim Elton resigned for a job in the Obama administration."

    No one can credibly claim that Palin wasn't playing politics here, not that there's anything wrong with that -- she's a politician after all. Nor can you blame Alaska Democrats for objecting to the appointment, especially since Grussendorf's account of how he became an accidental Republican is decidedly lame.

    Hey, I don't blame her for trying. She got called out but in the meantime has had her fun putting the Democrats on the spot.

    "Juneau Democrats said the governor hasn't responded to a request to meet with her."

    Now who's being petty?

    The Democrats will submit a list including Rep. Kerttula. If she's smart -- and she is -- Palin will pick one of the other names and move on.

    I'm having trouble discerning a winner and a loser here. Neither will get what they want. It was a dust up. In politics, these things happen all the time.

  2. "Neither will get what they want"

    Consider this Sarah's "Operation Chaos", THAT'S where she wins.

    Simple, AK Dems are trying to push their next leader of Obama/Soros Inc. (AK chapter) on the gov, she'll have none of it and instead forced the Dems into doing........what they were supposed to do. Why are we omitting that fact? Plus apparently we have another case of liberals pissing off moderate/conservatives within the democratic party. What's "non-winning" about that? I can't get enough of it!

    Unfortunately, Dino Rossi isn't gov and we here in "South Alaska" still have The Witch for 45 more months so I can't make an equivalent comparison. Mama if you're out there maybe you can make one using Butch Otter.

  3. Butch is busy working to remove the outlawing of thinning our wolf population here.
    Oh wait!----He's winning on that, too!

    Look, I'm too upset about national politics to worry about Idaho's issues (we're okay). My stomach is churning from watching our nation careen leftward. Who knew the presidency held such absolute power!? Is there ANY way to STOP THIS MAN!? Why do Americans keep reelecting the same rich folk to Congress that Americans later state they can't stand!?

    I wish that ALL Tea ("Taxed Enough Already") Party supporters and Palinistas were informed about the wonderful APT ("Automated Payment Transaction") Tax reform, because inevitably the TEA people will be accused of "not providing another plan."

    The APT Tax IS truly the ONLY Silver Bullet available to help our nation pull out of this ridiculous economic mess.

    The APT Tax is completely fair, since everyone except the extremely poor (who would receive a rebate; how dumb is it to tax the welfare we give them, right?) would pay automatically at each transaction. Automatically paying saves vast amounts of tax dollars now wasted on collection and enforcement----and provides for greatly reducing the bloated IRS.

    Paying the APT Tax automatically helps keep it remarkably low: just 3 cents on both sides of every $10 transaction. At that low rate, everyone would save TONS on their taxes----and the rich wouldn't spend millions on tax accountants or lawyers, who "shelter" the rich from paying their fair share of taxes, as the rest of us "ain't-rich" folk must.

    But the marvelous feature of the APT Tax is that, because everyone pays, there's enough revenue gathered that it ELIMINATES all other taxes, except Social Security.

    The APT Tax is only POINT 3 % (or $0.3%)----which is three TENTHS of ONE percent (or $0.003 in dollar amounts: see how LOW it is!?).

    The (NOT-)"Fair" and Flat Taxes, on the other hand, are outrageously high, costing us well over 30% in total taxes! That's 100 TIMES MORE than the APT Tax: how ABSURD!

    Read more at ----and please, for the love of God and country, PLEASE consider avidly supporting and promoting the APT Tax reform!

    After all, Americans are finally waking up to their innate fury about high taxes. So, NOW is the time for us to force politicians to enact what is best for Americans, rather than do as politicians usually do: support policies and taxes that enhance their current power in office AND their future careers as lobbyists!!!!

    (They derive power from holding the tax code over Americans' heads, so politicians are loathe actually to make real changes in the tax code!)

    If we can just get this information about the APT Tax before the Average American, WE COULD ACCOMPLISH getting this reform enacted! Lord, HELP!

  4. "Consider this Sarah's "Operation Chaos", THAT'S where she wins."

    So you agree that she played politics. Which is where she loses, as the reputation she seems to have is that she is above politics.

