Sunday, June 28, 2009

Laura Brod and the Most Interesting Race of 2010

While we still have quite a wait before the 2010 midterms, one thing that can be said with some certainty is that the gubernatorial race in Minnesota is going to be one of the more entertaining contests. The DFL (Democratic Farmer-Labor Party) was already gearing up for a crowdedprimary, and with Tim Pawlenty opting against a third term, we Republicans now have a multi-candidate smackdown of our own (pardon the Jesse Ventura joke).

What’s more, most of the potential GOP candidates are young hotshots rather than established figures – and playing field is ridiculously level. There’s State House Minority Leader and tentative frontrunner Marty Seifert (age 37), and State Rep. Paul Kohls (35). Moving up to the old people, there’s former State Auditor Pat Anderson (43), State Rep. Tom Emmer (48). An then there are the more reasonably seasoned former State House Speaker Steve Sviggum (57) and State Senator David Hann (also 57).

However, the candidate who seems to be generating the most excitement is State Rep. Laura Brod (37), who I first mentioned back on June 3rd. I said back then that I thought she showed great potential. Since then, she has blasted out of the starting gate to set herself up as a potential frontrunner -and she hasn’t even announced her candidacy yet! (Granted, that’s likely coming very soon.) In a recent poll of GOP insiders at the State Central Committee meeting, Seifert won, but there was more focus on Brod’s strong third place showing. It’s nothing to sneeze at when a lowly State Representative blows away a former State Auditor (Anderson) and a former Speaker of the House (Sviggum). And that’s just the insiders. With a the primary still over a year away and not many candidates with name recognition, Brod should be more than able to catch up to Seifert.

Furthermore, some of the lefty Minnesota blogs are already cranking out attacks on Brod (and attacking me for daring to mention her), which makes me inclined to concur with the assertion of Truth vs. The Machine – this woman scares the Dems.

She’s young, she’s fresh, she’s well-spoken, and she knows how to play to Minnesotans. She’s not a perfect conservative, but she is certainly no squish on either fiscal or social issues – and frankly her slightly more moderate environmental positions will be a big help in her state (I love Jim DeMint types, but they don’t play statewide in MN). Also, I would note her stated commitment to the development cellulosic ethanol – which means she’s well aware of the damage that corn ethanol can do to food supplies.

As a hard-core conservative, I would personally have absolutely no trouble supporting her as a nominee, and she also seems to have some credibility with libertarian leaners (my old friend Eric Dondero is as libertarian as they come, and he likes the idea).

So, while she may be a little more Pawlenty than Palin, she’d probably be the most conservative person to hold a major statewide office in Minnesota for a long time – and she’s electable to boot.

The more I hear, the more I like – so unless something changes in a major way, Laura Brod has my endorsement for Governor of Minnesota in 2010.

…and did I mention that Sen. Brod is on Twitter? Definitely someone to follow.


  1. Where do she and the others on the moderate-to-hard core conservative continuum?

  2. Oh, Killian's here, what a shock..............If she's a lightweight you'll like her. After all, you live in King County. I'm sure you're proud of that pansy-ass Reichert.

    The question isn't whether she's more Palin or Pawlenty, is she more Coleman or Bachmann? If it's the former, no thank you.

  3. Eric Dondero is about as libertarian as Barack Obama.

    Look at that train wreck of a blog he has, it's all pro war posturing, Iran propaganda, and anti- Ron Paul garbage.

    As for the candidate in question, good for her. We need more conservatives/libertarians in office to stop the growth of socialism that is on its way from the Republicans and Democrats.

  4. Well, about the only knock I have against him is he did tout that waste of space Barr. But we can't be all things to everybody.

    He's also got some annoying Obama cheerleader named Bent Alshalsma (or whatever) auditioning for Robert Gibbs' (or Chris Matthews, take your pick) job. But I wouldn't hold that against him, after we've had K and other assorted libs on here spewing garbage for the last year.

  5. 12M: We agree that Dave Reichert is a lightweight. Hopefully, we also agree that the Seahawks D will be greatly improved now that they have Curry, Lucas, and a couple of run stuffers.

    As for my question, I posed it out curiosity.

  6. Oh of course, we'll also be celebrating Tripp Johnston's first birthday (12/27) by walking out of GB victorious for the first time in a decade among this year's highlights.

    But as for your question, anything wrong with me digging a little? Not that you should be worried, the state that's given us Jesse the Body and now Stuart Smalley isn't, save for Michele Bachmann's district, a bastion of strong conservatism. Let's face it, the chances of a real conservative winning there (no I don't consider Pawlenty one) are almost the same as a real conservative defumigating Gregojevich's seat come Jan 2013. So it should almost be self-explanatory.

  7. Adam, do you know what would make your "The Most Interesting Race in 2010" even more interesting?

    Laura Brod Nominee for MN Govenor
    Barbara Davis White Nominee for Lt. Govenor

    As you may know, Barbara Davis White was the Canidate who ran against Keith Ellison for Congress. I LOVE BARBARA DAVIS WHITE! (politically) :-)

    White was the first speaker at the April Tax Rally at the steps of the capital in St. Paul. White really WOWED the MASSIVE Crowd!! Barbara Davis White IS THE African-American Sarah Palin!! Both Politically and Theologically And you can take that to the Bank!!!

    The MN Republican Party I guess only had so much money to go around last time that they felt that Ellison was a Lock in the Minneapolis area. Some in the Party may have been uncomfortable with White holding a speaking engagement with Ron Paul, but I think those differences could be ironed out.

    It would be a great "Whistle Stop" for Sarah Palin as she stumps for Michelle Bachman in 2010 and Brod/White.

    Your thoughts please positve or negative.