Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Netanyahu Finally Gets His Coalition

Well, it looks like Benjamin Netanyahu will finally be able to take over as Israel's Prime Minister, as he has finally coerced the left-wing Labor Party into joining his coalition government (he had enough seats before, but he wanted to have a broader, non-ideological government).

However, the deal may come with a price, as a large chunk of the Labor Party was hellbent against leader Ehud Barak's plan to join the coalition. If that divide grows, the party which once dominated Israeli politics could shatter - formally marking the end of the Labor era.


  1. The serial opportunist Obama apparently deduced that all he had to do is lie to Jewish voters to get elected, then sell-out Israel to appease Iran and her proxies- and >presto!<... peace.

    As Caroline Glick said in the J-Post, Team Obama is planning to "put the screws" to Israel. They had already settled some accounts with Hamas before the misguided Obama came to power... while signalling to Iran "you're next". The Israelis are the target of an Iranian extermination plan- they cannot afford the luxury of a pollyanna, cafe-debate world view like Barack thinks is so modern and cool.

    Netanyahu will NOT acquiesce to a nuclear Iran, nor will he make ill-advised land-for-peace deals with the dysfunctional Palestinians.

    Team Obama would be well-advised to keep an eye on the horizon anytime they're visiting their recalcitrant pals in Tehran... for a formation of Israeli F-16's coming-in at Mach 2. The IDF did us all a huge favor in 1983, taking out Saddam's reactor in the face of world condemnation... and they'll they'll take care of business again. Israel is used to such misguided and ignorant moralizing-

    Netanyahu will reduce Tehran's nuclear program to smoldering little bits- humiliating the regime and likely sounding it's death-knell... while the US is turned by Obama into an irrelevant, impotent observer.

    Sorry about him, Israel-

  2. Exactly, Adam and RRR. I am certain that G-D is ashamed of anyone, including Americans like Obama, who once again is leaving Israel to defend itself. May G-d continue to guide and defend Israel's leaders and armed forces!

    (And it is incredible how liberals throughout the world continue viciously to twist into a supposed "offense" every defensive move Israel MUST make in order to address deadly threats and survive unrelenting attacks.)

  3. Says it all right here: Bibi to Neville Chamberlain Obama (in today's Atlantic): Stop Iran, or I will.

    As many problems as I had with McCain, this would not be one of them (and I'm proud to say that Sarah gets it,), as to where he stood here.

    What in the hell is Madame SOS (how appropriate) Hillary going to do about Iran? She's the one that essentially prevented Sarah from speaking out against Mahmoud the Jackass in the first place!

    Bibi, you're on your own, but we're with you.