    "apparently we have another case of liberals pissing off moderate/conservatives within the democratic party."

    You don't name any other cases, so I assume that this is unsupported rhetoric. Here, however, is a typical conservative statement from someone named "12th Man":

    "throw all the legislators (including the RINOs) into the water!"

    I'm not sure why it's a good thing for conservative Republicans to purge the moderates/liberals in their party (not that there are any) but a weakness for Democrats to minimize the influence of the DINO's.

    Which brings to the chance to express my gratitude that Washington state is not in the hands of a divisive politico in the back pocket of real estate developers.

    "Who knew the presidency held such absolute power!?"

    This puzzled me until I remembered that Republicans tried to concentrate absolute power in the office of the vice-president.

  5. Um, first off

    "Which brings to the chance to express my gratitude that Washington state is not in the hands of a divisive politico in the back pocket of real estate developers."

    Um, only thing correct here is that Grego isn't in the pocket of real estate developers, just all the unions

    "So you agree that she played politics. Which is where she loses, as the reputation she seems to have is that she is above politics."

    You're never above anything when you get pulled into it, losing would be allowing yourself to get trampled (see Bush, George W.). Considering the king of all democrats ran as a post-partisan messiah, what's the dems' excuse again?

    "You don't name any other cases, so I assume that this is unsupported rhetoric. Here, however, is a typical conservative statement from someone named "12th Man":"

    You think the blue dogs (like Walt Minnick) are entirely happy with Team Obama right now? When someone who campaigns against the incument (nevermind the fact he WASN'T running) for his fiscal irresponsibiity then proceeds to TRIPLE the debt in little over two months, I don't know, you tell me if there's a reason be pissed off or not.

    BTW, you are aware the name 12thman comes from my devotion to my Hawks right?

    "I'm not sure why it's a good thing for conservative Republicans to purge the moderates/liberals in their party (not that there are any) but a weakness for Democrats to minimize the influence of the DINO's."

    Thank you David Frum, then again didn't you tell us a week or so back you were an independent--which kind of defeats the purpose of -INO designations? Fake conservatives that are essentially going to stand by and allow Democrat chaos to run rampant they aren't doing us any good are they?

  6. "BTW, you are aware the name 12thman comes from my devotion to my Hawks right?"

    Which means that we have something in common. This will be my thirteenth year as a season ticket hold.

  7. 12thman, you're on target re. Walt Minnick, though he might not be true-"blue" at heart (but probably doesn't feel like committing political suicide in conservative Idaho).


    I know tax reform seems boring, but think what your lives would be like, if you paid only Social Security and 3 cents tax on every $10 transaction, as would occur with the APT Tax!

    If you made $50,000 year, had your paychecks automatically deposited into your checking account, and spent it all on living expenses, then you'd pay only SSec. plus $300/year PERIOD in taxes ($150 at most for all the paychecks received, and another $150 for all the purchases)!

    How to ignite American taxpayers?
    (slumps off to nap....)

  8. I'm not gonna throw a party for Minnick or anything, but practicing what you preach (whatever the reason for it is) is always a respectable conservative value. I was really impressed with him a couple weeks back when he explained why he didn't fall for the phony outrAIGe (sad to say Cathy did and she's paying for it--rightfully so too).

    How do we ignite taxpayers? Well the tea parties are a good start but that's all they are. We need Beck and Hannity (since they're both on TV) to start running with this GONZO-- it's happening already, we'll see how much in two weeks. But Jim Cramer's embarrassing backtracking didn't help. I got raked over the coals by a couple idiot Dems (redundancy I know) on A.S.S. for suggesting Cramer was an O-bot (so what does he go and do a couple days later?) Also a bit concerning that we haven't heard from Santelli lately.

  9. Regarding Cramer and Santelli:
    Freedom of speech may be protected by the first amendment, but a pay check still matters to people.
    5 years ago i was forced to sign away some of my freedom of speech to keep a job. I know what they are going through.

  10. Exactly, Gelston. As our leaning-left, litigious society becomes more adamant about using ultra-PC behavior and language, we are losing our right to share our conservative beliefs or even register our needs or preferences.

