Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin Actually EXTENDED Her Influence In Alaska Today

I have been asking myself this question for months - "if Sarah doesn't run for re-election, what happens to the pipeline?"

Had she simply not run for re-election, she would have triggered a competitive GOP gubernatorial primary, and run the risk of the "Good Old Boys Club" (or "CBC" for those Alaskans who understand that acronym) taking the GOP nomination and the governorship. Otherwise known as the "Republican Majority", this group is vociferously anti-Palin and even functions as a SEPARATE PARTY in the State Senate - where both the majority and minority leaders are Republicans, due to the "Majority's" decision to govern in coalition with the Democrat's rather than work with their fellow Republicans. If they had taken the governorship, the pipeline project (and many other Palin programs) would have been near the top of the cut list.

However, by resigning now, Palin installs Sean Parnell as an incumbent before the 2010 primary. So, instead of fighting off a strong "CBC" challenger, Parnell will have a much clearer shot at keeping the office in Palinite hands for another four (or possibly eight) years. Sarah Palin did not give up on her reforms today - she institutionalized them, Now, they will not leave office with her, but rather continue under Gov. Parnell.

While we're on the subject of Sean Parnell, I think we need to welcome him to the Governorship. In following Palin for so long, I have followed Parnell by default - both as Lt. Governor and as a congressional candidate. He's a stand-up guy, a fine campaigner, and a fantastic leader for Alaska. In fact, with a little seasoning, he might be a good national candidate himself someday.

So, I'd like to offer a toast to Governor-designate Parnell, all of the accomplishments of the Palin administration, and all of the fun we will be having now that "Gov. Palin" is now "just Sarah". Something tells me this is only the beginning for Sarah, and I for one am more than ready for the next stage of this journey.


  1. Yes, she had to move on, not only to further her career, but also to free up her schedule so she really is fully in charge and can devote time when she wants, when she decides, to her family, or her book, or her favorite candidates or causes.

    Plus, her presence was a lightning rod that pulled attention from evil people who kept draining Alaska's coffers and Sarah's energy with frivolous ethical violations charges.

    I'm SO glad she's done this. Bravo, Sarah, and thanks, Adam, for helping her on her way.

  2. Me too Adam! Yippeee!!! This should be fun!

    Soon Sarah will have the opportunity to stand on her own. To separate herself from the image as John McCain's running mate or may I dare say even of a member of the Republican party. Sarah needs to show that she will stand up for the grassroots, the real Americans and be a representative of the PEOPLE following her own common sense ideals with no particular party line. And I hope she notices that certain social issues such as abortion and religion strike emotional chords that separate people, these issues are much better off being addressed and respected as personal and private choices, not necessarily part of a political platform. Insead she should focus on the clear cut issues that directly affect the country and its well being such as the economy, government reform and national security.

    I am a non-partisan Independent voter simply because I don't like to be PART-USan. Party specific issues are too dividing in my opinion and we need to be united now, not divided. I think Sarah can bring the country together by addressing the issues that will put the country back on track. She needs to help plant a seed of hope in the hearts of Americans that point to a postive future at a time when more and more Americans each day are losing their jobs and the quality of life is lowering as a result of this administration's irresponsible and destructive policies.

    And can Congress please explain to the American people why they do not read the bills before they vote on them? I have an idea. Maybe we can help them do their job? We will even let them coninue to keep their salaries and we will work for free! Let's ask them to just shoot the bills over to us, we'll take a look at them and then advise them or at rather brief them so they might be able to make a wise and intelligent decision. I think that's a great idea! The irresponsible of our leadership is insane and I'm noticing Americans beginning to wake up now and see the light. It won't be much longer before there is a citizen uprising partially as a result of simply being fed up with the unacceptable sloppy jobs of our elected officials.

    Maybe Sarah can be that ray of sunshine and hope that America will need very soon. Her beautiful and warm smile can help heal the hearts of a growing despairing population. She can be that strong and wise voice that brings hope for a better future as she positions herself to become the true leader for the American people.

    So Sarah... I lead...and I will follow!

  3. Great One, as he always does, laid it out perfectly. She's free market, pro-growth, and national security. I wish either side had a candidate (or president) that was all of those.

    This leads to speculation of course that she'll seek Little Lisa's Senate seat but I doubt it. It'll be for bigger game, and 16 months extra prep (vs the time she would have spent fending off that many thousand bogus ethics complaints) will come in quite handy.

    Of course she could also say hell with it and "retire" to family life, which may very well happen, and that's a good choice too. I just refuse to believe it strictly cause ANDREAMITCHELL, NBCNEWS says so (like that doofus Simone fell for, why do Hannity and Levin even let that clown near them, contractual obligations? Gimme Curtis Sliwa!)

  4. She resigned before completing her first term. Politically, she's done. Look for her to have a program on Fox.

  5. "She resigned before completing her first term. Politically, she's done. Look for her to have a program on Fox."

