Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Red Button

It's official, Hillary Clinton has absolutely no business being a diplomat. She would have been a half-decent fit for other departments, like Health and Human Services, but her gaffe yesterday was almost totally inexcusable. If the Obama Administration wants to put more focus on diplomacy as a method of solving our problems, then he should never have put such an amateur in the nation's top diplomatic post.

Now, I actually though that the idea of giving a "reset" button to the Russian Foreign Minister was a good diplomatic gesture, but I am positively steamed at how badly it was bungled. First, Clinton told her Russian counterpart that a lot of work had been put into making sure that that they used the correct Russian word for "reset" (perezagruzka), but gave him a button that actually said "overload" (peregruzka). Not only was there a typo, but it wasn't even written in Russian! The button should have read "ПЕРЕЗАГРУЗКА" (I took some Russian in college), but instead it was written out using the Latin Alphabet!

Apparently, Secretary Clinton's people didn't work as hard as she thought to find the right word, let alone the right alphabet. If the U.S. state department can't figure out how to properly translate one word into Russian, then we have some serious problems to deal with.

This is a minor faux pas in the grand scheme of things, but there is still absolutely no excuse for it. I'm not surprised that Foreign Minister Lavrov said he would keep the button on his desk despite the it will be a constant reminder that his American counterpart is in over her head.


  1. The only explanation for the appointment of Hillary to State is a political bargain struck at the convention- Obama wasn't about to let qualifications or ethical considerations get in the way of such a win-win deal.
    Hillary Clinton has not one iota of foreign policy experience. She lacks basic diplomatic skills and has serious character flaws, like a legendary temper, use of foul language when angry, and berating those unfortunate enough to be in the room when she "loses it".
    In a pitiful attempt to embellish her foreign-policy resume, Clinton was caught lying with claims of coming under-fire at Sarajevo in 1996- what happened to honesty and integrity as selection criteria?
    Other presidents lacking diplomantic experience have brought someone who has such a background to the State Department--- but Obama didn't feel the need, for some reason.
    Any chance of Obama controlling this loose cannon Hillary? LOL, of course not, the Clintons can't even control each-other. Yet, perhaps the most unsettling concern is that Hillary's judgement is warped by her blinding ambition to gain power and control- causing her to be manipulative and Machiavellian in her dealings with others. It would be amusing to see what Russian intelligence files say about how best to exploit her personality flaws at the negotiating table.
    Is this the kind of person who should represent the United States with foreign governments?

  2. BRING BACK CONDI!!!!!!!!!

    Why not Colin Powell, since he thought Bambi was so great? You know, a backroom deal would explain why *Hell*ary is where she is.

    True story, I had to get a Xmas present for my huge lib, Obot stepfather (orig from PA). I got him Team of Rivals knowing he'd just go ga-ga over it and start drooling. What a joke! Rivals my foot! How is Dumb Joe ANYBODY'S rival when Mike Gravel got as many votes as he did? (I think Mark Levin got more votes when he ran for his school board)

    Rivals want to eliminate each other, not make Chicago-style deals. Lord Barry Most Merciful and Rahmbo are hardly rivals. So what's next, is HELLary the modern-day George Kennan?

  3. The Associated Press would like Americans to believe that our representatives have no clue what they are doing. Judging from comments on the various message forums Americans are gullibly buying the simplistic explanation that our State department supposedly doesn’t know how to translate the word “reset” into Russian. Nonsense! The Russian word peregruzka appears at the top of the button, spelled in latin letters. If this was meant to be a literal translation, why would the letters be in Latin? The english translation for this word is “overload” and anyone that knows how to type a few letters into an online translation website can easily figrue that much out. An english word appears below the button and that word is “reset”. These words do very much make sense together: when something is overloaded (like a circuit), you reset it.

    Continued here:

  4. What the hell, you their damn spokesman? Something ELSE to waste our tax dollars?

    Hey Adam, troll alert!

  5. Rebellionbrewery: notice that by stating that "anyone" should be able to figure out that when the machine was overloaded, it needed to be reset, you're inadvertently marking HILLARY and her STAFF as being clueless! If "anyone" should know, and if the staff set the button up to demonstrate the situation as you state, then why didn't the staff clue Hillary in on this?

    The worst thing isn't the button; it's that she and Obambi are FAKES! They both lean on falsehood to pad their resumes. Hillary did NOT provide any in-depth diplomacy when her philandering husband was in office, she lied about landing in gunfire, and she lied about making her money innocently, too. SHE noted that Obama basically had no real experience, that he only had delivered a convention speech well (no doubt he had a telepromper; word is, he doesn't sound so LOFTY without one).

    They are both FAKES, and yet Americans bought it. That makes many Americans LAZY and uninformed.

    But it's hard to straighten out lies, when the MSM is in the tank for liberalism. Still, President Bush and many conservatives have NOT informed the media well at times.

  6. I have said before that I am not good at expressing opinions. I am much better relaying information.
    This is a rare time what I think Adam is wrong.

    I think Mr. Obama would put a knife and anybody's back. Although he wants a successful foreign policy, he does not want a successful Hillary Clinton.
    The story about the visit of the British Prime Minister to the White House this past week has fascinated me. I don't think that any president could have handled that more poorly. It included stories that you may have seen about Churchill's bust, a bizarre picture of Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Brown taken behind a flower arrangement, cheesy gifts for the Brown children, and insulting gift collection for Mr. Brown of American DVDs that do not play on European/English DVD equipment, failure to hold a press conference, and failure to invite the Brown family for lunch. Meanwhile, the Brown was gave the Obamas valuable and thoughtful gifts.
    I think this story about Mrs. Clinton is a plant. In fact, it would not surprise me if she were sabotaged.
    After the disaster the Obamas had, they had to create a a bigger disaster. Or, at least one that would make it into the news. It is interesting how much publicity Mrs. Clinton has received. Meanwhile, a horrible insults to England from our President were virtually ignored.
    Russian has never been our friend. We owe them nothing.
    England has been our BFF for over 150 years. We owe them more than a 90 minute visit with some embarrassing gifts.
    That's my two cents.