    It is getting scary in this country. Will the USA as a republic (not exactly a democracy) last? I never before thought it would end, but now I do wonder....

  11. Yes Gelston but with Cramer it's totally different. The guy made sure to point out at every turn he was/is an Obama supporter, so that shouldn't have been an issue. My issue with him is he does this right after Jon Stewart's (latest overhyped media darling) tirade, that makes it look like big bad Jon Lebowitz is telling not just Cramer but NBC what to do--not that I care about the well-being of any network that employs the Doof Squad of Olberdork and Matthews mind you.

    Now if it looked like I was a little hard on Santelli that's different. Not only WAS he a McCain supporter (I suspect though moreso like us, Sarah supporters/McCain nose-pluggers) but he also is down on the floor with the traders and actually sees what's going on instead of the usual moronic backbenchers that sit back in their comfy little armchairs at their fancy little studios and saying all sorts of crap knowing they'll never be called in it (see aforementioned Dorkulus Duo).

    So let me resatate to avoid any confusion, Santelli HAS a valid excuse, Cramer DOESN'T. Side note: I'm pretty sure that Lebowitz managed a pretty sterling .500 mark in his daily battles against paper bags during his high school years.

  12. "Considering the king of all democrats ran as a post-partisan messiah, "

    You're the one calling President Obama a messiah, not me. In fact, the only people I've heard call the presiden a messiah are conservatives -- often the same ones who refer to Sarah Palin as a combination of Esther and Joan of Arc.

  13. You're not paying attention to (or selectively ignoring) the current media worship of the pres and the first lady, drawing comparisons to JFK and Jackie's visit to Paris in '61 at every turn.

    As a matter of fact, is there a presidential icon--R or D--whom the media HASN'T trotted out here? Let's see:

    Lincoln, check
    FDR, check
    Truman, check
    JFK, check
    Reagan, check

    Wow, only person missing there is GW (the original), give them a few months.............

    Then again, bereft of an actual record of, oh, doing anything (being a gov like four of the last five POTUS', three of which were two-termers, might have helped), I can see why the hype machine is in megatherion-mode here.

  14. The MSM sucked up to Bush when he was riding high. They're lazy and they love a winner. It's not the Obamas fault that they're charismatic.

  15. "The MSM sucked up to Bush when he was riding high"

    Of course there was really only one time where Bush actually WAS, and it kind of wouldn't have been a good idea to go against him at the point, you know?

  16. Not to mention that the MSM rarely mentions how the surge has worked, and how Bush hung in there with that plan, despite widespead "reporting" by the lapdog MSM and commentary by Reid/Pelosi/etc. that the "war was lost" or "the surge isn't working."

    The Obamas are fake populists; in "real life," they "don't want to live near those people anymore"----a Michelle reference to the working middle class.

    Adults look beyond "charisma" and fake public persona, to find the TRUTH about people.

    Adolescent liberals prefer presentation, persona, masks, sheen, preening, emotional displays, "good intentions," and "keeping it cool."

    Conservatives don't mind good looks, but prefer people who actually have decent character (which takes years to develop), who get to work, solve problems, and stick to their principles.

    The Obamas are fakes who only pretend to care about "the little guy." Indread, they are grabbing raw power----and sadly, too many Americans nowadays are happy to loaf through life and let those in power hand them goodies in exchange for their support and votes. It's beyond alarming; it's deadly.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. "Adolescent liberals prefer presentation, persona, masks, sheen, preening, emotional displays, "good intentions," and "keeping it cool."

    Substitute "conservative" for "liberal" and you've pretty much have the whole Palin phenomenon.

    Just out of curiosity, how many liberals do you actually know and spend time with? For example, your description hardly fits my 80-year father.

  19. Mountain Mama,
    About 2 weeks ago, You asked me what I am reading these days.
    Have you been reading?:

  20. Dear K.:

    Instead of reading what Obama says about himself, how about listening to people who actually worked in opposition to, or better yet, WITH him, as I have? Reality: O-boy works hard when he's promoting himself (two autobiographies SO FAR), but otherwise, he's a crafty little USER who dumps people when they no long serve his ends: friends, "realtor," pastor, etc.

