Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Defenders of Wild Food"

This is great! A friend in AK gave me a link to this new group, and I'm excited to see that someone is finally taking on "Defenders of Wildlife" and the other extremist greenies going after Sarah Palin on the issue of Alaska's predator control programs. Finally, someone has put a human face on our side of the issue! And I think it's great that they parodied the enemy by parodying their name. Be sure to visit for more info. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that somebody is finally taking a shot at the "wolf people" - their disingenuous ads (the ones with the stock footage of airplanes and wolves getting tranquilized) have been an unneeded distraction for far too long, and can't wait to see how they react to be labeled enemies of Native Alaskan culture.


  1. Thanks for posting this Adam. I think that this is a very important issue. Protecting Native way of life is particularly important to me.

  2. and now for news worthy of front page status for at least 2 weeks.. more important than the economy and misuse of the office of president........ bristol and levi call off engagement

  3. ROFL, yep, news. I'm shocked that it didn't get top headline on the Alaska Democrat Newsletter (ADN). But at least it made it.

    Although there has been a bevy of stories they've missed, like:

    --Environmental shocker: Palin's cat seen scratching claws on rare Alaskan pine tree

    --Why Palin's husband's DUI is worse than Obama's cocaine use

    --This just in: Palin's great great grandmother jumped in line at Ellis Island

    --Palin's dog caught rooting in neighbor's trash

    --New York Times enters Guinness Book of World Records by fitting 807,316 Palin stories on front page

    --Media uncovers more Palin stories in one weekend than Obama stories in two years. Experts still can't detect bias

    --Obama and media agree to "don't ask, don't tell" policy

    --Obama: still more experienced than Bristol Palin

    I'm sure somebody else picked them up:)

  4. 12thMan, I swear your writing is as purposely-hilarious as Dave Barry's!!! You give a whole 'nuther meanin' to "Don't ask; don't tell!"

  5. Hey Adam! I was talking w/ your mom the other day and mentioned that I follow your blog often and she thought I should say so! I follow your blog every couple days! Its great to read and I enjoy it!

    Amanda (your cuz)

  6. Hey Mama, check this out. TOTUS now its own blog:

    Yo Adam, you moonlighting on us?:)