    And as trolls get treated over on Michelle Malkin's blog:

    "K. said"

    Nothing signnificant.

  6. Adam,
    Another great and insightful post. I for one am excited to see what the next couple of weeks and months will bring for the Guv. She still has my support. She truly has a servant's heart and demonstrated that with this decision.

  7. Hey I saw that Huckster's people (namely Ed Rollins) think it's a terrible decision, I like it already:)

  8. Now doesn't this move clearly show that Sarah by putting Sean Parnell into the Governor's seat is willing to sacrifice her own reputation for the good of the Alaskan people? What does she need to do to open the eyes of the ignorant ones to show them this is no ordinary selfish politician?

    And on another note, isn't it a beautiful thing to look at all the newspapers in America on this day July 4th our country's birthday and see Sarah's face right on the cover? I am feeling better already!

  9. In Governor Sarah Palin's resignation statement, she said that frivolous lawsuits and stupid attacks are costing Alaska huge amounts of money as well as administration time and energy.

    Knowing that she and her staff had already accomplished most of the goals they had set out to accomplish, and not wanting to further burden Alaska with the cost of idiotic attacks directed at her and her family, she bravely made the right decision and stepped down.

    Now, she is free to speak as she needs to without concern that senseless new attacks will cost Alaskan taxpayers more. No more will the idiots be able to use the Governor's office as leverage to try to stop her.

    As she said, no more politics as usual. This move was brilliant in that it snatched from the jerks their ability to mess with her via empty ethics complaints. I bet that left them pretty surprised. Now all their left to attack with is 'name calling.''

    Neither Sarah Palin nor the people that love and support her will disappear into the night. What many on the left, and even in McCain's slimy camp, is that half of America really does support her.

    It doesn't matter to me whether or not she runs for President. That's not the point, and I don't believe that was the point of her resignation. Sarah has always been straight forward. She's never hidden her thoughts and plans. That's the reason so many on the left have chosen to dislike her. (Including the slobs who ran McCain's campaign). I believe what she said in her statement was very well said, and exactly what she meant. Which is why so many of the rest of have chosen to love her.

    Having made the courageous decision she has made, she has only made us love her more. Sarah Palin - we're behind you, and we desperately need many more like you. May God Bless you and your family in whatever path you take over the next few years.

  10. Sarah's Facebook statement today, imo, definitely confirms that she IS planning eventually to run for the presidency, since in it she states that she's following a "higher calling," as "other candidates" have:

    Now, if Obama manages to keep popular, she might not run in 2012. He'd then be a beloved incumbent, if his polls are somehow high. However, I doubt this will be the case, since by then Americans' taxes will be sky high, which is usually THE best predictor of a ticket that will lose.

    Yet, if the polls show a high percentage of the population still favor Obama, that would show that people LIKE him, and would possibly vote for him despite their dislike of his policies or their higher taxes. Also, people won't want to vote against, thus cause to fail the first black president.

    For all of these reasons, if Obama's polls are high, Sarah might not run against him in 2012, but instead do as Reagan did, and bide her time and help other conservative candidates win. She will have enough money from her book to have the freedom to wait, which is best----and then she can run and WIN in 2016. She'll be only 52 years old then.

    Her resigning now helps Lt. Gov. Parnell retain his seat, thus continue Sarah's policies and practices----another benefit for Alaskans.
    (I just can't stand to think of our having Obama as president for another YEAR, much less THREE-1/2 years, much less 7-1/2 more years!)

  11. 12M, I think you mean "significant."

    The cost of the "frivolous" ethics complaints to the state amount to 300K, or a whopping .00005% of the state operating budget.

  12. Leave it to a big government troll to point out how insignificant six years of income for me is (assuming they don't suck mu savings dry before I die).

    But the reason I cam to comment is--I am the designated decoy--what does "CBC" mean in this context?

  13. CBC=Corrupt Bastards Club, basically the Murkowski clan.

    And I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere where Sarah's going to speak at the Reagan Ranch sometime in August. Now had she remained gov, she would risk another possible ethics suit--which of course our resident Obot Killian has dismissed (the frivolousness of them, not their existence mind you), shocking I know...........

  14. Thanks. I should have known that.

  15. Actually, let me expand on that, "Murkowski clan" obviously not being limited to the Murkowski family, but more a representative term, since corruption was going on well before Uncle Frank. It actually describes a whole slew of AK Republicans (of course there's a bunch of Dems in there too), and Sarah made her name by taking them on. Unfortunately they've aligned themselves with the Shannyn Moores and Celtic Divas of the world to drive her out, but actually the joke will be on them for the reasons Adam just mentioned.

    Getting out now and the ability to go from there versus staying on til the end of her term will actually have the reverse effect of what all the libs and squish "conservatives" are ranting about.