    And as for Gov. Palin, BY FAR nearly EVERYONE who has known her all her life (see, she still lives and works among them!) treasure her as a REAL PERSON, not a fake. That is why many Americans celebrated her candidacy: she's a breath of fresh, clean air in the midst of the usual SEWER of dirty rotten power-grabbing politics.

    Check her out more deeply, K. You sound like a decent person, too, who wants to know the truth.

    Look, the liberal urge to "help" people, without prompting them to WORK and take responsibility, is NOT really helping them!

    And besides, the "bosses" of the Dem party are MORE after WINNING VOTES, than truly caring about the poor. Just like the "caring" (NOT!) Obamas!

    Hiya, Gelston. I haven't read at the teleprompter blogspot, until NOW! WHAT A RIOT! Thanks for the URL.

    I bet the world leaders think Obama is SUCH a pansy poseur, needing teleprompters to look informed and "charismatic."

    (Metrosexuals: bleah!)

  21. So sorry, K! I didn't mean to duck your question; I forgot to get back to it.

    Yes, I know, love, and interact constantly with MANY liberals. And in my day, I LED liberals, granted and conducted interviews, wrote and marched, debated locally and nationally, headlined full-page ads, made UPI, etc.

    But when invited, I refused to burn the US flag, scream at Vietnam Vets, or throw blood on the Pentagon; I was a liberal, not a nutty jerk.

    None of that matters as much as this does:
    Eventually, thank GOD, I became a genuine Christian, which means that I love God, I need and accept forgiveness, and I try very hard to behave decently; it does NOT mean that I am perfect or superior.

    Once I began to see more clearly, I also noticed that liberalism FAILS at "helping" people, and instead USES people. Read The Great One's new book (Mark Levin - "Liberty and Tyranny: a Conservative Manifesto") concerning why that statement is true.

    You hang in there, K. Oh, and listen to Rush Limbaugh a few times each week. He is NOT "just an entertainer;" he really does communicate well true conservative values. Don't believe the hype about him.

  22. "Substitute "conservative" for "liberal" and you've pretty much have the whole Palin phenomenon."

    Um, not really. We like Sarah for SUBSTANCE, because she's the closest thing to a modern-day Reagan/Thatcher (as opposed to false JFK clone Obama) we're going to get. We like for who she is, and that isn't some social climber or manufactured hope (once again, see TOTUS). She's genuine, Obama isn't. If she came out tomorrow and started pushing for even bigger government, argued for pumping hundreds (more) billions of dollars into the failure that is the education system, was this huge globull warming nut, hiked the minimum wage about five times (spiking unemployment), ran up deficits well before they caught up to D.C., basically a young Chris Gregoire we wouldn't give her the time of day.

  23. Now you described the media as lazy. Well on one hand, that's partially true. But really, it's only selective. After all, they spent every last resource to get Obama into office, even as some of them were drowning (like the P-I). So they can't really be lazy can they? I mean over here the S-R (the second worst newspaper in the country, as Harry S. Truman once put it) is succeeding in its 10-year quest
    to liberalize Spokane County. Of course, since we also have a great number of Seattle transplants that's also a factor. Cases in point: the Jim West debacle and their current three-year war against the police department (of course they were playing armchair QB vs. the cops back when Kevin Coe was on the loose so I guess I shouldn't be surprised).

    Now McCain was basically a beaten man going in when "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" somehow became "the economy is strong", simple grammar structure would tell you that the adjective 'strong' is describing the noun 'fundamentals', not 'economy', so you may have a point about laziness, but is that more laziness, or just being selective? In reality, it's a "duh" statement, when are fundamentals actually WEAK?

    Your pal BFI (yes I have read your blog on occasion) being another example of selectivism vs laziness, when everything disappeared from the following:

    "I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well,'' Limbaugh said. "There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team.",

    Except for the following six words, McNabb, is, an, overrated, black, quarterback (matter of fact "overrated" doesn't appear anywhere there). Now you can make an argument for laziness for obvious reasons, I'd call it selectiveness. As a side, I'm glad to see that over in progressive King County, we'll never have this problem since all the "expert" sportswriters (and their sheep who look to them for guidance) have unanimously declared that Seneca Wallace will never be an NFL quarterback, despite just three INTs in 242 attempts last year.

