Thursday, May 28, 2009

...can I just say that this lady ROCKS?

No, I'm not talking about Sonia Sotomayor - who I'm really not in the mood to comment on.

Instead, I want to give a shout-out to Michaëlle Jean, the Governor General of Canada (Queen Elizabeth II's representative in the country), who has come under fire from mean-spirited environmentalist radicals.

If you haven't heard the story, Gov. Gen. Jean recently made a trip to the Arctic region of Canada - where the local Inuit community took her on a seal hunt. After they shot a seal, they threw a big feast and offered Jean the traditional honor of eating a piece of the animal's heart (considered a delicacy). Being a good head of state, Jean obliged them by slicing open the dead seal, cutting off a piece of the heart, and eating it.

Naturally, this ritual shocked and horrified greenies around the world - especially considering that Canadian sealskin imports were recently banned by the European Union (who apparently don't like it when cute little seals get whacked).

All kidding aside - the radicals fail to see that seal meat is an important source of nutrition for the Inuit, and seal for them is no different than beef for us. It's not about killing animals for the heck of it, it's about food.

For her part, Gov. Gen. Jean is standing by her actions and rejecting cries of those who want to come between the Inuit and a valuable food source. She is a true public servant, and I only wish our leaders here in America had that kind backbone.



  1. Well we do have one but we know how the media and the marionette drones that have be led around and be told by them what to do feel about her right?

    Nah, we need "conservative warriors" like John McCain (pfffffffffffffff)

  2. 12thMan----didja have a nice birthday?

    Yeah, like supporting "moderate" back-stabbers like McCain really WINS for us.........NOT!

    Btw, I've been arguing strongly (cum Rush) that we should filibuster Sotomayor. Why do some conservatives keep thinking we'll "WIN THIS TIME" (when we never do....) by setting aside our principles and adopting a "pragmatic" strategy? ACK!
    The fact is: we win WHEN we stand firm with our principles----you know, as Sarah Palin does!

  3. Great post - keep up the excellent work!!

    ps. Link Exchange??

  4. Of course I did Mama, it helps that Sarah and I have our birthdays the same day of the week three of every four years (that leap year thing gets in the way).

    I trust Katie Knows Everything will be on this week to ask Sotomayor her opinions on various SCOTUS cases in the last few years like Kelo v New London, as well as why she ruled for a con like Maurice Clarett in 2004, as well as her standing with the MLBPA in 1995. Oh wait..........

    We have to face facts though, the few Rs who did manage to sneak through on the night of Obama-mania aren't fighters. They're going to give Soto the matador treatment or risk the Ks of the world labeling them "decrepit racists". Chambliss hasn't learned his lesson, McConnell is actually trying to out-pansy Frist. We're really only down to DeMint and Sessions in the Senate, and be honest, as great as it would be to see Reid, Schumer, Dodd and all these other clowns get tossed in 17 months, who's going to replace them? If the alternative is the next Lincoln Chafee, George Voinovich, or Chuck Hagel I'd rather keep Reid and clown co. What's the difference between liberal and liberal-lite?

  5. In some ways, liberal-lites are worse, because they're cited as being "moderate," whereas actual conservatives are slammed as "extremist."

    Still, sometimes the L-L's vote with the Party.... Don't we need them? A bit? Unfortunately?

  6. "risk the Ks of the world labeling them "decrepit racists""

    I believe that the phrase was "decrepit segregationist".

  7. And you have no proof of either.

  8. "Still, sometimes the L-L's vote with the Party.... Don't we need them? A bit? Unfortunately?"

    If you listen to these dem know-it-alls and the Ks of the world (and even some "conservatives"), yes. But you've got to analyze it. It's more than who votes what way, being with the program is more than just in vote. McCain has done this for years, vote one way to say he was "with you", then turn around and jump on board with the opposition. There's a reason he's always been the media's favorite R (except for when he's running against their Chosen One).

    I hold McCain and Specter partly responsible for Bush's plummeting ratings just as Dixiecrat senators shared responsibility for Truman's low end-of-term ratings. Without them out there publicly joining with the opposition (GITMO, FISA) Bush probably leaves office with a more respectable approval rating--prob around 43%

    Besides, has this new "conservatism" that the David Dumbass Duo (Frum and Brooks, as well as Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan, Bill Bennett and so on) WON in the last four years and I missed it?