    Being that I might actually like Obama if he proved to be even half the change he was rambling on about instead of Jimmy Carter plus the answer to "What if Al Gore had become president" as well as the fact that she resigned as head of the Oil and Gas commission in 2005 for basically the same reasons, she got fed up and decided that bigger things were at stake makes this move all the better.

    Now sadly, I must report that even Eric Dondero is now supporting HuffPo/DailyKOOKS candidate of choice Mitt Romney (a.k.a. Willard Goodhair), but first time she campaigns for Rick Perry he'll be back on her bandwagon so I'm not worried, we'll get through it.

  16. You know, these liberals (and I'll throw in these squishes with them) don't even make any sense with their bashing of Sarah for "quitting". So I'm guessing that in retrospect, they admired Larry Craig's steadfast determination not to re-sign, or Ensign and Sanford now.

    Of course, this blatant John Kerry (who served in Vietnam)-ing should hardly be a surprise.
    Colin Powell can't even decide what kind of government he favors, so his blessing of Obama last year was only natural.

  17. "Colin Powell can't even decide what kind of government he favors, so
    his blessing of Obama last year was only natural."

    I don't know how to tell you this without coming across as a racist myself (honest and truly, I am not), but the simple fact seems to be from his own testimony, the only thing that mattered was: Obama appears to be male and claims to be black.

  18. Oh no need, it was fairly obvious. How does a Reagan conservative all the sudden morph into a big government bureaucrat? I mean there's some over on FR who even believe Powell to this day is still a solid conservative.

    Couple that with Powell going on and on about how the GOP needs to go centrist when they've been doing that ever since Reagan left), and finally his ideal candidate gets the nod, only for him to go the other way?

    Hard not to look at the one thing that Powell and Obama share above all else and come to that conclusion, it was the first thing I did.
    How can one analyze the above and come to a different one, especially when he's been flip-flopping as if he were Nadia Comaneci.

  19. so this prima donna decided governing alaska (population: 600k) prevented her from courting her people on national television (greta) and attending swinging cocktail parties with her benefactors (kristol). yes, let's all praise this vapid waste of space for her insatiable vanity! oh - silly me. i forgot that this will give her the opportunity to "learn about the issues".

  20. "You know, these liberals (and I'll throw in these squishes with them) don't even make any sense with their bashing of Sarah for "quitting". So I'm guessing that in retrospect, they admired Larry Craig's steadfast determination not to re-sign, or Ensign and Sanford now."

    Sarah Palin came on to someone in an airport men's room?

  21. Wow, Killian, brilliant (read: predictable, and lame) response....................

    And is our newest Obama troll (nonotford) going to have the guts to stick around and get smacked down or are you just another DNC hit-and-run? On second thought, go back to HuffPoo, loser.

  22. You drew the comparison between Palin and Craig, not me. I'm just the guy who illustrated that they aren't comparable. Palin's "reason" for resigning amounts to a childish whine that "they're pickin' on me."

    That being said, I'm all for Ensign and Sandford staying in office. Itonly shows how arrogant and hypocritical conservatives are.

    (Now waiting for an irrelevant comment about Bill Clinton.)

  23. Gee I don't know K, would you classify a question about whether Ensign or Sanford committed perjury as an irrelevant comment about Slick Willie?

    It isn't "childish whine", the fact is the faux Troopergate investigation cost almost $300,000. Even if the all the ensuing suits cost, as you put it, "only" $300,000, that's still more than half a mil wasted, and since all the Celtic Divas and Shannyn Moores of the world were so outraged over her turning down the stimulus, maybe they should have thought of that while they were trying to get the ADN's backing. Then again, I would expect nothing less from an Obama troll ($600K, so what?).

  24. Poor Hollis French has nothing to run on when he goes for gov next year, then again that goes for just about everybody else who will now be running against Parnell. In fact it kind of reminds me of Stuart Smalley, now what's he got to go after? Bush is long gone, and most of the remaining GOP sens are such squishes they should be floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

  25. "Gee I don't know K, would you classify a question about whether Ensign or Sanford committed perjury as an irrelevant comment about Slick Willie?"

    You got me: I would classify this as pointless before I'd call it irrelevant.

  26. Oh wow, another typical K response, yay...............

  27. Followed by a typical 12thMan response......

  28. Followed by a typical faceless troll, we're gettin hot today!

  29. Adam - Interesting information concerning the politics between Republican factions in Alaska. Very sad, as well. Murkowski has been on the Senate Committee for Indian Affairs for years. Thinking he was a conservative, I sent him information several times concerning various federal Indian policy issues. I've never heard a word back. Your explanation confirms what I had begun to assume; that Murkowski doesn't care. I've wondered a long time whether there was anyone on that Senate Committee that cares more about the average tribal member than they do the tribal leadership and the millions of dollars they are contributing to federal campaigns. (both Republican and Democrat campaigns.)

    Anyway, thanks for the information.