Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank You, Mr. Novak

Me with Robert Novak in August 2006

Robert Novak was a paragon of conservatism and one of the great reporters of our time - as I'm sure you have read today. However, for me, he was also one of the people to whom I owe the life I live today.

You see, Robert Novak was a trustee of the Phillips Foundation, which grants scholarships to conservative student activists and fellowships to aspiring journalists. As a result of my activism in college, I had the privilege of receiving a $7,500 scholarship from the foundation for each of my last two years in school. At the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, this covered my entire tuition plus books. Hence, I could pursue many activism opportunities (including starting a blog) that would have otherwise been put to the side in order to hold down a job. Getting that scholarship - which was meant for the exact purpose of freeing students to pursue conservative activism - changed my life.

So, thank you Robert Novak. I look forward to seeing you again some day. As odd as this may sound - I'm sure they found a place for the "Prince of Darkness" in heaven.


  1. Lol, seems like your blog isn't about political commentary as much as about obituries :)

    Rob Novak was a great guy.

  2. What a snarky comment, RB! Adam blogs elsewhere, too.

    Great job, as usual, Adam. Bob Novak was accurate, insightful, and principled. G-d trusted him enough to place him right in the center of several transformative events in history. As usual, G-d was correct: Novak deserved G-d's trust by serving as a model of decent, hard-hitting, thorough, and honest reporting. He is already very much missed. Yes, you'll see him again, Adam.

  3. Well, Adam looks like you have another story in the making, the Republican's chances of taking a Senate seat in Massachusetts!

    My regards to the Kennedy family in their time of mourning.