Monday, April 6, 2009

RealDVD: It's What the People Want

A lot of people have gotten up in arms about the battle between the creators of software program "RealDVD" and bigwigs in Hollywood. There's been talk about property rights, socialism, the power of the Hollywood studios, and a range of other issues. However, what wasn't seen until today was just how badly people want the capabilities that the program offers.

According to a survey released by the National Consumers League, a whopping 90% of consumers think they should be allowed to copy their DVD's onto their computers - just like they can do with their audio CDs. Furthermore, 40% said this capability would make them more likely to buy DVDs in the future. So, by trying to keep RealDVD off the market, the studios are actually shooting themselves in the foot.

Listen I can understand why people would be worried about piracy, but frankly it's pretty easy to get illegal, unrestricted piracy software online. If you want to engage in illegal activity, you're not going to bother paying for a program like RealDVD, which has all sorts of safeguards to prevent funny business. It would be far easier (and more profitable) for everyone involved if the studios simply allowed RealDVD and cooperated in efforts to make the program even safer than it already is.


  1. I'm a little slow on the technology spectrum, but is RealDVD basically the same thing for DVD that MP3/Ipod are for music? What's the difference and why all the fuss?

  2. RealDVD is not like MP3 - basically it's a program that allows you to download your DVDs from discs onto your computers. It does not allow you to transmit the files, pirate DVDs, or download rented videos (they're working on making sure the tech is in place for that). So, if you lose your DVD disc or go on a trip, you can still watch you movies. However, Hollywood studios are suing to keep it off the market on piracy concerns.

  3. Ask TOTUS when he comes back, I'm sure he knows plenty about it