    So you say laziness (and note where you'd be right I'm sure isn't your intent), I say selectiveness--more like jumping on the bandwagon, and it looks to me I got a lot more ammo in my barn.

  24. Mama, be careful. Read K's blog, I don't think as he always refers to Rush as BFI (Frankenstein-style) that he's really all that open to giving him a couple more listens.

  25. Yipes! Thanks for the heads-up, 12thMan. What a yicky blog!

    I'm so sad for Governor Palin. Every time she turns around, it seems, someone in or associated with her family SCREWS UP!

    This time, it's the half-sister of her husband, Todd. She was arrested this weekend for burglary----and her 4 year old daughter was supposedly with her! Oh, good grief.......

  26. "I was a liberal, not a nutty jerk."

    My, how things have changed on both counts.

  27. Tha-at's right, Craniac: miss the main point entirely, just to be sarcastic. How sad....

  28. Your main points aren't missed at all. That is why I make it a point to read them. A daily dose of comic relief is good for the soul.


    Echo w Sarah: Why the hell is this news (and of course K couldn't avoid commenting), guess we're going to hear stories about Ashley Biden's latest adventures right?

    Mark Steyn guesting for Rush: EX-cellent.............:)

  30. "guess we're going to hear stories about Ashley Biden's latest adventures right?"

    Between Rushbo, Billdo, Glennbo, and Hannityo, there's bound to be something said. The obvious difference is that the Bidens didn't trot their daughter out as a sanctimonious example for teen mothers everywhere. I personally doubt that Bristol Palin was ever enthusiastic about her role, but was a good trooper about it.

    I will take the comment that my blog is "yicky" as a compliment.

  31. "The obvious difference is that......."

    Let me finish the rest of that sentence for you, proper. She's the second daughter; the daughter of the greatest vice president since, well, anybody; and it's all about HOPE, CHANGE! We can't ruin it with something like this!

    Yes Rush and co. (bo, co, do, you forgot Mark-o) will say a few things about it, but one little difference: they're not the supposed unbiased news media.

    But you wanna talk differences, then let's go (do it all the way or don't do it at all). I, as with just about everyone else on this blog, am a proud independent conservative (with a touch of small L libertarianism thrown in, but I don't speak for anyone else as far as that goes), whereas you showed up a week ago claiming to be an independent, but all you really are is another typical partisan King County liberal.

    If anyone set Bristol up it was the HuffPo (who I guess now is a "news organization", who's next, MSNBC?) trash. What should the Palins have done with Bristol then, thrown her off the campaign trail and banished her to Point Barrow forever?

    Now I gotta admit, although it does get scary at times (like when NK is tossing around missiles and certain TOTUS is determined to send them a powerful finger-wagging message), but I do like watching liberals flip-flop and totally destroy their own talking points for the sake of scoring political ones. It doesn't quite give me a thrill up my leg but it's still fun to watch.

  32. For the record, I am a flaming Texas liberal who happens to live in King County. Any implication to the contrary was unintended.

  33. Yep, them Texas liberals who claim to be independents (Jim Hightower comes to mind), we've seen 'em all.

    You did ask a few days ago though what purpose it serves to take a hacksaw to RINOs like Arlen Specter. Mama, if you can brave the elements go check out his anti-Toomey ad on his campaign website (nevermind the fact that we don't even know if Toomey will run). This the same Arlen Specter that (along with the two Maine offenders) "fed the pig".

    The scary thing is this race could have been Specter against OHIC (that would be Mr. Hardballs himself). Even scarier, I actually agree with him on something: him not running, because then what would have been different between the two?

  34. Oh btw, The Gov does it again:

    "Gov. Sarah Palin has chosen Joe Nelson, an Alaska Native, to fill Juneau’s vacant state Senate seat, bucking a request by Senate Democrats that she choose from a list submitted by local party officials.

