Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good New Palin Blog

Just wanted to point everybody over to a fun new blog at - looks like a great startup and the proprietor is an occasional commentor here. She was nice enough to drop me an email, so I figured I would drop her a link. Here's hoping for a sucessful run. She certainly has a lot of energy, so I would expect this to be a fun blog to read.


  1. There will soon be a change in the public's opinion of Governor Palin. Please read my latest post about the effect of the ongoing media criticism.

  2. Adam,
    I think Palin is trying to do the impossible and that is make a strong 3rd party compose of moderate Democrats,Ribertarians, converstative, moderate and liberal Republicans to take the presidency in 2012.

    Oh yeah...please right more.

  3. Dear Mr. Birch:

    I believe, or at least hope, you meant to type, "composeD of moderate Democrats...." and, "Oh yeah...please WRITE more."

    In the future, when you are making snotty remarks about someone else's supposed stupidity, be sure not to display some yourself----if you can avoid it....

  4. Seems to me Robert's kind of gov would be Jesse Ventura, that poorly-disguised leftist who was ripping Sarah a couple days ago, apparently cause she wasn't like him.

    You know, serving out his lame-duck governorship (when he knows he didn't have a prayer of getting re-elected) doing XFL games, WWF matches, photo-ops with Kevin Garnett.........all on the taxpayers' dole. Yeah, the NERVE of her, who the hell does she think she is?!:)

  5. Dear Mountain Mama, thanks for being the grammar police. God knows I have worstest Krammar, I hypothezise that's what school is for...:)

    12th Man don't know who you are...but why does my opinion matter to you? I have a feeling you want to get into Dale Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People". You will get farther with that book in politics than without.

    *Side note...personally I am really cynical about politics, doesn't matter which party it is. As for me I think the last great leader we had was Eisenhower and that was 50 or so years ago.

  6. "but why does my opinion matter to you?"

    Um, you made it public? Hey Bobby I got an idea, don't post here if you don't like it!

    The DU might be your cup of tea.............