  7. Hi all,
    I know this is way off topic, but I just wanted to make sure you all got to view Gov. Palin's address for the Special Olympics. It is heartwarming.

  8. Blessings upon you and yours, Gelston! I have been worried about you----and also of course about the health of your dear wife----because we haven't heard from you for awhile here or at the old blogspot.

    However, do you really disagree with Adam's point that Hillary isn't all that qualified to be a worthy Secretary of State? I hope you do agree with what he wrote.

    What's neat is that you are adding to the discussion superbly, as usual, by suggesting what is probably TRUE: that Hillary's faux pas re. the Red Button is being used by the MSM (which adores Obambi) to help the Obama administration deflect attention away from HIS many mistakes, especially regarding the Prime Minister and our economy. I completely agree with you, Gelston, that England is right to be offended----and that Hillary is probably being slapped down by her Not-A-Friend, Obama.

    (And also I agree with Adam, since your ideas aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, they compliment each other! ~ smile ~)

    Tell us where you're blogging, Gelston, so we may keep up with you! And btw, I think it's great when you DO share your views; why hoard your ole Know-It-All wisdom to yourself? (grin)

  9. Thank you, thank you, manajordan, for the link to Sarah's Special-Olympics address. I am not ashamed to admit that my eyes were not dry as I watched these precious three minutes. I found myself giving the military salute to our future Commander-in-Chief towards the end of the address. There is no one else like Sarah on the national scene today. Nemo est inventa similis illi, quae conservaret legem excelsi. "None was found like unto her, to uphold the law of the Most High."-- adapted from the Catholic liturgy. I think that I cannot love and esteem her more than I do now; and yet I know my estimation and devotion will only grow as each day passes. This is a woman who has the light of St. Joan of Arc in her eyes, and who holds the vocation of St. Joan, to save her nation, in her hands.

    Let us thank God for His gift to our country!


  10. the brits aren't too happy with the prime minister's visit also

    I wonder if anyone has thought of writing a letter of apology to the browns for our government's treatment of them.

  11. LOL

    After Brown presented Obama with a pen holder crafted from the timbers of the 19th century British warship HMS President (whose sister ship, HMS Resolute, provided the wood for the Oval Office's desk), Obama offered up ... 25 DVDs of American movie classics.

  12. And Friday, it was revealed that Obama would be granted a private audience with Queen Elizabeth when he is in London next month.

    Quipped one reader of The Sun, "I hope Her Majesty likes DVDs.

    I hope she gives him a bobble head of himself!

  13. Brianus you are an inspiring person. I'm with you on not having dry eyes watching that precious video.
    Scott, thanks for The Sun reader quote, I laughed out loud and then had to share with my co-worker.

  14. the DVDs which were given to PM Brown were American DVDs which do not play on English equipment.

    I think Obama threw Hilliary under the bus.

  15. Oh, and PM Brown is legally blind. He can not see them anyway.

  16. i have to admit it's refreshing to be on the "other" side for once.. it was tough playing defense for 8 years.

  17. we need to come up with a list of top ten gifts that obama can give future guests

  18. Bless your heart, Manajordan, for posting the link to Governor Palin's touching speech to the Special Olympics. I nearly missed it!

    Here in Boise, I encouraged the Sp. Olympics staff (who were nervous that not as many people would attend as they needed) to give Gov. Palin a central role. I noted that few others could pull in as huge a crowd as her! Their reply was extremely cool: "All the appropriate dignitaries have been contacted;" they would never confirm whether they'd contacted her. I'm glad Sarah was at least able to give this speech.

    Scott, what a terrific idea, to help Obama create a gift list! I've noticed that these diplomatic gifts usually link the two countries involved. So, for British leaders, Obama could offer a nearly-original (if available) copy, appropriately framed, of the hymn, "Amazing Grace," which, though written by a British man (John Newton, former slave trader), has become America's favorite hymn.

    Also, Gordon Brown has a very young son, James, who has cystic fibrosis. Perhaps the Obamas' helicopter gift to the Brown children was appropriate after all, since it can be used with minimal exertion?

  19. Oops! I should have written, "I noted that few others could pull in as huge a crowd as SHE!"

  20. Thanks for Glenn Beck for the idea and address-
    Send your apology for President Obama's mistreatment of Prime Minister Brown to:

    The British Embassy
    3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 2008

    I hope Obama on his upcoming trip doesn't bring an rude gift to the QUEEN.

  21. Rude gift - so he can't bring hair plug Joe?

  22. ROFL! I'm shocked Lord Barrious hasn't given Leslie Nielsen (yes, he's already the VP, but proper) a cabinet post already with all their homages. What's next, he jumps on the Queen to save her from assassination (well we lost Ricardo, so we'll need a replacement) or tasers a fat woman onto Reggie Jackson to prevent him from doing the same?

    Yeah I know, Canadian and all but it's not like those pesky little Constitutional issues have ever stopped him before!

  23. are you kidding? i hope he DOES bring a rude gift to the queen. It's easier to watch someone go down if they're digging their own grave.

  24. Yipes! That DVD would certainly infuriate the Queen!

    What will REALLY be interesting is what the Queen gives Obambi! Maybe she'll give him a boxed set of DVD's of the old TV show, "Keeping up Appearances?"