    Nelson’s selection was announced Monday to replace Democrat Kim Elton, who left for a job in the Obama administration.

    Senate Democrats last week rejected Palin’s first choice of legislative aide Tim Grussendorf.

    On Monday, they sent a letter urging Palin to send them a new name and to pick it from the list forwarded from the local party officials. The letter was signed by seven of nine Senate Democrats, excluding Sens. Lyman Hoffman and Donny Olson.

    Nelson is the director of admissions at the University of Alaska Southeast and the husband of former state Rep. Mary Nelson, a Democrat who represented Bethel."

    So will this be good enough or will the Kerttula-drones be back on like Redoubt? tomorrow?

  35. They'll fight her, just because.... Of course, she's in it, too----but she aims to WIN one for the Alaskans, who will benefit from her selecting a corruption-free official.

    Plus, 12thMan, you mean The Chris-Link, but I missed the OHIC reference. I think he could still run vs. Specter. The difference between them? Thrilled-Leg more openly adores The Messiah.

    Btw, what's sanctimonious about bringing along one's children at some work activities? That's not parading them in a user way. The Dems have women politicians who bring their infants to work, etc. It's NORMAL. (Now there's a thought....)

  36. OHIC: Obama Humper-In-Chief. I wasn't sure if I'd used that line here or not. But again, from the perspective of 'know your enemy', I'm not really sure an outed Obama-drone is worse than an enabler.

    I mean much as I disagree with Bill Cunningham whenever he mentions that GWB opened the door for the Obamanation, there is SOME truth to it, except I maintain he's going after the wrong people. It's like blaming Bush for the rampant RINOs that ruined the Senate--Specter being one, McCain (and his little tagalong Graham) being another.

    However I do cringe at the thought of Franco Harris, who played briefly for my Hawks in '84 before retiring, running (he was a PA delegate) for the seat. I'm also not very big on the supposed Western PA "conservatives". Not just Old Man Looney (er Rooney), but you know the way the wuv their Steelers they'll come out for Harris based on that alone (of course they didn't for Lynn Swann in 2006 but that's a whole 'nother topic). Two more words, Jackass Murtha.

  37. Hey Mama, if you can I've seen a nice writeup somewhere (Eric Dondero had snippets of it on his blog), might have been Politico, on Walt Minnick. Might wanna check it out.

    True, he did vote for the Obama Youth (HERR-1388, OY!) bill, but, and I can't stress it enough, DIDN'T fall for the phony outrAIGe bill (unlike Cathy, between that and her Pelosi-like waffling I'll let her know about it for the next year and then decide if there's a better option for the seat next year), and a conservative Dem is ALWAYS better to me than a liberal Republican any day of the week.

    Now I liked Sali too (in fact I still prefer him) but Minnick impressed me during the campaign as more the Democrat (remember I grew up one) that I remember, very Trumanesque. Furthermore, his grasp of history definitely was above the Obamatrons--i.e. mention of previous recessions as opposed to "WE'VE NEVER HAD A RECESSION BEFORE!" shock-and-awe of ObamACORN, INC.

    At worst he's a dem that I can respect, timely considering that I'm seeing all sorts of red flags in my research on Jim Tedisco (for instance, he apparently Baracked the libertarian candidate off the ballot and as a result will go from routing ACORN representative Scott Murphy to ekeing out a win).


    "(JUNEAU) - Senate President Gary Stevens (R-Kodiak) today delivered a letter to Governor Sarah Palin from Senate Majority Leader Johnny Ellis (D-Anchorage) on behalf of the nine Democratic members of the Alaska State Senate.

    Senator Ellis' letter informed the Governor that the Democratic Senators met to consider her nomination of Joe Nelson to fill the vacant Senate seat in Senate District B, and that Mr. Nelson's nomination did not receive the support needed to seat him as a Senator. The letter asked Governor Palin to submit the name of another qualified person by April 20th, as required by state statute."

    If only he were black..................

    Well you can't fault the Dimwits for trying, apparently they're going to try to get the co-leader of the AK Obama Nation in there at all costs. Keep swatting the flies down, Governor.