Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grussendorf Bounced

The Democrats in the Alaska's State Senate have decided to play politics and reject Gov. Palin's appointment of Tim Grussendorf to replace Sen. Kim Elton. No word on vote totals - the whole thing was done behind closed doors. Sarah now has ten days to submit a new nominee.

Let the games begin.


  1. See, Grussendorf just needed to be black and this wouldn't have happened. I'm tired of these morons, hey gang if you're still up for the AK trip this summer let's have an Alaska tea party........only throw all the legislators (including the RINOs) into the water!

    Meanwhile, I'm no fan of Ted Stevens (much like I wasn't of my late ex-mayor Jim West, same deal) but the guy was railroaded. Hell, even CM the Obama-humper-in-chief was ranting about it today. And yet these were the same morons who made an issue out of Bush firing all those incompetent nitwit attorneys (like John McKay up here). How long until that doofus John Conman, er, Conyers wants to investigate Bush for NOT firing any of these doofuses?

    And during my brief (thankfully) time at the A.S.S., one of their token dems actually had the gall to tell me that "real Democrats don't abandon their party" (Yes much like Ronaldus I accept blame, cause for many years I was a Democrat).

    I'm sick and tired of these morons. Nice symbol: Jackass, how appropriate!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What? Politicians playing politics? Stop the presses.

  3. Next event, Wayne Anthony Ross' AG confirmation vote. Watch what Rep Ramras (R-Fairbanks) does - he's the chair of House Judiciary, and a sometimes the loudest critic of the governor and Rep Kertulla is still House Minority Leader.

    The bi-partisan coalition Sarah Palin put together to pass AGIA last session is history, two weeks left in the session, but I think Sarah Palin has a good move she can play yet. It's a real mess though.

  4. Care to share what that "good move she can play yet?"

  5. Democrats play politics... and GINO appointing an (R) to fill a Democrat's seat, what would you call that?

  6. Hey Palinistas! A Trig Truther has found its way to our little domicile!

    Actually, little troll, your democrats apparently aren't too concerned with the law that states they MUST SEND THE GOVERNOR THREE NAMES, not just ACORN's next in line.

    So what would I call it? Exactly what The Great One Mark Levin would instruct the gov to do:


  7. If the Dems refuse to submit any other name except the jerk they favor, can Gov. Palin nominate another candidate (not the one she nominated already whom the Dems just rejected)?

    Lord, I can barely follow all this....

  8. Looks like that's exactly what'll happen. Rinse, lather, repeat.

    Sad state of affairs when liberals are the ones being hailed as heroes despite their disregard for anything resembling rules.